Forward: 72 Registered Aged and Shearling Swaledale Rams A tremendous sale this year was seen for Swaledale Rams at Skipton with a very high clearance rate, seeing all 28 aged rams forward selling to a top of £1400 and a solid average of £539 each, whilst Shearlings sold to £1500, averaged £406.22 and an 85% clearance.


Principle shearling price at £1500 came from Kevin Huck of Bordley, by a West Briscoe out of a ewe by his old Long Green, it sold to Messrs Shirt in Edale.
It then fell to Mr Huck’s neighbour John Tennant to take the next highest shearling price at £1200 with another by a West Briscoe.
Chief aged ram price was £1400 achieved by JE Cowperthwaite Eldroth when they sold their 4 shear bred by Martin Allen of Dufton. John Mason from Oddacres made £1200 of a 4shear that was bred at Long Green, sired by a Naby out of a Hallam got ewe. Other aged rams had 2 at £1000 and one at £900 in an impressive line up of prices fit to grace any stage.

Aged rams averaged £539.29 and Shearling rams averaged £406.22.

Averages & Principle Prices;

Aged – Av £539.29

£1400 JE Cowperthwaite; £1200 AJ Mason; £1000 JM&S Tennant; £1000 FC N & M Walker; £900 G Huck & Son;

Shearlings – Av £406.22

£1500 H Guck & Son; £1200 JM&S Tennant; £1050 JW&M Buckle; £800 JR Addison; £600 S&D Robinson;