Fortnightly Catalogue Sale of Store Lambs Forward: 1760 Head, Overall av £50.33 A good turnout of store sheep were predominantly medium and long keep types with strong lambs short of buyers requirements and as a consequence sold to a very sharp trade. Smart Continental and strong Suffolks were all around £60 or more, and better Mule wethers mid £50’s, outwith the show it was Andrew Sutton of Long Sleddale with a pen of 52 at £57.80 and another pen of 48 at £56 leading the way. More buyers in attendance for smaller long keep types helped these sell well.


Today was also the annual show of the Addingham Sheep Breeders Charity Mule Wether lamb Sale where all the proceeds were in aid of Manorlands hospice. A great thanks to all that presented lambs for sale today and to all who donated items for sale. Coming out victorious this year and awarded the PFS Shield was Patrick and Thomas Walker of Fold Farm, Appletreewick whose champion Mule Wether lamb first made £300 purchased by Linda Beckwith onbehalf of Pearson Farm Supplies who then offered the lamb for sale again. Other prize awards were 2nd JC Walker & Son, Dunsop Bridge, 3rd JK Wilson, Blubberhouses, 4th Ellis Bros, Adddingham Moorside.


The total raised for Sue Ryder, Manorlands was £2900 a fantastic achievement by all who participated.


A great thanks to all those who donanted lambs or auction prizes:

JC&N Throup, JC Walker & Son, Ellis Bros, N Houseman & Partners, JK Wilson, ID Mellin, K&ML Throup, R Mawson, S&D Berry; JR Carr; WA&A Booth; C Nelson & Son; J Addyman, R Caton, WP&B Walker, JW Hall, Akrigg Family, JA&JC Throup, T&J Smith, N Heseltine, A&SL Throup, Ashfield Farms, R Stockdale, I Lancaster, FG Throup, A Caton, RD Metcalfe, Ms Harsley, Pearson Farm Supplies, Ken Horner, Eileen Addyman, Judith Lofthouse, Royston Baxter, J & A Percival, JE Moorhouse & M Watkinson.





Texel – Av £53.24

£65.50 F&R Fielden; £64 £61x3 Manorlands; £63.50 £59 JS Throup; 59.50 J Brotherton; £58.50 GT Carr;  £58.50 G Brierley;

Suffolk – Av £57.36

£60.50 £58.50 GT Carr; £59.80 £59.20 JF&AW Sutton; £59 RD Metcalfe; £58 T&J Smith; £57 J&AJ Coates;

Mule – Av £51.73

£300 £100 £80 £74 £70x2 £68 £58 Manorlands; £57.80 £56 JF&AW Sutton; £55 AR Beckerton; £54.20 T&J Smith; £54 TB Moorhouse;  

Swaledale – Av £30.61

£43 N Heseltine; £39 Manorlands; £36 T&J Smith; £35 R Jackson; £33 TB Moorhouse; £32 W Harrison & Son;

Charollais – Av £46.17

£56.50 GT Carr;  £48 £36x2 AC Ward;

Gritstone – Av £47.50

£47.50 AR Beckerton;

Blue Faced Leicester – Av £88

£120 £56 Manorlands

Beltex – Av £59.50

£59.50 F&R Fielden;

SBF – Av £33

£33 K&FA Lambert;

Cheviot – Av £48.35

£60.50 £48.50 £47 SH Ramsden;




Next Sale is Wednesday 13th January 2016  –  Entry of 2,000 Store Lambs and Breeding Sheep is expected.

Entries close Monday 4th January