Fortnightly Sale of Young Feeding Bulls, Store Bullocks & Heifers, Breeding Cattle. Forward: 611 head of cattle. Comprising: 509 Feeding Cattle (162 Young Bulls, 48 Beef Feeding Cows, 299 Bullocks & Heifers) & 102 Breeding Cattle.

Monday 24th January

Wednesday 26th January
Sale of STORE HOGGS & All Classes of BREEDING SHEEP inc SPECIAL ‘MID WINTER’ SALE OF MULE & HALFBRED INLAMB EWES Inc Flock Dispersal of 100 Suff & Tex & Mule In Lamb Ewes, Scanned, due mid March (entries close Monday 17th January)

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A good show today with an increased entry of 162 head forward for sale.
The forward bulls, or those with frame to add weight too were sold to a fine trade. Good bulls in the 9mo-10mo-11mo range were keenly sought, Messrs A Lodge, Malham Moor leading the trade at £1600 and £1510 with a pair of April 21 born (10mo) Limousin crosses, whilst also selling two further pairs of 9mo & 10mo bulls all at £1480. JC Walker & Son Dunsop Bridge sold 10mo Lim Blue crosses to £1550 and £1500 , TH Mellin Black Lane Ends sold 11mo Limousins at £1530 and 10mo at £1500, whilst M Taylor & Son of Rathmell presented an excellent run of Limousin Bulls selling to a top of £1500 at just over 10months old with others at £1470. RD Elliott Tadcaster made to £1480 of 10/11mo Simmentals. D&S Hollins, Pecket Well also made £1480 of 10/11mo Bulls.
Jeff Pickles Ribblehead made £1560 and £1480 of yearling bulls, Followed by JM&SP Cooper Dacre at £1530 of yearling Limousins.
Generally an excellent call for best making bulls and they didn’t need to be yearlings, the 9/10/11mo in good demand if slightly forward, £1300-£1500 the range with the premium types as above. Next grade of good bulls in the £1200’s, with medium sorts £1120 plus.
Smaller younger bulls (under 9mo) to £1370 for quality form JC Walker & Son, but the late £900’s to £1100. Commercial young sorts a touch less.
9/10/11mo bulls av £1224, with over 12mo bulls at £1283.
More Feeding Bulls required. Speak to Jeremy 07747 780481 or Ted 07855 958211 for more details.

Similar to last fortnight with a bit more life in the job and all buyers out looking for cows. Fleshy end aup at £1440 £1420 and £1400 for a trio of nice Limousin’s from L Bamforth & Son of Wainstalls. S&D Robinson Helwith Bridge weighed in at £1420 with a Limousin, other strong thick cows in the £1200’s. First cross nice sorts mid £900s plus depending on condition, but there was a good call for good framed leaner types. Overall average for 47 head of £984

Store cattle trading similar with medium dairy bred goods at 16-20 months not the dearest seen but anything feeding age and size selling well again. Young under 12-month cattle met a fierce trade with plenty of farmer/ growers looking for good hard bullocks and heifers to turn into feeding cattle for next years sales.
9/10-month-old U/E grade cattle from a number of different vendors sold to a competitive audience after some real quality. MR Ewbank, Patley Bridge sold 2021 May born heifers at £1260 & £1250. Whilst plenty of other 9–12-month-old suckler bred heifers with good ends sold between £880-£1100. Bullocks sold away well again with buyers looking for growing potential. Lim bullocks of similar ages sold at £860-£990 regular away. D Wallbank, Oakworth sold 2021 April born bullocks to £1130 selling to a buyer from the East. Young Native heifers and Bullocks in high demand and more could have been sold to the seller’s advantage.
Vendors selling retail spec heifers 12–18-month-old cattle had no disappointment with their trade today with plenty of buyers from Northern, Southern and Eastern Counties to North Yorkshire purchasing the quality on offer here. Plenty selling between £1200-£1350. Beast with more age and both thick ends and loins selling at £1400-£1520. Trade topped at £1520 from these 3 different vendors JR&DL Ogden, Austwick - L Bamforth & Sons, Wainstalls and K&J Marshall, Skipton. Many other cattle tradedat £1350+ for both Blues and Lim heifers. Native heifers sold to £1200 from JM Smith & Son, Skipton. Feeding native heifers £980-£1080 with strong thick meat Angus £1100+. Growing Angus heifers £750-£880. Strong Native bullocks £1140-£1200. Top price from DA&SA Fort, Glusburn and KM&L Throup, Silsden both selling Angus to £1200. Hereford bullocks topped at £1260 from DG Boothman, Skipton for some homebred bullocks. Dairy bred blue bullocks sold well but the edge would just be off these grades. Best end got away nicely with tops of £1250 for dairy bred bullocks from AE Schindler, Skipton. Plenty of others good strong beast with frame and weight £1100-£11180 whilst the next grade down looked less on the fortnight at £1020-£1090. Some dairy bred goods at 16–20-month-old could be purchased around £880-£980. Dairy bred heifers to feed £1100+ for weight and frame £950-£1060 for leaner feeding goods.

A large show today with a part dispersal and several annual Consignments included.
Messrs Mallinson of Mount Tabor consigned a large number of outfits for sale (part dispersal) which were a good Hill cross mixing mainly Simmental, Limousin and Charolais bloodlines and seeing 9 outfits at £2000 or more, to a top of £2300 for a Simmental x Heifer with a Limousin Heifer calf at foot. Two other Simmental crosses at £2250 per outfit. 6 Cow & Calf outfits from £2000 to £2100 for a Simmental x cow with Limousin Bull Calf. Incalf Heifers from this home generally £1400 to £1600.
Messrs Handley of Gunnerfleet brought a consignment of quality black Limousin x Blue Heifers, mainly 6-7mo incalf, these peaking at £2500 and £2400 for heifers due late March.
One other larger consignment on the day was a run of cow making British Blue cross Friesian Heifers incalf for March onwards to the Limousin from Andrew Haggas that sold at £1550(x2) £1520(x2) and £1500.
Other Chief prices as below.


700 HEAD comprising 150 Young Bulls, 50 Beef Bred feeding Cows, 450 Bullocks and Heifers
& 50 Breeding Cattle
includes our Annual Early Sale of Bulling Heifers
Catalogue Entries close 4pm Wednesday 26th January

Show Tuesday evening
Sale Wednesday

Prices and Averages
Young Bulls Continental x average £1190, Native average £1201

Charollais x (Av £1218)
£1400 £1180 FC N M Walker; £1320 £1200 JE&AC Clarke; £1120 G&M Harrison;
Simmental x (Av £1354)
£1480 £1460 £1440 £1260 RD Elliott; £1300 £1220 £1200 JD Loftus; £980 F Stephenson;
Limousin x (Av £1192)
£1600 £1510 A Lodge; £1560 J Pickles; £1550 £1500 JC Walker & Son; £1530 £1500 TH Mellin; £1530 JM&SP Cooper; £1500 M Taylor & Son;
Brit Blue x (Av £1000)
£1340 JM Wilson & Son; £1270 £1040 L Driver; £1200 £1030 MR Ewbank; £1080 M Hutchinson; £1030 FM Shepherdson;
Ab Angus (Av £1240)
£1440 £1310 DW Barker; £1380 TB Moorhouse;
Blonde (Av £1200)
£1200 J Pickles;
Shorthorn (Av £1085)
£1300 JM Daggett; £870 T Riley;

Under 10months – £1600 £1510 A Lodge; £1500 M Taylor; £1500 TH Mellin; £1500 JM Wilson & Son;
10-12 months – £1550 £1500 JC Walker & Son; £1530 TH Mellin; £1480 £1460 RD Elliott;
12 months plus – £1560 £1480 J Pickles; £1530 JM&SP Cooper; £1480 £1460 RD Elliott;

Beef Bred Feeding Cows av £984. Bulls av £1200

Simmental to £1260 av £908
Limousin to £1440 av £1117
Blonde to £1260
Shorthorn to £670 av £620
Devon to £890 av £865
Brit Blue to £1050 av £831
Charolais to £1300 av £977
Hereford to £870
Stabiliser to £1070

Angus Bull to £1200

Top prices - £1440 £1420 £1400 l Bamforth & Son; £1420 S&D Robinson; £1300 £1290 J&N Feather; £1260 EB Wesbter; £1250 G&A Gaythorpe; £1200 H Downs & Son;

Store Bullocks – Continental x average £1051, Native average £1026
Charollais (Av £1220)
£1320 £1260 J Greenhalgh; £1080 S&NV Jowett;
Simmental x (Av £1090)
£1180 £1000 CA Foster;
Limousin x (Av £1029)
£1490 M Ryder & Son; £1460 £1280 GT Booth; £1420 T Jowett; £1390 JR&FA Thompson; £1295 Ellis Bros; £1220 S&NV Jowett;
Ab Angus (Av £1023)
£1200 DA&SA Fort; £1200 £1160 £1150 KM&L Throup; £1195 £1150 RG&AR Clegg; £1185 B Mellin; £ 1130 MR&GP Beresford;
Brit Blue x (Av £1054)
£1340 K&J Marshall; £1250 AE Schindler; £1225 JT Rushton; 1200 RG&AR Clegg; £1180 KM&L Throup; £1180 J&C Wright; £1170 E&MA Burrow;
Hereford (Av £1155)
£1260 £1065 DG Boothman; £1190 KM&L Throup; £1100 R&R Holmes;
B&W (Av £973)
£995 KM&L Throup; £970 B Mellin; £950 RG&AR Clegg;
Piemontese (Av £1120)
£1120 GJ Edwards;

Store Heifers – Continental x average £1102, Native average £940
Charollais x (Av £1062)
£1365 £1000 R&K Gemmell; £1150 J Greenhalgh; £1140 £1130 S&NV Jowett; £1000 L Bamforth; £980 J Hoggarth;
Simmental (Av £895)
£1295 £1040 £970 £890 CA Foster; £850 £720 J Taylor;
Limousin x (Av £1131)
£1520 JR&DL Ogden; £1520 L Bamforth; £1520 £1440 £1430 £1385 K&L Marshall; £1440 M Ryder & Son; £1410 A&AR Phillipson;
Ab Angus (Av £964)
£1200 JM Smith; £1165 £1090 £1060 JT Dobson; £1100 £1080 KM&L Throup; £1050 JR&FA Thompson;
Hereford (Av £808)
£980 T Jowett; £760 £755 £740 H Whittaker;
Brit Blue x (Av £1116)
£1480 £1450 £1420 £1310 K&J Marshall; £1470 £1300 JW Sayer; £1290 WI&AM Atkinson; £1260 GT Booth; £1260 MR Ewbank;
Shorthorn (Av £732)
£845 £620 T Riley;

Fortnightly Breeding Cattle –

Lim x Cow with Lim Bull Calf £2100 av £1707 M Mallinson
Blonde Cow with Lim Hfr Calf £1650 M Mallinson
Ab Angus Cow with Lim Hfr Calf £1450 av £1185 M Mallinson
Char Cow with Angus Bull Calf £1600 M Mallinson
Blue Cow with Sim Bull Calf £2000 av £1733 M Mallinson
Sim Cow with Angus Hfr Calf £1700 av £1540 M Mallinson
Sim Hfr with Lim Hfr Calf £2300 av £2266 M Mallinson
BSH Cow Incalf £1000 MD Shields
AB Angus Cow Incalf £880 W Lumb
Lim Cow Incalf £1700 av £1462 K Sunderland
Blonde Hfr Incalf £1700 J Handley
Shorthorn Bulling Hfr £1000 MD Shields
Ab Angus Hfr Incalf £1150 A Smith
Blue Hfr Incalf £2400 av £1609 J Handley
Sim Hfr Incalf £1600 av £1450 M Mallinson
Lim Hfr Incalf £2500 av £1742 J Handley

Limousin Bull £1450 K Sunderland

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