The Lleyn Sheep Society held their Annual Sale at Skipton on Thursday. The sale saw a good enquiry for ewe lambs and the middle runs of yearlings, however trade wasnt as good as last year for the better end. Ram had a decent enquiry for the good end of breeders sheep, but unlike the females, the more commercial end of rams were a slow trade. Messrs H&M Dugdale of Stackhouse, and Messrs G&A Fort of Steeton shared the spoils in the yearling prices when making £200 per head, whilst Messrs Fort topped the ewe lambs at £135. Messrs Dugdale peaked the ram section at 900gns.

Show Results –
1st H&M Dugdale Lot 10
2nd E&D Jones Lot 31
3rd AW Davies Lot 15

Shearling Ewes
1st G&A Fort
2nd TA&J Swinbank
3rd West Berwick

Gimmer Lambs
1st G&A Fort
2nd Farmstock Genetics
3rd WJ&DJ Williams

Champion – G&A Fort (Gimmer Lambs) Reserve – H&M Dugdale (Ram)

Shearlings av £168 (2020 - £182)
£200 x2 £190 £187.50 H&M Dugdale
£200 £190 G&A Fort
£180 x2 West Berwick
£180 E&D Jones

Ewe Lambs av £106 (2020 - £104)
£135 G&A Fort
£130 Farm Stock Genetics
£125 WJ&DJ Williams
£120 C Price
£118 P Knowles

Shearling Rams av £511 (2020 - £407)
900gns 580gns H&M Dugdale
800gns 750gns E&D Jones
750gns AW Davies
480gns JA&R Geldard