Fortnightly Sale of Young Feeding Bulls, Store Bullocks & Heifers, Breeding Cattle. Forward: 495 head of cattle, Comprising: 464 Feeding Cattle (127 Young Bulls, 31 Beef Feeding Cows, 306 Bullocks & Heifers) 13 Pedigree Cattle & 18 Breeding Cattle.

Feeding Bulls –

Feeding bulls were an exceptional trade. Bulls under 13 months averaged £1242 with bulls weighing 350kg exceptional on the day with smart continentals at this weight £1200-£1300. Heavier bulls £1400-£1580. Bulls 13-17 months to £1520. A full ring of buyers and feeders continue to bid strongly to keep pens full with a good finished bull trade set for the medium term.


Feeding Cows
Trade hot for a straight show of cows that included a few more plainer lasses in the entry, but achieved an overall average up £53 on the fortnight to stand at £1348 a piece. A few top end special goods forward, M Crabtree Harrogate making £2100 of a pure Limousin with others at £1680 and £1570. Other stronger cows £1550 to £1620. Medium Cows £1200 to £1450, Lighter or leaner cows £950 to £1150. Nothing under £950 today.



Cattle a year old or younger were a sharper trade today looking dearer on the fortnight to level at £1065 to 12mo age. WP&B Walker & son Appletreewick sold a great run to top at £1560 for Limousin at 12mo. Other nice cattle under a year old £1100 to £1250, with harder sorts £1000-£1100. Younger cattle 8/9mo £900’s or just into 4 figures for nice sorts.

13mo to 17mo Bullocks all breeds definitely dearer, with an average of £1170 (+£111). Suckler bred sorts £1430 (16mo) G&R Bulmer Wakefield and £1340 (16mo) AJ Shepherd Eshton. A few runs of nice dairy crosses 15mo/17mo making £1200 to £1320.
Older Bullocks 18mo and over were an exception trade today as finishers respond to high demand for prime cattle, both retail butcher quality and for mainstream processing.  JG Hall & Son of Gargave made a whopping £1920 of a 24mo Limousin cross, with others at £1830 £1560 and £1540 at a similar age. Other strong cattle, mainly Dairy Blue or Lim crosses £1300 to £1400. A pen of 7 Angus Steers from KP Drinkall Gargrave realised £1325. Older cattle generally short of numbers today with more required.


Young Heifers under a year old finding a good enquiry, plenty of better sorts for later retail use £1100 to £1320, tops from Messrs Lodge of Malham Moor. Straight Young heifers for grazing or pushing on £950 to £1080, some pens of commercial sorts to turn out £800 to £950.
Messrs Bulmer were back up into the £1400’s with the best heifer in the 13-17mo range, anything forward condition mainly £1200 to £1400, a few £1150. Commercial Heifers 13/17mo, including dairy crosses virtually all reaching four figures to level at £1120 for this age bracket
Strong Heifers 18mo plus hit £1550 for strong Lim crosses from M Ryder & Son, AJ Mason Skipton made £1540 of a Limousin, other strong heifers £1300 to £1490. Nice heifers just on 18mo £1250 to £1350, Dairy Blue crosses forward in good numbers and making £1100 to £1300.  







WEDNESDAY 4th MAY 2022 @11AM

100/120 Angus Hereford Shorthorn Galloway Store Cattle & 12 Pedigree Cattle

** Catalogues Online**


 WEDNESDAY 11th MAY 2022.


650 HEAD
comprising 100/120 Young Bulls
30/40 Beef Bred Feeding Cows
400 Bullocks and Heifers
99 Pedigree Limousin Bulls & Females

20 Breeding Cattle

Catalogue Entries close 4pm Wednesday 4TH May


Annual Show & Sale of 99 Limousin Bulls & Females.



Prices and Averages

Young Bulls Continental x average £1253, Native average £1123


Charollais x (Av £1088)

£1410 F&J Andrews; £1310 FC N M Walker; £1270 E&M Townley; £1000 CR&J Kippax; £980 £900 G&R Bulmer;

Limousin x (Av £1272)

£1580 £1560 J Pickles; £1520 WH&MA Keighley; £1510 T&JM Sedgwick; £1480 JB&AH Coates; £1450 G&H Sztejenke; £1440 DM White; £1440 TH&K Wood;  

Brit Blue x (Av £1231)

£1430 £1410 £1400 £1380 J&G Huck; £1390 JS Stephenson; £1390 E&M Townley; £1380 EW&JR Parkinson;   

Ab Angus (Av £1336)

£1400 £1340 £1320 JW Tinkler; £13701 DW Barker; £1140 RD&K Brewer;

Saler (Av £986)

£1080 £1030 £960 £950 £910 JJ&J Woof;

Hereford (Av £980)

£980 £970 DG Boothman;



Beef Bred Feeding Cows av £1348. Bulls av £1300


Simmental           to £1580

Limousin              to £2100 av £1497

Blonde                  to £1330

AA                          to £1370 av £1340

Shorthorn           to £1220 av £1080

Brit Blue               to £1620 av £1335

Stabiliser              to £1320 av £1235


Limousin Bull      to £1300


Top prices - £1620 JC Walker & Son; £1580 RD Elliott; £1500 W&A Lambert; £1460 T Metcalfe; £1460 JW Stockdale; £1380 JC&N Throup; £1370 MP&S Tyson;   



Store Bullocks – Continental x average £1196, Native average £1071

Charollais (Av £1380)

£1420 G&R Bulmer; £1340 AJ Shepherd;

Simmental x (Av £1240)

£1240 DE&CP Sayer;

Limousin x (Av £1190)

£1920 £1830 £1580 £1560 £1370 JG Hall; £1560 WP&B Walker; £1390 £1310 A&SJ Sugden; £1320 AJ Shepherd;

Blonde (Av £1057)

£1220 K Lister & Son; £1010 PA Whitaker; £970 ML Evans;   

Ab Angus (Av £1142)

£1390 RD&K Brewer; £1325 KP Drinkall; £1300 JN&J Rennard; £1270 CR&J Kippax; 1230 WP&B Walker; £1210 B Mellin;   

B&W (Av £912)

£1130 £980 JC&DJ Marshall; £920 GD&JC Holme & Son; £870 A&SJ Sugden; £840 B Mellin;



Store Heifers – Continental x average £1113, Native average £888

Charollais x (Av £1186)

£1280 Whalley Corn Mills; £1000 F&J Andrews;

Simmental (Av £1227)

£1290 £1270 £1260 £1120 RD Elliott;

Limousin x (Av £1111)

£1550 M Ryder & Son; £1540 AJ Mason; £1490KP Drinkall; £1420 JG Hall & Son; £1400 G&R Bulmer; £1380 E Simpson & Son; £1350 W&A Lambert;   

Blonde (Av £800)

£820 £780 ML Evans;  

Ab Angus (Av £867)

£1170 MD&HE Wallbank; £1030 J&C Wright; £990 TH Mellin; £840 DA&SA Fort;  

Brit Blue x (Av £1066)

£1350 MP Jennings; £1340 Whalley Corn Mills; £1240 D Cockett; £1230 MD&HE Wallank; £1220 M Ryder & Son; £1190 S&D Robinson;  

Hereford x (Av £1140)

£1140 J&C Wright;

Pathanaise x (Av £850)

£900 £800 R&E Pollard;

Stabiliser x (Av £910)

£960 £860 West Berwick;
















Champion at the Annual Sale of British Blue Breeding Cattle was ‘Bandit Van Het Lindeveld’ a Belgium bred 2019 bull sold by the Greystone herd of Graham & Alan Coates of Stainforth. Bandit a strong mobile bull with calves on the ground was awarded championship by judge Stuart Gill of Dacre and went onto sell for 3000gns to Mr Goulsbra of Authorpe. 3 way joint top price at 4000gns, first up was the reserve Champion Pendle Pedro, a Pendle Nickel son born in 2020 and shown by Mark & Elaine Hartley of Roughlee bred from the Blue Stone Union Jack cow, Pendle Northern Star ‘Pedro@ bred from 4 generations of easy calving lines sold to B&JD Beadle of Staindrop. Next up a 4000gns was an entry from the Linthopre herd of Ken Gamble, Easingwold. Linthorpe Paddy is a 2020 son of Homilton Jupiter bred from the herds easy calving lines and sold to R&VJ Brown of Kirkby Malham. Last but by no means least was Jaygar Phoenix from the home of G&H Whalley selling also for 4000gns to D Leeson of York. This bull bred from Greystone Kilo and homebred cow Jaygar Melinoe, he was naturally born and from easy calving bloodlines.

In the females Making Place Patricia headed the prices from the Making Place herd of J&S Crowther of Soyalnd. The 2020 Luke Royal Midnight daughter bred from the Phenomene De Martinpre cow Tanat Kira was sold clear of the bull to S Greenwood of Hebden Bridge.


Show – Judged by Stuart Gill

Best Bull

1st Messrs Coates Lot 1 sold for 3000gns

2nd AM&E Hartley Lot 10 sold for 4000gns

3rd AM&E Hartley Lot 7 unsold

Best Female

1st AJ Wilkinson Lot 16 unsold

2nd J Crowther Lot 14 sold for 3000gns


Champion – Messrs Coates Lot 1

Reserve – AM&E Hartley Lot 10


Pedigree Bull                     to 4000gns av £3605

Maiden Heifers                to 3000gns


Top Prices:

KW Gamble                        4000gns 3000gns

AM&E Hartley                   4000gns

G Whalley                          4000gns

Messrs Coates                   3000gns



18 Fortnightly Breeding Cattle –


Lim x Cow with Sim Bull Calf                       to £2250

Sim x Cow with Lim Hfr Calf                        to £1900

Lim x Hfr with AA Steer Calf                        to £1800

Blue x Cow with Sim Bull Calf                     to £1550

Lim x Cow with Lim Bull Calf                       to £1800




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