Fortnightly Catalogue Sale of Store Lambs & Addingham Sheep Breeders Annual Show & Sale of a Mule Wether/Store Lamb. Forward: 1,675 Head, Overall av £51.98 Today was also the annual show of the Addingham Sheep Breeders Charity Mule Wether lamb Sale where all the proceeds were in aid of Manorlands hospice. A great thanks to all that presented lambs for sale today and to all who donated items for sale.

Coming out victorious this year and awarded the PFS Shield was The Walker Family of Brennand Farm, Dunsop Bridge whose champion Mule Wether lamb first made £380 purchased by John Turner, then re sold for £320 to Pearson Farm Supplies who resold it again for £100 to Keith Coverall who then offered the lamb for sale again.

Other prize awards were 2nd Neil Heseltine, Malham, 3rd Nick Houseman, Lindley 4th Ian Mellin, Airton.

Todays judges were Margaret Watkinson & John Greenhalgh


The total raised for Sue Ryder, Manorlands was £3509 a fantastic achievement by all who participated.


A great thanks to all those who donanted lambs or auction prizes:

D&J Carlisle, KG&J  Huck, J Addyman, CM Ryder, JW Hall, R Mawson, JK Wilson, N Houseman & Partners, J Sugden, N Heseltine, BW Appleton, T&J Smith, Ellis Bros, JC Walker & Son, ID Mellin,  JC&N Throup, K&ML Throup, WA&A Booth, JC Berry, J&AJ Coates & Son, WP&B Walker, C Nelson & Son, S Spensley, FG Throup, JA&JC Throup, J Percival, Ashfield Farms, R Stockdale, Ms Harsley, Pearson Farm Supplies, Ken Horner, M Watkinson, RD Metcalfe, Eileen Addyman, Judith Lofthouse, Royston Baxter, A Wright & A Hall, G&MA Lawn, JR Carr, FW&JM Edington. AJ Mason & M Ryder & Son;   


Store Sheep were a sharp trade with stronger medium keep lambs in good demand from a large ringside of buyers. Mixed in were small long keep lambs that is indicative of sales at this time of year, and these were generally late 40’s to early 50’s.


Next Sale is Wednesday 11th January 2017 – Entry of 3,000 expected.

Entries close Monday 2nd January


Texel – Av £56.29

£70 Manorlands Hospice; £70 F&R Fielden; £69 JS Throup; £67 TP&EA Clayton; £66.50 D&J Coates; £64.50 BW Appleton; 

Suffolk – Av £56.29

£68 Manorlands Hospice; £67 JS Throup; £63.50 N Speake; £62 N Binns; £58.50 I Coates; £57 NW&J Moorhouse; £57 RD Metcalfe;

Mule – Av £54.74

£100 £80 £65x4 £64 Manorlands; £59 J Rayner & Son; £58 W Furniss 7 Son; £58 J&JA Coates; £57.50 DW&CJ Towler; £57.50 T&J Smith; £57 JW Hall;

Swaledale – Av £24.05

£32 £26 C Harrison & Son; £30 £26.50 R Jackson; £28 A&PM Hall; £27 J Rayner & Son; £24.50 SL&SD Lund;

Charolais – Av £63.05

£63.50 N Speake; £63 TA&N Whitefield;

Jacob – Av £41.38

£48 £36 £23 T&J Smith;