Fortnightly Catalogue Sale of Store Lambs Forward: 6,751 Head, Overall av £52.67 Another large entry of lambs for the fortnightly sale at CCM Skipton was met by a throng of buyers, many of whom were attending for the first time this season and drawn to Skipton by the large entry and unrivalled choice it affords them. Lowland lambs were keenly contested, with 4,611 of these in the entry, the sale included some 745 Beltex sired lambs for which there was an inaugural prize show and sale attracting 8 pens into the show alley for Mr Andrew Graham to cast his eye over.

His choice as champions were consigned by Ian Moorhouse of TB Moorhouse & Son, Dacre and these later sold for the joint sale topping price of £79. The second prize pen from Robert Garth of Bentham and the third prize pen from Steven Wells of Monyash, Derbyshire both sold for £79 each as well. Strong lambs on the day were a very similar to last fortnight, however the medium and long keep lambs were dearer.
Mule wether lambs were, as always at Skipton, forward in large numbers with 2,068 head present, representing just under 1/3 of the entry. These were keenly contested all sale long from a large company of travelled buyers and levelled at a remarkable £50.83 per head. The prize show of pens of 50 Mule wether lambs was judged by Mr J Stoddart and his choice as champions were presented by Steven Wells of Monyash selling for the joint top price of £55 per head. The first of the Horned lambs made an appearance topping at £46, averaging £31.94, maybe offering better value for money for long keep customers. Full results of todays shows as follows:


Next Sale is Wednesday 9th September – Entry of 9,000 to 10,000 head expected.

Sale includes Annual Show & Sale of Suffolk cross and Continental cross Gimmer Lambs

Also Prize Show & Sale for Pens of 50 Masham Wether Lambs

Entries close Monday 31st August at 4pm



50 Mule Wethers

1st MJ Wells sold for £55

2nd S&T Fawcett sold for £53

3rd V Verity & Son sold for £55

10 Beltex x

1st TB Moorhouse sold for £79

2nd R Garth sold for £79

3rd MJ Wells sold for £79



Beltex – Av £58.78

£79x2 £69 TB Moorhouse; £79 MJ Wells; £79 £70 £65 R Garth; £71.50 I&M Lancaster; £69 D Glassbrook;

£67 Hunters Oak; £64.50 H Metcalfe;

Texel – Av £53.27

£60.50 TB Moorhouse; £60 MJ O’Donnell; £60 H Metcalfe; £60 J Metcalfe; £59 J Sugden; £59 £57.30 RG Greenwood & Son; £57.50 AJ Ogden; £57.50 RE Metcalfe; £57.50 CJ&DM Metcalfe;  

Suffolk – Av £51.36

£57.50 SL&SD Lund; £56.50 JGE Heseltine; £56 RD Metcalfe; £55.50 F Reeday & Son; £55.50 MJ O’Donnell; £55 B&J Sutcliffe; £54.50 SM Towler;

Mule – Av £50.83

£55 MJ Wells; £55 £53 V Verity & Son; £54.50 AJ Mason; £54.50 ST Gardner; £54 WP&B Walker; £53GJ&G Schofield; £53 J Rayner & Son; £53 CJ&DM Metcalfe; £53 S&T Fawcett; £53 RH&EA Close;

Swaledale – Av £31.94

£46 DB&E Greenwood; £32 J Garth & Son; £31 MJ Wells;  

Charollais – Av £53.93

£59 PJ&RH Wallbank; £56.50 J&SJ Harrison; £55 PJ&RH Wallbank; £54 CJ&DM Metcalfe; £52.50 AG Horn;  

Zwartable – Av £51

£51 Luke Varey;


Gimmer lambs


Suffolk av £56.64

£58 CA Foster; £55.50 DB&E Greenwood;

Texel av £62.08

£73.50 JW Stockdale; £66 £65 B&K Wellock; £65 K Chapman;