Key industry figures to the fore in The Farming Country Podcast from CCM Auctions The latest episode of The Farming Country Podcast from Craven Cattle Marts features informed comment and expert advice on key issues facing farmers from high profile figures in the agricultural world.

It’s almost a year since the UK cut all political and trade ties with the European Union, with the end of the Brexit transition period. So how is the UK faring now – and especially UK farming? Airing his views on the world post-Brexit is Cedric Porter, an agricultural business journalist and editor of Brexit Food & Farming, which tracks and analyses the impact of the UK leaving the EU.

Cedric was recently appointed to the Trade & Agriculture Committee, which is examining UK trade deals. He edits a weekly newsletter on the potato market and is the Vice-Chairman of LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming).

Farm subsidies are a hot topic. The way farmers are rewarded by Government is changing, with the Basic Payment Scheme, or BPS, being gradually reduced every year, to be replaced with grants given in return for carrying out a whole range of environmental practices, and work to support sustainability – so called “public money for public goods.”

The roll-out of the latest BPS payments is due next month (December), but with supply chain problems and a staffing crisis across the board, many farmers are worried that the planned cutbacks in 2022 and 2023 could have a devastating effect on their businesses. So much so, that the National Farmers’ Union is calling for the cuts to be put on hold. Broadcasting his views on the often controversial issue of farm subsidies is the NFU’s Senior Advisor on Basic Payments, Richard Wordsworth.

With high prices and a shortage of supply, the current energy crisis is affecting farms. Examining the impact is local man, Richard Paul, from ACT, the seed, feed and fertiliser farming supplies company.

With the latest episode now live and presented by Skipton NFU’s Sam Bradley, The Farming Country Podcastcan be accessed via the home page link at or through recognised social media channels. The next episode is due to air on Saturday, November 20.