CCM Auctions conducted their Grass Day Show & Sale of Stirks, Weaned Calves and Young Store Cattle at Skipton on Saturday. Forward 214 Head

Tremendous Show & Sale with a god mixed show forward. Buyers stood ringside for all qualities. Trade similar with some buyers edging slightly on caution with Grass still not bouncing as much as it could be. Good hard grass cattle with frame sold very well, some Angus heifers slightly less on the month. A good run of Suckler bred Stirks at 6/8 months of age from TB Moorhouse, Harrogate sold at £740-£900 for Blonde steers and £600-£890 for heifers. Blue steers a nice trade with F Brown, Halton Gill selling regular pens at £600-£660 for 5/7 month old cattle. Stronger good 11/12 months £695-£780 with a top price of £825 from M Smith, Halifax. Blue heifers strong trade with 5/6 month old goods £550-£600 with stronger end either side of £660 and good hard grass cattle £720-£790. Angus blks £700-£870 for strong grazers whilst heifers sold at £640-£670 for strong grazing heifers at 10/12 months. Medium heifers £460-£525 for 5/7 months of age. Mediums Blks £540-£620. Very few Black & Whites forward. A strong pen of 6 from C Winterburn, Bolton Abbey sold at £730. Younger end £350-£420. Lim blks and Hfs in high demand especially Suckler bred end. Trade topped at £1120 from M Smith, Halifax. Bulls a very strong trade.


Next Sale, 2nd Grass Day Sale – Saturday 14th May



May Day Show & Sale of 900 Hoggs, Shlgs, Ewes with Lambs at Foot & 500 Geld Gimmer Hoggs.
Sale commences 10:30am


WEDNESDAY 4th MAY 2022 @11AM

100/120 Angus Hereford Shorthorn Galloway Store Cattle & 12 Pedigree Cattle

** Catalogues Online**


 WEDNESDAY 11th MAY 2022.


650 HEAD
comprising 100/120 Young Bulls
30/40 Beef Bred Feeding Cows
400 Bullocks and Heifers
99 Pedigree Limousin Bulls & Females

20 Breeding Cattle

Catalogue Entries close 4pm Wednesday 4TH May


Annual Show & Sale of 99 Limousin Bulls & Females.



Grass Day Show of Stirks

Best Pen of 5 Cont Blks                 F Brown, Halton Gill

Best Pen of 5 Cont Hfrs                 D Mitchell, Wilsden

Best Pen Pen of Native Blks        W&M Bland Kirkby Malham

Best Pen Pen of 5 Native Hfrs    W&M Bland, Kirkby Malham


Best Single Cont Blk                        TB Moorhouse, Dacre

Best Single Cont Hfr                        TB Moorhouse, Dacre



Forward – 214 head cattle.


Bulls av £663

Brit Blue                              to £880 av £670

Limousin                             to £940 av £814

Blonde Aq                           to £890 av £870

B&W                                     to £400 av £385

Ab  Angus                            to £890 av £614

Galloway                             to £870

Highland                             to £415

Welsh                                   to £585

Longhorn                             to £420


Steers av £661

Blonde Aq                           to £900 av £815

Limousin                             to £750 av £421

British Blue                        to £780 av £656

Hol/ Fries                            to £730 av £521

Beef Shorthorn                 to £1160 av £1045

Ab  Angus                            to £885 av £717

Simmental                          to £660 av £546

Mont                                     to £650 av £650

Ayrshire                               to £690 av £690

Saler                                      to £840 av £807


Heifers av £604

Limousin                             to £1120 av £632

Blonde Aq                           to £890 av £686

Brit Blue                              to £930 av £767

Hereford                             to £500 av £464

Ab Angus                             to £670 av £518
Ayrshire                               to £590

Saler                                      to £770




Cows & Calves

Ayrshire Hfr & Lim Calf                  to £800



Mule Ewes & Singles                      to £170

Herdwick Ewes & Singles             to £108

Rough Fell Ewes & Singles           to £128

Jacob Ewes & Singles                     to £128

Swaledale Ewes & Singles            to £128
Texel Ewes & Singles                      to £142

White Faced Ewes & Singles       to £122


Shetland Ponies                               to £100