Fortnightly Catalogue Sale of Store Lambs Forward: 8563 Head, Overall ave £67.95 CCM Auctions held their fortnightly catalogue sale of store lambs at Skipton on Wednesday where 8,563 head were forward, a good entry considering the wet weather seen this last 48 hours.

With prime trade having eased it was obvious the store trade would follow, but prices realised would be better than most expected, and a very good average of £67.95 was recorded considering there were far more medium to long keep lambs in the entry than was evident at the previous sales, a sign of more twin and triplet lambs on the ground. But with another good ringside of buyers who had travelled from Wales, and an increased attendance from the Eastern counties the trade easily stood firm all day, and if anything actually rose as the sale went on.
A few pens broke into three figures today with Robert Tarbatt, Winter Hill topping the sale at £112 with Beltex crosses, whilst Chris Ryder, Blubberhouses made £100 as did Richard & Patsy Hodgson of Skipton. Other best smart lambs in the £80’s and £90’s.
Good level pens of first cross lambs for short keep generally mid to late £70’s, epitomised by Messrs Schindler, Skipton when selling 116 Texel crosses in one pen at £79.50. Either side of £70 purchased lambs for medium keep, whilst long keep lowland lambs look a relatively nice trade mainly in the early to mid 60’s, and it’s very encouraging how many men are out looking for this class lamb so early in the season.
Hill bred lambs were out in force with 2514 head in the entry and generally selling away very well in the current climate. Messrs Verity of West End took top price with their 1st prize pen of 50 Mule Wethers which sold away for £75.50 per head with a breed average of £64 for 2209 head sold.
Horned Wethers peaked at £66, whilst Cheviot Wethers sold to £70 for a pen of 54 head from Grain Farms of Hebden Bridge.
Numbers are coming in very well for the next sale which is on Wednesday 9th September, and we again anticipate top side of 10,000 lambs with buyers keen to come and pick from large level lots. Also included in this sale is the Annual Sale of Suffolk and Continental Cross Gimmer Lambs. Please contact Ted Ogden to discuss trade or for more info on 07855 958211

Pen of 50 Mule Wethers
1st V Verity & Son sold for £75.50

2nd WP&B Walker sold for £66

3rd RH&EA Close sold for £67


Pen of 50 Down x Wethers

1st SL&SD Lund sold for £73

2nd RD Metcalfe sold for £70.50

3rd CA Foster sold for £67


Pen of 25 Beltex x Lambs

1st TB Moorhouse sold for £86

2nd B&R Lawson sold for £90

3rd LE Harrison sold for


Next Sale
Wednesday 9th September – Entry of 10,000 expected.

Inc Prize Show of Gimmer Lambs

Suffolk, Continental Cross & Cheviot Mule

Plus Prize Show of Masham Wethers

Entries close Monday 31st August



Beltex – Av £76.27

£112 £98 RW Tarbatt; £100 £90 JR&PH Hodgson; £99 AL Thompson; £92 BR Lawson; £86 TB Moorhouse; £85 E Pennock;

Suffolk – Av £68.88

£77.50 £76 AG Horn; £74 £72 CA Foster; £73 C&RH Weatherhead; £73 SL&SD Lund; £71 BW Appleton; £71 CG Barraclough;   

Texel – Av £67.83

£100(x3) CM Ryder; £90 BR Lawson; £85.50 RJ Gardt; £82.50 SL&SD Lund; £82 Fearnley & White; £79.50 AE Schindler; £79.50 R Smith;

Mule – Av £63.99

£75.50 V Verity & Son; £72 G Banks; £71 JC White; £71 E&E Metcalfe; £71 JM&S Tennant; £69.50 WB Woodsworth;  

Charolais – Av £68.04

£73.50 £68.50 Flash House Farms; £70.50 BG Rushmer; £70.50 AFD Roberts; £69 AG Horn; £68 HJ Hitchcock;

Lonk – Av £61.48

£66 S Bosworth; £56 Beeston Hall; £55 Westalls;

Cheviot – Av £65.55

£70 £68 Grain Farms; £65 Westalls; £64 T Woodcock;

Lleyn – Av £70.24

£76.50 £69 West Berwick Farm;




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