SKIPTON AUCTION MART. MARKET REPORT – TUESDAY 27th APRIL 2021. Weekly Sale of Sheep with Lambs at Foot. Forward: 716 Breeding Sheep.



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A good sale today with an increased entry on offer and some super outfits forward.

A premium price paid for the outfits with Texel/Beltex lambs, even though there was some variation in the quality of ewe. First cross Texel Shlgs with Texel lambs at foot met strong demand with P&AM Simpson, Dacre selling to tops of £315,£308. Mules Shlgs all £220-£240. A few more Hoggs and Lambs forward on the week and they sold away well with Mules and Singles selling at £190-£195 and Texels from W Stapleton at £200 followed by E Crisp at £195. Mule ewes with twins sold well with £185-£208 with a few smaller ewes and younger lambs a touch less. Texel ewes away well with twins at 242 from JT Spencer, Southfield. Many ewes in the price region of £200-£240.
Any ewes with strong single lambs were keenly contested with buyers keen for quick turnaround, outfits with younger singles also a nice trade for anything with a bit of style in the lamb.
Next Week is the Annual Special Bank Holiday Weekend Sale, comprising 600 Geld Gimmer Hoggs and 1,100 Outfits of Hoggs, Shlgs & Ewes with Lambs at Foot.  


NEXT SALE – Tuesday 4th May


** 600 Geld Hoggs ** 670 Hoggs with Lambs & Foot ** 430 Shearlings & Ewes with lambs at Foot**

(Entries have closed – catalogue available soon)



Principle Prices

Texel Hoggs with Singles                               to 200 av £190                                   W Stapleton

Texel Shlgs with Single                                   to £210 av £205                                                 P&AM Simpson

Texel Shlgs with Twins                                   to £315 av £289                                                 P&AM Simpson

Texel Shlgs with 1.5                                         to £270 av £263                                                 SJ Buckley

Texel Ewes with Singles                                 to £140 av £130                                                 R Sanderson

Texel Ewes with Twins                                   to £242 av £223                                                 JT Spencer

Texel Ewes with 1.5                                         to £270                                                 R Sutcliffe

Mule Hoggs with Singles                               to £195 av £192                                                 RG Johnson

Mule Shlgs with Twins                                    to £240 av £232                                                 AP&RA Dunn

Mule Ewes with Singles                                 to £160 av £147                                                 RD Metcalfe & Son

Mule Ewes with Singles BM                         to £145                                                 RD Metcalfe & Son

Mule Ewes with Twins                                    to £208 av £187                                                 A&N Fothergill

Mule Ewe with Twins BM                              to £190                                                 RD Metcalfe & Son

Mule Ewes with 1.5                                         to £130 av £127                                                 P Arnold

Suffolk Ewes with Single s                              to £138                                                 R Sanderson

Suffolk Ewes with 1.5                                      to £200                                                 J&E Medcalf

Cheviot Ewes with Singles                            to £142                                                 W Stapleton

Jacob Ewes with Twins                                   to £150 av £143                                JS Petty

BFL Shlg with Single                                         to £145                                                 RD Metcalfe

Beltex Shlgs with 1.5                                       to 250                                                    SJ Buckley





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