Fortnightly Catalogue Sale of Store Lambs & Breeding Sheep - Forward: 1,204 Head – 1136 Store Lambs av £63.44. 21 Blue Face Leicester Females & 18 In-Lamb Ewes Another strong show of lambs forward considering the time of year with 1136 through the ring.


Good genuine runs of lambs were easy to sell with a pen of 57, straight texel x lambs from Angus Dean selling for £79.5, with a pen of 51 white faced lambs from Simon Kavanagh of Draughton also reaching £77.


Plenty of pens of horned lambs were on offer today with the best of the trade seen by James Carr of Dunsop Bridge with a pen of wethers at £49.50 with a pen of handy gimmers from WA&A Booth selling to a straight price of £52. Plenty of late born lambs ranging from £30 - £60 dependant on quality and breed so don’t be afraid to get some entered for the next sale in a fortnight time.


Last Sale of the Season

Next Sale is Wednesday 27th February – Entry of 1000 expected.

Entries close Monday 18th February





Suffolk – Av £71.41

£76 AL Dean; £75 BW Appleton; £70 A Fisher; £67.50 JH&J Ryder;   

Texel – Av £69.14

£81 J&C Grayston; £80 £79.50 AL Dean; £79 GR&PL Jowett; £79 Hunters Oak; £78.50 JJ&D Cowking;

Mule – Av £66.26

£79 SA Fairburn; £76 £75.50 KA&HL Fawcett; £75 £74 J&K Harker; £69.50 JR Taylor; £69.50 AL Dean; £67.50 BW Appleton;  

Charolais – Av £63.45

£71 D Collinge; £57 Hayton & Stocks; £47 AC Ward;

Swaledale – Av £42.64

£52 WA&A Booth; £49.50 £41 AJ Carr; £47 AV Caton; £44.50 AC Ward; £41.50 AL Dean; £39.50 JW Tinkler;

Dalesbred – Av £41.96

£64 SA Fairburn; £54 £38 R&VJ Brown;

Cheviot – Av £69

£69 J Caygill & Partners;

Beltex – Av £66.91

£70 £69 £63 D Gray;

 Hampshire – Av £72

£72 New York Farms



Texel                     to £70 CR Green

Mule                     to £180 RS Tyler

Lleyn                     to £125 B Marsden




Texel     to £80

Mule     to £56

Swale    to £44



At CCM’s Winter Sale of Blue Faced Leicester Females the Blubberhouses based Hewness Flock owned by Kevin Wilson and his son James took championship and top priced honours at £1000 with their gimmer hogg L11. Highly admired by many, this classy hogg with great length and style with a good skin to match sired by the Harland F1, Big Head, fell for the top price of the day to JC&N Throup, Draughton.

John Mason, Oddacres closely followed at £900 with a Smearsett K7 sired gimmer hogg. Herself a good skinned cleaner type with a great carcass and exemplary breeding line behind her found her new home at Twiston, Lancashire with Messrs J Palmer & Sons.

Oddacres also sold a Gimmer Shearling by their Will Wildman Micklaw tup scanned carrying three to the Asby Hall H3 which has being doing well for the Masons. It sold for £420 to JR Lancaster of Bordley.

Robin and David Booth are never far away from the top of the prices and today was no exception when their Smearsett Gimmer Hogg L49 by the homebred G11 Ted ram came forward for sale. With a great pedigree and a full brother ram lamb selling to £24000, this nice hogg went back to Bordley with Rose Tennant.
James Stenton from Pickering sold the first prize gimmer shealring, carrying a single to the NIsbets J1, and it went locally to Ken Dickinson of Blacko.

Gimmer Hoggs averaged £538 and ewes £240.



Class 1 – Inlamb Shearling/Ewe

1st D&J Stenton Lot 10

2nd CM&J Stott Lot 2

3rd AJ Mason Lot 13

Class 2 – Gimmer Hogg

1st JK Wilson Lot 19

2nd AJ Mason Lot 14

3rd WA&A Booth Lot 12


Champion – JK Wilson Lot 19

Reserve – AJ Mason Lot 14



Inlamb Ewes/Shearling (av £240)

AJ Mason            £420

D&J Stenton      £280


Gimmer Hoggs (av £538)

JK Wilson            £1000

AJ Mason            £900

WA&A Booth     £600

AV Caton             £400