Fortnightly Catalogue Sale of Store Lambs. Forward: 3156 Head; 3055 Store Lambs (Overall av £73.18). 101 Feeding Ewes & Breeding Sheep

3055 Lambs sold today with recent heights maintained and trade still bouyont for all classes of goods.
Fewer Beltex lambs in with the majority of lambs being either horned or continental cross lambs. Beltex lambs topped at £112 with the remainder of the better end £94-£100 and smaller end lambs late £70’s early £80’s.
Biggest continental lambs of the day came from JM Townsend, Colne selling at £98. Bigger sorts in the entry would sell between £82 & £88 with 8 pens of continental lambs selling £90+. Medium lambs £76-£80 with smalls £68-£75 and some late born/ end of run lambs in the either side of £60 mark but very few lambs in this section.
Suffolks sold away well with usual buyers there for frame and better bred crossed lambs. £84-£90 for the biggest, medium £78-£84 and smaller goods early £70’s.
Only 400 Mule/Masham lambs in today but trade flew for these, with anything with a bit of size and frame either side of £80 with some good meat Mules selling away at £90 and smalls late £60’s to early £70’s.
Best horned lambs £65-£70 with mediums £55-£62 and smalls selling away very well mainly in the £42-£48 range with the odd pens falling slightly less.


It’s the time of year where farmers are selling lambs for local charity. On Monday Paul Drinkall of Gargrave donated a lamb for Manorlands and it made £160, whilst Roland Carr of Hawpike donated a lamb in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, it sold for £104. At todays market, Annabel Sugden from Laycock offered a Beltex lamb for Manorlands and it made £112, whilst Joe & Trevor Stoney from Pateley Bridge also offered a Mule Lamb for Manorlands and it made £70.
Anyone wishing to donate stock to be sold for charity at any of our Monday or Wednesday sales may do so, please either advise this on you entry form or tell the auctioneer at time of sale.
Please Note. Next Fortnight includes the Annual Addingham Sheepbreeders Annual Charity Sale of Wether Lambs. Judging is Socially Distanced with lambs just released into a show pen, consignors not to hold them, and Judging will be carried out by Laura Robison and Jenny Dolphin from Carrs Billington Skipton Branch.



Next Sale is Wednesday 16th December
Entry of 4,000 expected.

Entries close Monday 7th December

Inc Annual Sale on behalf of Addingham Sheep Breeders Association




Suffolk – Av £79.25

£90 M Harker; £88 J Drinkall; £88 N Speake; £88 JS Throup; £85 SL&SD Lund; £84 S Carruthers; £84 JB Bancroft;  

Texel – Av £78.31

£98 £91 JM Townsend; £97 J Barrett; £92.50 TA&N Whitfield; £92 T Charnley; £91 GR&PL Jowett; £90 J&C Grayston; £90 N Speake;

Charolais – Av £81.55

£85 TA&N Whitfield; £81.50 E&S Baines; £79 DH Challis; £77 S White;

Beltex – Av £89.37

£112 J Sugden; £98 JS Stephenson; £95 D Gray; £91.50 £88.50 D&C Newhouse; £88 £80 J Greenwood; £80 CJ Wardell;

Rouge – Av £81.55

£91.50 £85 TP&EA Clayton;

Mule – Av £73.93

£91 IJ Coates; £86 T&A Hird; £84 F&R Fielden; £83.50 Greaves Bros; £83 M Harker; £83 EB Wester; £82 W Furniss;

Masham – Av £73.33

£77 £74.50 K Lister & Son; £75 £72 KA Liddle;

Swaledale – Av £53.14

£69 E&E Metcalfe; £67 WP&B Walker; £64 AG Horn; £63.50 Greaves Bros; £60 J Blakey; £60 SE&HB Robinson;

Dalesbred – Av £55.80

£64 £61 £55 K Lister; £60 £59 DH Challis; £55 KA Liddle; £55 JA Stoney & Son; £48 DA Robinson;

Cheviot – Av £74

£90 SE&HB Robinson; £78.50 CJ Wardell; £76 £75 K Lister & Son; £72 AJ Ogden; £72 SE&HB Robinson;

SBF – Av £59.43

£62 £45 R Lambert;



Badger Face                        to £50                    Dykes Hill

Mule                                     to £55                    BW Appleton

Swaledale                           to £35.50              W Harrison



Texel                                     to £90                    JCL Livestock

Mule                                     to £140                 JCL Livestock




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