MARKET REPORT – TUESDAY 4th MAY 2021. May Prize Show & Sale of Geld Gimmer Hoggs & Hoggs with Lambs at Foot, together with Weekly Sale of Ewes with Lambs at Foot. Forward: 2,552 Breeding Sheep.


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Tuesday 11th May – Weekly Sale at 11am. Entries to the Mart Office by Friday Lunchtime please for inclusion in the catalogue listing. Thankyou.


A large entry for this years Special May Prize Sale of Breeding Sheep with the usual excellent consignments of Hoggs with Lambs and geld gimmer hoggs forward for sale, witnessed by a large crowd of buyers present to scoop up the sheep on offer, even despite the inclement cold spring and relative shortage of grazing compared to other years.
The day started with Geld Gimmer Hoggs, and trade was always going to be sharp given the strength of the current prime market. Continental Hoggs created much interest and peaked at £510 each for Beltex’s from Daffyd Lewis, Brecon. Others from the same home at £420, £380 twice and £360. Hywell Williams was close behind at £300. A few Suffolk Mules at £165, Texel Mules £150/£160, whilst stronger Mule Gimmer Hoggs £140 plus peaking at £150 from David Wood for the 1st prize pen, and also £150 from Donald Sunderland Halton East and Nick & Jackie Dalby of Darley, nice sorts were £130/£135.


Continental Hoggs and Suffolk Mule Hoggs with lambs found a very good enquiry with trade on a high note all day. Messrs Stapleton Skipton took first prize honours and headed the sale at £360 per outfit with the first prize pen, purchased by George Cropper Baxenden. Messrs Stapleton sold 7 pens in total from £280 to £360. Hywell Williams sold a Black Beltex Hogg with a Black Beltex Gimer Lamb at Foot for £350. The next grade of good White Faced Hoggs with lambs were £230/£260, and commercials sorts £190/£220. Texels averaged £226. Beltex av £240.
Several runs of nice Suffolk Mule Hoggs with lambs £220 to £240 showing increased interest in this breed at Skipton, with the first prize pen from B&LN Dibb Otley making £240 per outfit. Suffolks averaged £224.
Mule Hoggs and lambs found a rather more selective trade though which was certainly more weather dependant. Best Outfits could reach around £190 to £200, with a few show pens making more, whilst commercial outfits were generally £170 to £185. Mules averaged £183.
Cheviot Mules with Singles sold to £195.
All hoggs with lambs forward averaged £208.

Shearlings and Ewes with Lambs provided a good amount of variation with best Continentals, Mules and Horned all in the mix.  Best Continental Ewes with Twins could make £280 upto £330 from George Hamlet of Chipping and £320 from Sid Moore Bedale, and plenty in the £240/£270 region if strong enough to match the price. Commercial outfits £200. Singles could command £180 upto £230 for best end from Hywell Williams, commercial goods £150 to £180. A good run of Suffolk Mule Shearlings with twins made £290 from Matt Reeday in Hetton. 

Nice outfits of younger flock aged Mules £220 to £240, Older sorts £175 to £210 depending on quality. Singles could make £150 to £180 for strong lambs.


As part of today’s sale there were also 2 sheep sold in memory of Hannah Brown and the proceeds have gone to Eden Valley YFC, based in Appleby in Westmorland where it is hoped Hannah’s daughter Millie will join the YFC in future years.

First up was a Blue Texel Gimmer Hogg from Hywel Williams which was sold 5 times in total and purchased in turn and re offered by: W&M Bland £320, Robert Atkinson Scorton £300, Andrew Philips Burton Leonard £300, Martin & Val Brown Leyburn £220 and eventually went home with Karen & David Shuttleworth Gargrave for £220 who have aptly given it the name, Millie.

Second up was a Swaledale Ewe with Single lamb donated by Richard Lancaster Clitheroe and it sold 3 times in total, first for £300 purchased by Harry Wood of Bowland Foods, then by CCM for £280 and it went home with I&P Brown of Ravenstonedale for £300.
Massive thanks to all involved.




NEXT SALE – Tuesday 12th May



(Entries close Friday 7th May at 4pm – Please call Mart Office)



Show Results

Geld Mule Hoggs (Judge – M Middleton)

1st D Wood

2nd DW Sunderland

3rd D Wood


Mule Hoggs & Lambs (Judge – A Mason)

1st RG Johnson

2nd D Gratton

3rd GB Moorhouse


Cont Hoggs & Lambs (Judge – M Middleton)

1st KG Stapleton

2nd KG Stapleton

3rd E Crisp


Suffolk Hoggs & Lambs (Judge – M Middleton)

1st B&LN Dibb

2nd S&RE Williamson

3rd B&LN Dibb



Principle Prices

Geld Texel Hoggs                              to £420 av £145                                 JA&AM Lewis

Geld Mule Hoggs                              to £150 av £128                                 DR&JE Wood

Geld Suffolk Hoggs                          to £165                                 B&LN Dibb

Geld Masham Hoggs                       to £130                                 PL Lofthouse

Geld Swaledale Hoggs                    to £80                                    J Rayner

Geld Cheviot Hoggs                         to £152 av £150                                 HW Williams

Geld Beltex Hoggs                            to £510 av £266                                 JA&AM Lewis

Texel Hoggs & Single                       to £360 av £226                                 KG Stapleton

Texel Hoggs & Twins                       to £235                                 SJ Buckley

Texel Shlg & Single                           to £195 av £177                                 Winsbury Farm

Texel Shlg & Twins                           to £280 av £253                                 G Hamlet

Texel Ewe & Single                           to £235 av £205                                 RD Metcalfe

Texel Ewe & Twins                           to £330 av £260                                 G Hamlet

Mule Hoggs & Single                       to £205 av £182                                 RG Johnson & Son

Mule Hoggs & Twins                       to £210                                 D Gratton

Mule Shlgs & Singles                       to £180 av £166                                 S Foster

Mule Shlgs & Twins                         to £240 av £223                                 G Fairburn

Mule Ewe & Single                           to £180 av £159                                 G Fairburn

Mule Ewe & Twins                           to £220 av £191                                 IH Barker

Suffolk Hoggs & Singles                 to £240 av £224                                 B&LN Dibb

Suffolk Shlg & Twins                        to £290                                 F Reeday & Son

Suffolk Ewe & Twins                        to £185                                 H Hitchen


Beltex Hoggs & Single                     to £350 av £240                                 HW Williams

Beltex Shlg & Single                         to £180 av £167                                 HW WIlliams

Beltex Ewe & Single                         to £195 av £163                                 HW Williams

Beltex Ewe & Twins                         to £295 av £260                                 S Moore


Cheviot Hoggs & Single                  to £195                                 HW Williams

Cheviot Shlg & Twins                      to £235                                 HW Williams

Cheviot Ewe & Single                      to £170                                 HW Williams

Cheviot Ewe & Twins                      to £155                                 AG Horn


Swaledale Ewe & Single                 to £300 av £117                R Lancaster sold for Charity

Swaledale Ewe & Twins                 to £190 av £146                                 T Lancaster

Blue du Maine Ewe & Single        to £205                                 S Moore

Blue du Maine Ewe & Twins        to £320                                 S Moore

Down x Ewe & Twins                      to £215                                 IH Barker

Blue Texel Shlg & Single                 to £205                                 Winsbury Farm

Blue Texel Shlg & Twins                 to £265                                 Winsbury Farm




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