CCM Auctions Conducted their Monthly Sale of Stirks, Weaned Calves and Young Store Cattle Forward – 180 head cattle. Flying trade forward with 102 steers, 63 heifers, 8 bulls, 1 feeding cow and 1 cow and calf. 57 Black and White bullocks sold to avg £456. 14/15-month-old Black and Whites £630-£680 5/7-month-olds £340-£420.

Mediums 7/8-month-old good Friesian bred stores £530-£560. Blue bullocks to the same trade as
last fortnight with 12-month dairy bred goods £790. £600-£680 for 5–7-month-old blue bullocks. Top price from JS, Normington, Keighley at £1175. Shorthorn Bullocks 6-month-old dairy bred sold to £590 from B Hawksworth, Sheffield. Blue heifers a flyer with top price £700 from TH Atkins, Keighley. 5/7-month-old dairy bred goods £580-£660. Angus heifers sold to £905 from E Pennock & Son, Bolton Abbey. £445-£520 for younger models and £620-£660 for dairy bred yearlings. Angus bullocks to £830 again from E Pennock & Son, Bolton Abbey. 6/7-month-old goods £520-£580 for fleshed up bullocks. Turning out end with less flesh on £520 for 10-month-old goods. Lim heifers a flyer with R Bradley, Bradford selling 2 heifers at £1180 and
£1200. 6-month-old Lims £640-£675. More Cattle required for next sale on the 7th August for a growing customer base keen for all classes of stirks/small stores with purchasers coming from Durham, Sheffield, Preston, Thirsk and all local surrounding areas.
Please Call Kyle with any enquires.

Next Sale – Saturday 7th August inc Reduction of Halton Hereford Herd and Upsall Shorthorn Herd.


Ab Angus                             to £460

B&W                                     to £520 av £417



Brit Blue                              to £1175 av £721

Limousin                             to £720 av £671

B&W                                     to £680 av £465

Ab Angus                             to £830 av £562

Hereford                             to £860

Mont                                     to £680

Shorthorn                           to £590

Galloway                             to £830

Saler                                      to £810

Simmental                          to £860 av £763



Limousin                             to £1200 av £835

Brit Blue                              to £700 av £633

Simmental                          to £680

Hereford                             to £375

Ab Angus                             to £905 av £473

Shorthorn                           to £590

Flech                                     to £620



Dexter Cow & Calf           to £440

AA                                          to £600



Togg x Nanny with Kids to £185