Pedigree Charollais Inlamb Females and Ewe Lambs A nice sale today, and a fairly good clearance rate as well. Mr Oliver Chapman of Louth was the judge for the day and his chosen champion was a Shearling Ewe from CW Marwood & Son.

With the usual exemplary bloodline seen in all Foulrice sheep, it sold away at 1400gns to the Judge. Messrs Marwood had four other sheep at 500gns plus. JK Foster topped his run at 680gns with C Crowther at 580gns. A lot of interest of for inlamb Shearling Ewes from 350gns to 500gns, with Ewe lambs finding a very strong following from 350gns to 450gns.

Class 1 – Older Ewe
1st Messrs Spence Lot 2
2nd Messrs Spence Lot 1
Class 2 – Shearling Ewe
1st CW Marwood Lot 11
2nd C Crowther Lot 22
3rd CW Marwood Lot 15
4th Messrs Spence Lot 7
Class 3 – Ewe Lamb
1st C Dougherty Lot 60
2nd CW Marwood Lot 36
3rd D Norman Lot 63
4th C Dougherty Lot 59

Ewes to 380gns (av £350)
380gns 320gns 300gns Messrs Spence

Shearling Ewes to 1400gns (av £540)
1400gns 600gns 580gns 550gns CW Marwood; 680gns JK Foster; 580gns 500gns C Crowther;

Ewe Lambs to 480gns (av £395)
480gns 420gns 400gns D Norman; 450gns C Dougherty; 450gns 400gns C Crowther; 400gns D Dennis;