Fortnightly Catalogue Sale of Store Lambs, Feeding and Breeding Sheep Forward: 3,143 Head (Overall av £63.12) A Cracking trade throughout for the store lambs which saw vendors tail end lambs making just as much as their 2nd draws in previous months. An overall average of £63.12 was seen in the ring today including large runs of late season type and hill bred lambs. Continentals with frame and size getting away at £65-£73 whilst the pure bred smallest sorts getting to the same money. Better Bred large sorts getting into the 80’s to top at £95 from P Johnson. Medium Suffolks selling £60+ with the smalls mid £50s.

416 Mule lambs were sold which maintained an excellent trade with the large feeding buyers taking most of them They came to a total average of £59.12. Horned lambs selling to a top of £58 to avg £42 throughout.


The Addingham and District Sheep Breeders Group held their Annual Charity Show & Sale in aid of Manorlands Hospice (Sue Ryder) in Oxenhope where a fantastic sum of over £4000 was raised for this very worthwhile organisation. For this event local farmers donate a Mule wether lamb and other breeds of store lambs to be sold for this charity, and they always have a pre-sale show of Mule Wether lambs which this year was judged by Geoffrey and Val Porter from Riddings Farm at Reeth. Chris and Christine Ryder were the recipients of the PFS Shield for the champion sheep and it initially sold to John & Pauline Turner of Draughton for £260 who re-donated the lamb for it to be sold again, which happened 10 times overall and grossing £1480, the other buyers being Carrs Billington £240, NFU Skipton £200, Andrew Atkinson £160, Daniel Towers £140, CCM Auctions £120, Kevin Marshall £100, Keith Clay Coverall Clothing £100, G&V Porter £80 and finally Andrew Atkinson £80 for a second time. After the sheep there was a sale of shepherd crooks, fruit cakes and produce which help raise even more needed funds. A very big thankyou to all concerned.



Judges – Geoffrey Porter


1st CM Ryder sold 10 times for a total £1480

2nd JC&N Throup

3rd WP&B Walker

4th JK WIlson


Other lambs donated by – P Addyman, T&J Smith, S Spensley, JA Stoney & Son, BW Appleton, JR&A Caton, JC Walker & Son, R Nelson, J Percival, R Mawson, KM&L Throup, CT Akrigg, Ellis Brothers, JH Throup, A&SL Throup, N Houseman, ID Mellin, JA&JC Throup, JW Stockdale, Ashfield Farms & FG Throup.


Other items donated by – R Baxter, E Addyman, T Harsley, Jim Bunny, K Turnbull, M Watkinson,



Show Lambs

£260 £240 £200 £160 £140 £120 £100


Next Sale is Wednesday 15th January 2020 – Entry of 2500 expected.


Entries close Monday 6th January 2019




Suffolk – Av £65.39

£77 I Coates; £76 BW Appleton; £72.50 MD Parkinson; £72 MR&VL Parsons; £70 JB Bancroft;   

Texel – Av £67.36

£95 £89x2 P Johnson; £86.50 J&C Gryaston; £86.50 F&R Fielden; £86.50 RJ Bailey; £86 J Brotherton;

Charollais – Av £69.15

£73 S Richardson; £68 E&S Baines;

Mule – Av £59.12

£67.50 BW Appleton; £67.50 RJ Gardt; £67.50 A Jenkinson; £67 J&C Wright; £67 MR&VL Parson; £66.50 J Nelson;

Cheviot – Av £66.42

£73 £63.50 SE&HB Robinson;

Lleyn – Av £59.73

£69 £58 West Berwick;

Swaledale – Av £42.63

£57 £46 AV Caton; £50.50 K&FA Fawcett; £50 AC Ward; £50 J Rayner & Son; £48 FW Horner;

Dalesbred – Av £40.30

£58 £49 £38 JA Stoney & Son; £43 G Fairburn;



Swaledale - £46 JW Sayer; £40 KA Liddle;