Fortnightly Catalogue Sale of Breeding Sheep and Store Hoggs Forward: 1022 Head including 400 Head of Breeding Sheep, 608 Hoggs and 14 Feeding Ewes

Store hoggs a buoyant trade with a lot of small hoggs about. Good medium Texel lambs £92-£105 with strong lambs £108-£118. Long term hoggs with frame but lean £80+ but some real small scrapings up in the £40-£55. Rough Fell lambs sold to £67. Swales sold to £70. Swales with frame £55+ for mediums and smalls anywhere from £30-£45. Mule lambs sold to £94 from R Jackson, Otley. Medium mules sold around £72-£80 with the stronger end £84-£89. Few smalls either side of £60.

Next Sale is Wednesday 23rd February – Entry of 1500 expected.
Entries close Monday 14th February

Inc Sale of In Lamb Halfbred and Hill Ewes.

Suffolk – Av £64.54
£118 £81 SL&SD Lund; £96 J&I Watt
Texel – Av £87.92
£118 R Jackson; £111 M&B Allen; £108 JR Smith; £106x2 £101x2 JJ&D Cowking; £106 PL Metcalfe; £105 A&G Midgley, £102 P Rylatt
Mule – Av £80.30
£94 R Jackson; £92 JR Smith; £89 AJ Mason; £88 £85 CJ Wardell; £78 PL Metcalfe
Beltex – Av £115
£115 MB Allen;
Swaledale – Av £49.95
£70 SL&SD Lund; £59 W&J&E Harker; £59 £55 R Jackson; £50 AJ Mason;
Cheviot – Av £82
£82 R Jackson

At the annual sale of Inlamb Blue Faced Leicester females the champion sheep was a gimmer hogg bred from Otterburn Lodge N2 and out of a ewe bred by a Low Hall, Appletreewick tup bought in Skipton, which made £280. Leading Price was £900 paid by Chris Ryder for the 3rd prize gimmer hogg consigned by Kevin Wilson which was a Big Head daughter bred out of a Smearset bred ewe. First prize and reserve champion was a 1 crop ewe consigned by CM&J Stott of Chipping, bred by a Scogton tup and scanned for twins to Keer M001 which made £300. Judge was Becky Burniston. Inlamb Females averaged £275 and gimmer hoggs averaged £460.
Inlamb ewe trade was good and ahead of expectations with buyers attracted by 3 genuine dispersals and reductions. Tom Boothman represented a good run of mainly pure bred Texel breeding sheep with strong scanned ewes selling to a busy ringside and a top of £305 and his shearlings to £270. A run of natural correct Mule breeding sheep scanned for April met a ready audience for Mesrs CF Sparling & Son selling to £152 and an average of £142. MJ&PJ Campbell’s dispersal of Mule and Texel ewes sold to a top of £142 for 2 and 3 crop Mules and Trevor Shackleton sold a good draft of 3 and 4 crop ewes to £142.
PB Texel Shearlings to £270 av. £221 TG Boothman
PB Texel Ewes correct to £305 av. £234 TG Boothman
Texel x Ewes to £205 av. £138 TG Boothman
Mule Ewes correct to £152 av. £140 CF Sparling & Son
Mule Ewes bm to £125 av. £98 CF Sparling & Son
Swale Ewes 4/5 crop to £115 J Hirst

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