Fortnightly Sale of Young Feeding Bulls, Store Bullocks & Heifers, Breeding Cattle Forward: 801 head of cattle Comprising: 202 Young Feeding Bulls, 38 Beef Feeding Cows, 490 Bullocks & Heifers, & 52 Breeding Cattle plus 19 Pedigree Beef Cattle.

A great sale in the Craven Ring today with 731 Bulls, Stores and Cows being sold. The sale commenced with a larger entry of 203 Young Feeding Bulls which sold to a larger attendance of buyers. Willie Timm had a brace of British Blues selling at £1480 and £1410, Robert Gornall from Dent Dale had two yearling Limousins at £1360 and £1310, Richard Harker from Grayrigg had a run of Limousin bulls topping at £1330, and Robert Wade of Cononley topped his run at £1320. Feeding Bulls recorded a great overall average of £1,016 per head for all sold.

A similar entry of 38 Beef Feeding Cows today saw a leaner selection than of late but a good ringside of bidders for the genuine feeding types. Top price of £1140 was achieved on two occasions, first from Simon Bennett of Silsden Moor with a tidy young Limousin cow, and then repeated by Ned Simpson of Pateley Bridge with an 8 year old Limousin x Cow. John Lund from Driffield presented a pair of 7 year old Limousin’s making £1070. Richard Webster from Cracoe sold a 10 year old Simmental for £1060 and James Towler from Grindleton made £1000 of a 10 year old Limousin Cow.

A great entry of 490 Store Cattle for the time of year being a nice mix of both strong short keep cattle and yearling cattle for grazing/growing on met with a fast selling trade. Top price bullock was a Beef Shorthorn at £1280 from New York Farms, Ian Hammond from Glasshouses had a pair of homebred Limousin’s at 18mo make £1240. Best of the yearling Bullocks was £1190 for a 12month Limousin cross from G&R Bulmer of Wakefield closely followed at £1155 for yearling Limousins from Simon Bennett of Silsden, Messrs Baldwin of Wigan had 10 month old Limousin crosses to £1140. Janet Sheard of Almondbury had the top price pen of three of more bullocks with a pen of 4 Limousin crosses 16 month old at £1100 each. In the Heifers, Janet Sheard topped the prices with a brace of 18 month Limousin crosses selling for £1420 a piece. Whitfield Dairy’s of Oldham had a Black Limousin at £1295 and £1240, John Brewer from Bleasdale had a pen of three Limousin’s at £1270 each. Robert Wade of Cononley had top price yearling with an 11 month old at £1200, Messrs Baldwin of Ashton had a run of 10-11month old Limousin crosses sell to a high of £1190, a price that was equalled with a yearling Blue cross from Jack Wallbank of Keasden closely followed by a pair of 11 month old Limousins from Richard Harker of Grayrigg.




690 HEAD
comprising 150 Young Bulls, 40 Beef Bred Feeding Cows, 400 Bullocks and Heifers & 100 Breeding Cattle
Catalogue Entries close 4pm Wednesday 31st May


Prices and Averages

Young Bulls – Continental x average £1023, Native average £805


Charollais x (Av £807)

£1090 FC N M Walker; £880 B Wilson; £880 £840 K Burton; £770 DW Barker;

Limousin x (Av £1028)

£1360 £1310 R&R Gornall; £1330 RS Harker;  £1320 JA&JM Wade; £1290 W&A Lambert; £1280 R&SH Stainton;

Brit Blue x (Av £1078)

£1480 £1410 TWH Ltd; £1300 H Baines; £1280 WI&AM Atkinson; £1250 JM Townsend; £1220 D&S Hollings; £1220 EW&JR Parkinson;  

Blonde (Av £701)

£880 £870 £860 £800 TB Moorhouse; £680 £610 £580 £560 R&L Cockerill;

Saler (Av £900)

£930x3 Beeston Hall Farm; £870x3 SW Thornber;

Shorthorn (Av £805)

£850 £790x3 A Wilson & Son;


Top price pen of three or more bulls

(£15 Prize) 3 Lim x @ £1080 W JE & N Baines

(£10 Prize) 3 Saler @ £930 Beeston Hall Farm



Beef Bred Feeding Cows  Cont av £830.53 Native av £606


Limousin              to £1140 av £895               E&AM Simpson & Son

AA                          to £850                                 JM Wlson & Son

Brit Blue               to £965 av £797                 S&T Fawcett

Blonde                  to £665 av £647                 I Barrett & Son

Charolais              to £930 av £820                 J&B Smith

Simmental          to £1060 av £966               EB Webster

Saler                      to £970                                 JA&JM Wade

Galloway             to £485                                 JA Mellin


Store Bullocks
– Continental x average £954, Native average £929

Charollais x (Av £991)

£1160 £1060 AC Ward; £1090 A Fawcett; £1050x2 £940 D&GM Scott; £790x2 J Drinkall;

Limousin x (Av £969)

£1240x2 CH&OF Hammond; £1190 G&R Bulmer; £1180 J Gooch; £1155 SD Bennett; £1100x4 JE Sheard;

Brit Blue x (Av £928)

£1145 J Gooch; £1140 £1060 £1050 RE&S Baldwin; £1080 SD Bennett; £1050 J Butler; £1010 Ellis Bros;

Ab Angus (Av £1008)

£1110 CJ&J Harker; £1015 R&A Wallbank; £960 A Fawcett;  

Blonde (Av £913)

£1020 G&R Bulmer; £950 £890x2 PA&D Wells; £950 R Jackson & Son;

Shorthorn (Av £1230)

£1280 £1180 New York Farms;

Simmental (Av £1090)

£1090 G&R Bulmer;

Black & White (Av £790)

£850x2 B Balmer; £830x4 M Ryder & Son; £805x5 V Coupe;

Welsh (Av £7000)

£700x4 DJ&EA Hirst;  


Top price pen of three or more bullocks

(£15 Prize) 4 Lim x @ £1100 JE Sheard

(£10 Prize) 3 Lim x @ £1085 JE Sheard



Store Heifers – Continental x average £938, Native average £708

Charollais x (Av £953)

£1110x3 A Fawcett; £1110 KP Drinkall; £1100 CJ&J Harker; £1075x4 D Beck; £1040 J&E Greenhalgh;

Limousin x (Av £930)

£1420x2 JE Sheard; £1295 £1240 Whitfield Dairy Farms; £1270x3 WP Brewer; £1200 JA&JM Wade; £1200 KP Drinkall;

Brit Blue x (Av £968)

£1230 JA&J Harper; £1190 GW Wallbank; £1110 RE&S Baldwin; £1110 Ashfield Farms; £1100x2 L Akrigg;  £1090 A Fawcett; £1080 M Taylor & Son;

Ab Angus (Av £700)

£880 R&A Wallbank; £755x3 £740x3 D Wells; £735 M Mallinson; £730x3 PJ Henfry;  

Blonde (Av £898)

£1080 £1000 J Butler; £1050 £1005 £960 JA&J Harper; £980 C Schofield; £780x2 R Jackson;

Simmental (Av £935)

£980 £975 £945 £940 G Lumb & Son; £890 CJ&J Harker;

Black & White (Av £750)

£750x2 J Gooch; £685x3 CN&SA Harrison;


Top price pen of three or more heifers

(£15 Prize) 3 Lim x @ £1270 WP Brewer;

(£10 Prize) 3 Lim x @ £1160 JE Sheard;



Beef Breeding Cattle

The drinks were on Oddacres Landlord at the final multibreed showdown of CCM’s Pedigree month.

Terry and Elaine Priestely’s charge purchased from John and Claire Mason’s, Oddacres Herd and has been used on the pedigree Limousin “Prietec” Herd, the 2015 Gallois Son was picked out by judge Andrew Fisher before selling to David White of Horton In Ribblesdale.

Reserve Champion was the Simmental bull Scotland Hill Godfrey 15 from T Hill & R Wright, a 2015 son of Burghbridge Duncan 12 which joined DW&BL Mattinson of Bracewell for 1800gns.

Brian Lund of Walshaw dispersing his Pedigree Parthanais cattle sold a 2016 bull. Walshaw Smokey Joe for 1900gns to R&E Pollard of Colne and the 2016 Maiden Heifer Walshaw Misty sired by the same bull, Willow Creek Frankie for 2500gns to a Yorkshire buyer.

A good entry of Cows with Calves at foot followed the Pedigree sale and trade was fast. More cattle promised for the next sale with 40-50 outfits anticipated to be forward.

Non Show Pedigree Cattle

Pedigree Brit Blue 2015                                                                2650gns

Pedigree Brit Blue 2010                                                                2000gns

Pedigree Brit Blue Cow with Blue Bull Calf                              1950gns


Beef Breeding Cattle

Lim x Hfr with Lim x Hfr Calves                 £2150

Lim x Cows with Lim x Hfr Calves             £1600

Blue x Hfr with Bld x Hfr Calves                £2250

Blue x Cow with Lim x Hfr Calves             £1450

Blue x Cow with Blue x Hfr Calves            £1450

Luing Cow with Blue x Hfr Calves             £1500

Hefd x Cow with Lim x Hfr Calves            £1500

AA x Cow with AA x Bull Calves                £1450

Ped Lim Heifers with Lim Bull Calves       £1950