MARKET REPORT – WEDNESDAY 15th APRIL 2020. Fortnightly Sale of Young Feeding Bulls, Store Bullocks & Heifers, Breeding Cattle. Forward: 540 head of cattle. Comprising: 540 Feeding Cattle (136 Young Bulls, 16 Beef Feeding Cows & 2 Bulls, 386 Bullocks & Heifers)



Feeding Bulls – with the bulk of the entry 2019 spring born the average of £969 is similar on the fortnight and a positive result against a falling factory price caused by imbalance of supply and demand. Small bulls continued to be in strong demand with heavy bulls looking better value for money.


Feeding Cows – a very good trade for todays show of feeding cattle with a premium for an export cow at £1400 and a handful of grazing cows a very useful trade.

Stores – A mixed response from feeders today at the ringside. Smarter older cattle suitable for retail were short of requirements and sold reasonably well as the family butchers shops and farm shops report a decent demand at the moment, but the older cattle to grade O’s or low R’s, mainly dairy crosses and plainer sorts, were certainly harder to cash in the face of the factory price for this type being under severe price pressure, having said that 3 pens of older Black & White bullocks to graze still at £860 from Roger Naylor. Older Native cattle were a nice trade too with 4 pens of Angus Bullocks over £1100 and 37 in total averaging £947. Younger cattle, yearlings and under, were also mixed, some nicer bred sorts struggling this week, but the nice Charollais/Limousin/Angus grazing sorts still found favour with an early turnout to grass possible, but like the older bracket it was the plainer younger sorts harder work and looked a handy price.




550 HEAD comprising 125 Young Bulls, 25 Beef Bred feeding Cows
& 400 Bullocks and Heifers

 Catalogue Entries close 4pm Wednesday 22nd April

Please be aware that we are operating limited opening times of our offices to allow staff to work remotely from home at this time. If you cant get through please try again or text an auctioneer with your entry. Thankyou.

Next Monday (20th April) we are open as usual for the sale of primestock and calves, all stock is to be delivered between 7:30am and 11:30am, and to assist us organise buyers we ask that vendors please pre book stock for sale with the section auctioneer. 

CATTLE – Jeremy Eaton 07747 780481
SHEEP – Ted Ogden 07855 958211
CALVES – Kyle Hawksworth 07538 539077

Please note that live sales of these have been suspended due to Coronavirus precautions, so we are actively trading them farm to farm with nearly 400 outfits sold this last week alone. Please check our website for a list of stock available, plus our facebook page has photo's and videos of several batches available for sale, sheep are selling away nicely with a decent demand from regular customers. Please contact us with your usual weekly entries to advertise, with buyers looking for Hoggs and Young Ewes with lambs to put into flocks and customers for older ewes with lambs for grazing and finishing. 
Ted Ogden 07855 958211
Kyle Hawksworth 07538 539077



Prices and Averages

Young Bulls average £969


Simmental x (Av £850)

£885 £875 £860 £780 J Butler;  

Limousin x (Av £984)

£1250 £1180 JM Townsend; £1220 £1095 R Holroyd; £1190 £1160 J Nelson; £1185x2 £1120 JH&CM Stancliffe;  

Brit Blue x (Av £962)

£1260 JM Townsend; £1055 £1030 £1020x2 JA&J Harper; £1030 £1020 D&S Hollings; 1010 T Robinson;   

Ab Angus (Av £955)

£955 TB Moorhouse;

Blonde (Av £933)

£1005 £980 Whitfield Dairy Farms; £990 £850 £840 TB Moorhouse;

Hereford (Av £665)

£655x2 Branton Court;


Beef Bred Feeding Cows av £866


Simmental           to £905                                 DT&LA Houseman

Limousin              to £975 av £883                                 SD Bennett

Hereford             to £900 av £870                                 Branton Court

Brown Swiss       to £730 av £680                                 D&P Brown

Brit Blue               to £1400 av £958              KW Gamble

Galloway             to £640                                 R Hartley


Bulls  av £910

AA                          to £900

Brit Blue               to £920


Top prices - £1400 KW Gamble; £990 £930 DT&LA Houseman; £975 SD Bennett;


Store Bullocks – Continental x average £934, Native average £831

Charollais (Av £882)

£995 G&R Bulmer; £900 £890 TE Walker; £890 B Mellin; £840 AC Ward; £820 RA&HJ Bury;  

Limousin x (Av £927)

£1180 £1100 £1065 E Simpson; £1100 WP&B Walker; £1100 JA Stoney; £1085 Whalley Corn Mills; £1050 JM&S Tennant;  

Blonde (Av £1008)

£1085 £1000 £960 Dean Partnership; £990 F Stephenson;

Ab Angus (Av £947)

£1190 £1145 £1120 Harewood Farming; £1120 CN&SA Harrison; £1010 MJ&C Thornber; £945 AV Caton; £900 KM&L Throup;   

Stabiliser x (Av £600)

£600x8 West Berwick;

Brit Blue x (Av £932)

£1060x2 DT&LA Houseman; £1050 E&MA Burrow; £1040 D&J Coates; £1025 R Naylor; £1000 Whalley Corn Mill;

Hereford (Av £840)

£840 W Stamper;

Shorthorn (Av £778)

£850 £780 £700 Flasby Estate;

B&W(Av £827)

£860x11 R Naylor; £820 B Mellin;




Store Heifers – Continental x average £889, Native average £730

Charollais x (Av £818)

£970 £870 TE Walker; £860 AC Ward; £800 RA&HJ Bury; £795 £790 £750 J Drinkall;  

Simmental (Av £936)

£1070 R Naylor; £880 £860 Barrowby Connermaras;

Limousin x (Av £864)

£1230 £1060 JH&DE Wood; £1150 E Simpson; £1140 CH&IC Hammond; £1080 AV Caton; £1070 CW&R Sutcliffe;   

Ab Angus (Av £732)

£980 CN&SA Harrison; £970 AV Caton; £960 JC&DJ Marshall; £875 N&J Thwaite; £875 KM&L Throup;  

Hereford (Av £845)

£890 KM&L Throup; £885 S Spensley; £880 £860 £815 Barrowby Connermaras; £870 G&R Bulmer;

Brit Blue x (Av £896)

£1140 CH&IC Hammond; £1070 £1040 BF Blezard; £1055 MJ&C Thornber; £1040 DT&LA Houseman; £1030 CW&R Sutcliffe;

Pathanais x (Av £780)

£850 £760 £730 M Bentham;  

Shorthorn (Av £726)

£1030 £710x2 £690 Flasby Estate;








Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th May


All breeds of cattle.



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