A good show of lambs with trade following the recent rise in the primestock prices, with all types and sizes receiving a better trade. Mule lambs saw a marked improvement with the average jumping £4 on the fortnight and horned lambs £7 up though a stronger show was forward. Today was also the annual show of the Addingham Sheep Breeders Charity Mule Wether Sale in aid of Manorlands hospice. Coming out victorious this year was Joe and George Throup of Chelker. Results and Prices are shown at the bottom.

Forward: Head, Overall av £60.41 


Texel – Av £63.49

£80 H Metcalfe; £74 W Furniss & Sons; £73.50 A Wilson & Sons; £72 B&K Wellock; £72 CP Sayer; £72 D Sayer

Suffolk – Av £62.20

£71.20 JS Throup; £70 C Wellock; £69 JS Throup; £67.80 I Coates; £67 T&J Smith £66 C Wellock & Sons

Mule – Av £61.56

£68.50 A Wilson & Sons; £67.20 JW TInkler & Sons; £66.20 ID Mellin; £65.80 JW Hall; £65 A Lodge

Swaledale – Av £45.65

£60 RT Postlethwaite; £56 AJ Ogden; £55 R&T Postlethwaite; £55 JA Alderson; £53 R Jackson

Dalesbred – Av £43.29

£49 Hayton & Stocks; £45.50 £43 JA Stoney & Son; £43, £35 FW Horner & Son; £32 JA Stoney & Son  

Gritstone – Av £56

£62.50, £43 AR Beckerton;

Blue Faced Leicester – Av £37.50

£44 J Rayner; £31 G Fairburn

Beltex – Av £71.30

£82.50 H Metcalfe; £78 D&J Carlisle; £75 H Metcalfe; £73.50 JGE Heseltine & Son; £70 JW Hall; £68.50 RE Dean

Charolais – Av £56.33

£60 Hayton & Stocks; £59.90 AC Ward & Partners; £56 AC Ward & Partners; £47 N Speake

Cheviot – Av £51.50

£54.50 AM Gray; £47 JW Hall



A great thanks to all that presented lambs for sale today and to all who donated items for sale. Once again the show was a great success with Joe and George Throup taking top Honours with 2nd JC Walker & Son, Dunsop Bridge, 3rd KM&L Throup, Woofa Bank, 4th Ellis Bros, Adddingham Moorside.


The total raised for Sue Ryder, Manorlands was £3337 a fantastic achievement by all how participated.


A great thanks to:

JC&N Throup, JC Walker & Son, Ellis Bros, N Houseman & Partners, JK Wilson, ID Mellin, M Ryder & Son, WA&A Booth, K&ML Throup, R Mawson, R Garth, John Sugden, J Addyman, Roy Nelson, R Caton, W Logan, WP&B Walker, JW Hall, J Percival, FG Throup, J Berry, Akrigg Family, JA&JC Throup, Ashfield Farms, R Stockdale, A Caton, RD Metcalfe, Ms Harsley, P Henfry, Kingsway Vets, Pearson Farm Supplies, Ken Horner, Eileen Addyman, Judith Lofthouse, Royston Baxter.


Next Sale is Wednesday 14th January  –  Entry of 3,500 expected.

Entries close Monday 5th January