CCM Auctions Conducted their Monthly Sale of Stirks, Weaned Calves and Young Store Cattle STORE CATTLE: Trade was a flyer for the stirks on offer today with regular and new vendors achieving a solid trade right through. 5-7 month old blue heifers £600-£720 26 Black and white steers in the entry with an average of £496. 10 month turning outs sorts £595 with some 7 months selling at £540. Majority selling £320-£380 for 6-month-old goods.


Blue steers sold very well again with 6 months £640+ and 10-12 months selling £700-£790 for dairy bred goods again. Angus steers sold to £705 with a pen of 6-month-old cattle £660. Angus heifers trade of the day with youngster 5–6-month lean goods £520-£620. Feeding cows sold well again with active bidders for all 4 on offer selling from £560-£730. Blue cow and calf sold at £1100.

More Cattle required for next sale. Please contact Kyle with enquires and entries.

Next Sale – Saturday 10th July



Forward – 145 head Cattle, 13 Goats & 229 lots of Poultry



Limousin                             to £900

British Blue                        to £870 av £824

B&W                                     to £630 av £480

Ab Angus                             to £515 av £510

Linc red                                to £540



Brit Blue                              to £790 av £730

Limousin                             to £840 av £714

B&W                                     to £595 av £496

Ab Angus                             to £705 av £664

Hereford                             to £870 av £806

Blonde                                 to £800

Shorthorn                           to £670

MRI                                        to £630

Simmental                          to £860



Limousin                             to £820 av £695

Brit Blue                              to £820 av £686

Simmental                          to £640

Hereford                             to £890

An Angus                             to £770 av £629

Galloway                             to £210

Ayshire                                to £580

Charollais                            to £700



Here Cow & Here Calf                    to £900

Blue Cow & BSH Calf                      to £1100

Galloway Cow & Calf                     to £660

Blue Cow                                             to £700

Linc Red                                               to £560

Simmental                                          to £730



Boer Nanny with 2 Billy Kids       to £140

Boer Nanny with 2 Nanny Kids  to £130

Alpine Nanny with 2 Kids             to £130

Boer Nanny with Billy Kid            to £120





It was nice to get back to work selling Poultry via live auction. Quality cages of Pullets and Trio’s sold away to a nice trade, bantams also following suit. Smaller ducks were a very mixed trade, geese good to sell, as were a few pens of hens with young chicks and several lots of young Warren Pullets.
Next Sale will be in Early September (Saturday 11th Sept) in conjunction with our Annual Sale of Rare & Minority Breed Livestock. 229 lots of Poultry.



Show kindly judged by Margaret Watkinson

Class 1 – Best Pen of Bantams

1st JR Wilkinson Lot 122

2nd S Moore Lot 86

3rd S Hitchen Lot 106


Class 2 – Best Pen Large Fowl    

1st E Procter Lot 7

2nd E Procter Lot 42

3rd AP Leetham Lot 22


Class 3 – Best Waterfowl            

1st RW Hebdon Lot 55

2nd C Sayer Lot 63

3rd G Lofthouse Lot 67


Champion – E Procter Lot 7



Trio RIR                                                to £50

20 Warren Pullets                           to £50

3 Maran Pullets                                to £45

Trio RIR                                                to £45

Pair Apricot Call Ducks                  to £45

Blue Fawn Call Ducks                     to £45

Pair Silkies                                          to £45

White Emblem Geese                   to £40

Broody Hen with Silkie Chicks    to £40