PEDIGREE & PURE BRED SHEEP Annual Sale of Pedigree Beltex A small but select entry of Pedigree Beltex females at todays sale were a sharp trade and a nigh on total clearance. Leading the section at 1,000gns was Matts Endeavour, a daughter of the 3500gn Hackney Download and with the 3400gn Warrior in the Dam line, it sold carrying twins to JGE Heseltine of Bolton Abbey. The same farming sold further inlamb sheep at 850gns 650gns and 600gns a price matched by MR Davis Rathbone. (Full report to follow)



Shearling Gimmers – Av £566 (2019 £423)

Aged Ewes – Av £400 (2019 £320)



M Burleigh                          1000gns 850gns 650gns 600gns

MR Davis                             600gns 500gns

NT Dakin                              500gns





Alongside the Beltex Society sale, CCM held their Annual Winter Collective sale for show quality Continental Females, being mainly ¾ bred and purebred Continental sheep suitable for show lamb production.

With prime lamb prices having experienced an Indian Summer all year and still continuing on into winter, there was high demand today for inlamb females at the Winter Sale of Pure and Crossbred Ewes and Shearlings. Rob and Richard Ellis form Addingham Moorside are well known locally for producing quality prime lambs and rams for producing such types, so it was no surprise when their pen leadr took the lead price on the day at 700gns. Sold carrying twins to Airyolland Ennismore, it went locally to P Leeming Cononley.
Jack Edmondson and Frank Joel from Westhouse have been the mainstays of this sale since its inception over 10 years ago, and this years consignment caught everyone eye, especially lot 52, a 1 crop Beltex ewe with twins by the Dave Thornley “Dooley” sire, it went home with Tom Maudsley of Rathmell. The same vendors had others at 600gns and 4 at 550gns in a solid of £365 for 64 head.
Anthony & Emma Thompson were another with a topping run that peaked at 600gns with a Pure Black Beltex Shearling in lamb with twins and making its way into North Wales with its new owner.

Mike Davis’s run of Dutch Texels peaked at 550gns, John Woods Blue Texels at 520gns, David Williams Charollais 3 shear ewes at 450gns, and Andrew Baileys Blue Texels at 380gns.

Overall the Collective sale had an entry of 214 head, with Inlamb females averaging £359 & ewe lambs £165.
Thankyou to all involved, vendors and purchasers in the mart and those online.


Blue Texel Ewes                               to 460gns

Blue Texel Shearlings                     to 520gns

Blue Texel Ewe Lambs                   to 240gns

Charollais Ewes                                to 450gns

Charollais x Shearlings                  to 340gns

Beltex Ewes                                       to 700gns

Beltex Shearling                               to 750gns

Beltex Ewe Lambs                           to 260gns

Suffolk Shearlings                           to 340gns

Dutch Texel Shearlings                 to 550gns

Texel x Ewe Lambs                          to 140gns


AVERAGES – (overall Inlamb females £359 & ewe lambs £165)