CCM Auctions Conducted their last Monthly Sale of Stirks, Weaned Calves and Young Store Cattle for 2021. Next Sale – Saturday 8th January 2022 Forward – 128 head cattle. A few vendors unable to turn up today with problems at home resulted in a few less stirks coming through the ring to what was entered. More suckler bred calves forward and trade strong for all classes.

A pen of 3 Char x Blks only 7 months old sold to £895 and heifers at £740. Plenty of suckled heifers 5-7 months old £580-£720. RD Shaw, Sheffield sold 6-month-old Lim x Bulls to £670 with young suckled calves looking a strong trade throughout. Dairy bred Native heifers and steers sold to a rage of buyers with heifers looking the dearest, W&M Bland, Malham sold 10-month-old AA x heifers to £610. Slightly younger goods £480-£560. Angus steers in the £500-£600 range. Black and Whites sold well with strength more sort after. W&M Bland sold 2 B&W Blks to £690. 10-11 month old B&W Blks £440-£520. Dairy bred Blue Blks £600-£660.
Shorthorn Cow and Steer Calf from RW Hebdon, Thirsk sold at £1800.

Limousin to £670 av £635
British Blue to £680 av £580
B&W to £370

Brit Blue to £660 av £590
Limousin to £625 av £588
B&W to £690 av £448
Ab Angus to £660 av £580
Hereford to £635 av £535
Mont to £590
Shorthorn to £755 av £583
Brown Swiss to £460
Charolais to £895

Limousin to £700 av £616
Brit Blue to £710 av £562
Simmental to £620
Hereford to £580 av £490
An Angus to £740 av £574
Shorthorn to £860 av £680
Bazadaise to £710
Charolais to £740

Shorthorn Heifer & Calf to £1800
Hereford Incalf to £1000

Texel Stores to £58
Hebridean to £52