FORWARD: 931 Breeding Ewes & 35 Rams. Some useful runs of sheep in today with strong ¾ bred Texel Shearlings from Tony Bell, Silsden reaching £215, but in the main Texel crosses being first cross commercial types.

Other Lowland Ewes from young sheep to broken mouth making their money, nicely sold. A good enquiry of younger horned ewes, shearlings to £185 from Johny & Neil Cowperthwaite, whilst older broken mouth ewes at feeding price for the leaner end.
Strong Continental rams selling to a nice trade, trade peaked at 1050gns from David & Andrew Pawson, Billinge, followed at 800gns from Neil Handy Stainforth.

Next Sale of breeding ewes and rams is on Tuesday 26th October including all classes of lowland breeding ewes, horned ewes, Hill bred ewes and 2nd Sale of Leicester Rams, Hill Rams and all breeds of lowland rams. Entries to the Mart office please.

Texel to £215 av £131 FH&N Bell
Mule to £140 av £137 T&A Hird
Swale to £185 av £142 JE Cowperthwaite
Lleyn to £150 J Bownass

Gimmer Lambs
Lleyn to £85 R&A Jennings
Zwartables to £88 A Davidson

Aged Ewes
Texel to £165 av £152 FH&N Bell
Mule to £130 av £83 JR Taylor
Swale to £55 av £52 S Horsfield
Lleyn to £135 av £116 DR Robinson
Cheviot to £112 av £108 K Lister & Son
Dalesbred to £90 av £74 K Lister & Son
Suffolk to £105 High Harbour

B/M Ewes
Mule to £102 av £91 CJ&J Harker
Swale to £70 av £44 TR Tennant
Dalesbred to £50 av £49 JK Wilson
Lleyn to £70 av £60 H&M Plews


Aged Ram
Texel to 280gns av £262 F Harrison
BFL to 300gns av £288 GJ&G Schofield
Beltex to 200gns av £183 D Wade

Texel to 1050gns av £434 D Pawson & Son
Beltex to 180gns av £189 G Fort

Lamb Ram
Texel to 550gns av £542 A&G Brown