CCM Auctions held their July Sale of Machinery at Skipton Auction Mart on Saturday 10th June and it was very pleasing to get back to a live sale held in the yard at the mart. 248 lots of Machinery, Implements, Tractors & UTVs/ATVs together with Reclaim, Stone and Timber were forward for sale to an eager range of buyers.


Leading the sale was a Kubota 900 Diesel UTV with powered brush and snow plough attachments. Which sold for £7600. Another UTV, this time an Arctic Cat Full Cab sold at £5000. A 40 year old Kubota B8200 market garden tractor with power loader made £4300. Other leading prices below.
Keep an eye on the press where we will announce dates for the next sale in the yard soon.



Kubota                                                 £7600

Arctic Cat                                             £5000

Kubota Tractor                                  £4300

John Deere Mower                         £3000

IW Cattle Trailer                               £2300

CF Moto                                               £2000

Cattle Race                                         £1900

Tedder                                                  £1500



Stone & Timber

Gateposts                                           £660 £650

8 Lengths Wood                               £220

Water Board                                      £220

Stone Round Tops                           £170

Stone Trough                                     £160

Wrought Iron Gate Posts              £120