FORWARD: 1798 Breeding Sheep (1663 Gimmer Lambs and 135 Dalesbred Sheep) CCM Auctions conducted their fourth fortnightly sale of Gimmer Lambs at Skipton on Tuesday. A tidy trade ensued with stronger nice runners, either bonny or darker types making £100 plus, medium types on the day £85 to £100 and smaller lambs in the £70’s.

Top price honours shared between Cecil Hutchinson of Kirkby Wiske and J&G Huck of Hubberholme. A very pleasing average for the 4th sale recorded at £88.20 per head for Mules (+£5.49)
A small number of Masham Gimmers in the £90s, a few better pens of Swaledales in the £70’s, and a mixed selection of Continentals £80’s and £90’s.

Please Note: We will hold our Fifth Sale of the season for Gimmer Lambs on Wednesday 3rd November as part of the Lingfields Fair Sale of all Classes of Breeding Sheep which is incorporated within our fortnightly sale of 7000-8000 Store, Wether and Feeding Lambs. Entries close Monday 28th October at 5pm.

Gimmer Lamb Sale
Mule av £88.20
£120 AC Hutchinson; £120 J&G Huck; £112 £106 C Ashby; £110 RH&EA Close; £108 £107 £106 DM White;

Texel av £84.84
£108 £88 S Bell; £86 RH&CM Lea; £83 Hayton & Stocks; £82 W Harrison & Son;

Suffolk to £125 av £92 G&MA Lawn
Masham to £95 av £93 D&GC Newbould
Charollais to £120 av £94 N Throup
Swaledale to £71 av £70 E&E Metcalfe
BFL to £90 G&MA Lawn
Blue Texel to £130 av £118 TM JM RT Watson