Fortnightly Catalogue Sale of Store Lambs & Breeding Sheep Forward: 5,796 Head comprising 5,689 Store Lambs (av £58.42) and 107 Breeding Ewes (av £108.06) A large show of sheep today, and the headline figures show 900 more lambs sold than the corresponding sale in 2018 and a rise in the average of £3.32 per head on the year to level at £58.42 per head.


When compared to a fortnight ago, the size of lamb on offer was smaller and the overall average reflects this. A very good attendance of buyers from the Eastern, Midland and Northern counties of England, together with several Welsh buyers set about the entry on offer and it was the stronger end and smart types that were fairly good to sell, even though there has been an easing of prime prices since the first sale. Best end of lambs today in the 70’s, strong or smart skinned stores mid to late 60’s and medium types late 50’s and early 60’s. The large number of smaller lambs on offer saw these ease in price with £52 to £56 the norm. Quite a few Mule wethers about today, tops at £61 from James Hall, Darnbrook, others generally early to mid 50’s. Seasonal buyers looking for Mule Wethers already and vendors are encouraged to bring some nice pens with buyers asking for them. PLEASE NOTE: Next Sale (7th August) is also the show for pens of 25 BELTEX cross Lambs, entries to the office. The Shows for Mule Wethers, and for Down Cross Lambs (Pens of 50) is at the fourth sale (21st August). Thankyou


The opening sale of Breeding Ewes saw a small entry of 107 head, but a very fast trade, and we could easily have sold several hundred more. Suffolk cross ewes led the prices with GT Carr Gisburn selling correct ewes to £130, Peter Houseman Padside 2&3 shears at £129 and T Waring Longridge 3 crop at £128. Texels topped at £122 for 2 crop from Peter Houseman and £120 for Correct from T Waring, whilst a nice run of Mules saw Mike Allen Staithes make £120 of 2 crop and £106 of 3 crop. A Herdwick Teaser ram sold for £180
Next sale for Breeding Ewes and Rams is in 2 weeks (wed 7th August) in conjunction with the next Store Lamb Sale. Entries to the office please.




Next Sale is Wednesday 7TH August  
Entry of 6,000 to 7,000 Store Lambs expected.

Lingfields Summer Breeding Sheep Fair: 500 to 1,000 Breeding Ewes and Rams

Entries close Monday 29th July



Suffolk – Av £60.49

£68 CA Foster; £64.5 SL&SD Lund; £64.5 CA Foster; £64 E&AM Simpson & Son; £64 CA Foster;  

Texel – Av £60.21

£79 SI Horn; £74 C Dawson; £73.5 W Warburton; £73 M Preston; £70.5 E&AM Simpson & Son; £69 JR Carr;

Mule – Av £50.73

£61, £54 JW Hall; £54 ST&JE Foster; £53.5 KR Verity; £53 AJ Mason; £51.5 W Mason & Son; £51 K Verity;

Charolais – Av £57.13

£60 R Falshaw & Son; £58 FM Shepherd & Son; £51.5 CM Crawshaw; £50.5 B Mckenzie;

Beltex – Av £57.64

£78 SI Horn; £75 WM&E Dugdale; £74 DM White; £73.5 JGE Heseltine & Son; £72 AJ Haggas;

LLeyn - £57.37

£60.5, £57.5, £56, £53 West Berwick Ltd;



Texel 2 crop – Av £109.56 to £122 GW Houseman & Partners;

Suffolk 2 crop – Av £129 to £129 GW Houseman & Partners;

Mule 2 Crop – Av £120 to £120 M&B Allen

Mule 3 Crop – Av £106 to £106 M&B Allen;

Suffolk  3 Crop – Av £128  to £128 T Wareing;

Texel 3 Crop – Av £109.73 to £120 T Wareing

Suffolk Correct Ewe to £130 GT Carr;

Texel Correct Ewe to £128 GT Carr;


Herdwick Teaser Ram to £180 K Dickinson;