Fortnightly Catalogue Sale of Store Lambs & Early Breeding Sheep Forward: 6,583 Head, comprising of 6,287 Store Lambs & 296 Breeding Sheep CCM Auctions held their 2nd Fortnightly Sale of Store Lambs at Skipton Mart on Wednesday where a grand entry of 6,583 head were forward for sale. Although the prime sheep trade is under pressure, customers are reporting that there is plenty of grass in grazing areas and as a consequence there was a tremendous ringside of buyers, with 51 successful purchasers by the close of sale and several others who went away empty handed.

The hard facts are that the sale average was £50.67 which represents a fall of around £8 per head on the opening sale, but it was encouraging to see the volume of buyers requiring lambs and even though they are wanting them at reduced rates there were buyers present to mop up larger entries in coming sales.



Next Sale is Wednesday 12th August – Entry of 10,000 head expected.

Inc Lingfields Summer Sheep Fair Sale of Continental, Suffolk x, Mule and Halfbred Breeding Ewes also special sale of Suffolk and Continental Rams

Entries close Monday 3rd August


Show for Pens of 50 Down x Lambs

Judge – Mr David Pennington


1st RD Metcalfe & Son, Brearton sold for £59.50

2nd CA Foster, Bolton Abbey sold for £56.50

3rd JME&C McKenzie, Littondale sold for £54.80


Store Lambs (Overall Average £50.67)

Texel – Av £50.80

£57.80 Swinbank & Briggs; £57 WS Hudson & Son; £57 RG Greenwood; £56.50 C Dawson; £56.20 RD Wallbank;

£56 CW Clapham & Son; £55.50 AE Schindler; £55.50 RG Greenwood;  

Suffolk – Av £51.74

£59.50 RD Metcalfe; £56.50 £54.50 £54 JME&C McKenzie; £56.20 Swinbank & Briggs; £55.50 JR Taylor & Son; £54.80 CA Foster; £54.50 SL&SD Lund;

Mule – Av £42.50

£45.80 £43 KR Verity; £45 W Banks & Son; £43.50 J Cheetham; £43 AJ Mason; £43 A Barnes;

Charollais – Av £54.50

£54.50 PJ&RH Wallbank

Lleyn – Av £54.91

£56.20 C&RH Weatherhead; £49.50 RW&B Chapman;  

Beltex – Av £54.14

£61 P Metcalfe; £60.50 K Huck; £60 AM Leach; £59 D Glassbrook; £56.50 Townhead Farm Partners; £55.80 AR&FT Naylor; £55.50 JR&PH Hodgson; £55.50 JGE Heseltine;


Gimmer Lambs

Texel – Av £61.95

£64 R&E Pollard; £62 £60 JA Throup

Breeding Sheep

Suffolk Shlg                        to £130

Down x 2shr                       to £120

Texel x 2shr                        to £111

Down x 3shr                       to £118

Suffolk 3shr                        to £117

Suffolk 4shr                        to £84

Texel 4shr                           to £84