Fortnightly Catalogue Sale of Store Lambs, Breeding Sheep & Rams Forward: 6290 Head. 5638 Store Lambs Overall av £75.25. 652 Breeding Sheep & Rams av £130.84.


CCM Auctions conducted their second fortnightly sale of Store & Breeding Sheep at Skipton on Wednesday where 6,290 head were forward.
The entry included 5,638 Store Lambs that sold to a total clearance and an overall selling average of £75.25 per head. Lambs were shown in fine bloom, with good fresh looking sorts very much the order of the day.
Lowland lambs were available in all shapes and sizes, with prices ranging from £40 to £100, this top price being achieved by WM&E Dugdale of Giggleswick for a pen of nice Beltex crosses. N Robson of Guisley achived £92.50 followed at £92 by AJ Haggas of Otterburn, and £90.50 by B&R Lawson & Son of Whashton, Richmond.
With the prime trade good at the moment, the
short keep lambs were mainly in the £80’s, medium keep lambs in the £70’s, smart skinned long keep types in the early 70’s, and others generally in the 60’s, including Continentals from Hill Ewes. Suffolks peaked at £89 for a pen of 34 from CA Foster of Bolton Abbey.
Hill Bred lambs coming forward in good numbers today, with 553 Mule Wether Lambs forward selling to average just shy of £70 per head. Principle prices saw AJ Mason, Skipton make £75.50 of a pen of 48 wethers, and A Newbould & Son, Dallowgill up at £73.50 for a pen of 50. Closely followed at £72.50 by S&T Fawcett, Barden with a pen of 45. Buyers requesting larger numbers of Mule Wethers for next sale. Please contact Ted Ogden to discuss trade 07855 958211.


Today we also held our opening sale of Breeding Sheep in the Lingfields Ring. A good entry of 652 head were on offer, with breeding ewes selling to a total clearance at £130.84 per head. Trade for ewes peaked at £190 for a super pen of Texel crosses shown by regular vendor GW Houseman & Partners, Dacre. Best Young Continental Ewes generally £140 to £165, and Good Suffolk crosses £135 to £160. Commercial Texel & Suffolk Ewes £110/£130.
Nice Correct Mule Ewes £105/£112, with correct below ewes £95/£100. Plenty of folk looking for breeding sheep and a good entry required please for the next sale.



Next Sale is Wednesday 12th August  
Entry of 6,000 to 7,000 Store Lambs expected.

Lingfields Summer Breeding Sheep Fair 500 to 1,000 Breeding Ewes and Rams

Entries close Monday 3rd August

For any details on trade please speak to Ted Ogden or Kyle Hawksworth.  




Beltex – Av £82.56

£100 £89.50 WM&E Dugdale; £92.50 N Robson; £92 AJ Haggas; £90.50 £89 £88.50 BR Lawson; £88.50 ID Brown;

Suffolk – Av £76.29

£89 £82 £78 CA Foster; £87.50 £79 SL&SD Lund; £79.50 JR Carr; £77.50 F Reeday; £76.50 MR&VL Parsons;   

Texel – Av £75.71

£89 R Berry; £89 C Wellock; £86 Beeston Hall; £86 A&M Beecroft; £85 E&AM Simpson; £84.50 T&S Gamble; £84 AJ Ogden;

Mule – Av £69.70

£75.50 AJ Mason; £73.50 A Newbould; £72.50 S&T Fawcett; £70 KR Verity; £70 J&K Harker; £69 R&R Gornall; £69 R&J Myers;  

Charolais – Av £67

£67 FM Shepherd & Son;

Lleyn – Av £73.75

£77.50 £71.50 West Berwick;

Kerry Hill – Av £59.26

£65 £60 £59 A Fisher;




Charolais Shearlings        to £110                                 GJ Cropper

Texel Ewes 2crop              to £170                                 A Atkinson

Suffolk Ewes 2crop          to £168 av £136                                 A Atkinson

Mule Ewes 2crop              to £112 av £109                                 K Marshall

Texel Ewes 3crop              to £165 av £133                                 A Atkinson

Mule Ewes 4crop              to £100                                 K Marshall

Suffolk Ewes Crct              to £168 av £144                                 A Atkinson         

Texel Ewes Crct                 to £190 av £135                                 GW Houseman

Zwartable Ewes Crct        to £135                                 A Atkinson

Mule Ewes b/m                 to £98                                    CW Sutcliffe                      


Charollais Ram                  to £282                                 R Bailey

Beltex Ram                         to £300                                 C Simspon




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