CCM Auctions Conducted their Monthly Sale of Stirks, Weaned Calves and Young Store Cattle. Trade can only be classed as out of this world. A shortage of stirks this Month met purchasers battling for goods to fill trailers and wagons as grass day rapidly approaches.


Black and Whites saw the dearest trade yet with 8 month old well flesh goods making to heights of £700 and a pen of 8 7/8 month old Bullocks from regular vendor DP Mitchell making £655. Harder farmed goods £560-£620 younger plainer goods £380-£470.
10-month blue bullock stirks sold to £785.
A pen of 4 from DP Mitchell, again making £670 for 6-month-old animals.
Angus steers sold to £870 from T Metcalfe, Clayton and D Reay selling 2 nice turn out bullocks 10 month dairy bred goods at £635.
Char bullocks and heifers from J Fortune, Gisburn making £610.
Lim bullocks to £790 from a suckler bred beats from D Reay. Lim bullocks all in averaged £715.
Blue heifers met a wide audience with top call £770 from regular vendor JC Roberts, Clitheroe, TH Atkins sold a pen of young dairy bred well farmed heifers at £600. Some pens of 7 month old goods either side of £700.
Angus heifers to £770 for 10 month old nice framed goods £660-£740 younger leaner end £580-£620.
Lim heifers to £810 smaller under 10 month old £640-£680.

A large show of Goats met to a wide audience with all ages in demand, whilst more sheep were forward and sold well. 


Next Sale – Saturday 15th May


Forward – 100 head cattle, 137 Goats & Sheep.



Luing                                     to £900

British Blue                        to £760 av £745

B&W                                     to £395

Galloway                             to £990 av £797

Hereford                             to £810 av £692



Brit Blue                              to £785 av £666

Limousin                             to £790 av £715

B&W                                     to £700 av £554

Charollais                            to £880 av £745

Ab Angus                             to £870 av £685

Flechvieh                            to £700



Limousin                             to £810 av £681

Brit Blue                              to £770 av £652

Simmental                          to £710

Hereford                             to £660 av £625

Ab Angus                             to £770 av £696

Shorthorn                           to £580

Charollais                            to £610



Angus Heifer & Calf                        to £880


Sheep & Goats

Mule Ewes with Twins                   to £175

Texel Ewes with Twins                  to £170

Texel Ewes with Singles                 to £140

Hebrideans Gimmers                    to £50

Boer Billy                                            to £116

Boer Nannies                                    to £90

Boer Nannies RWB                          to £78