SKIPTON AUCTION MART. CCM Lingfields Christmas Primestock Shows – Sunday 28th November. The 14th Annual Craven Lingfield Christmas Primestock Show was held on Sunday 28th November. FORWARD – 47 Prime Cattle, 199 Butchers Lambs, 24 Lamb Carcasses, 21 Prime Pigs,

Prime Cattle
The Lingfields Christmas Show of Prime Cattle was held on Sunday 28th November 2021 and produced a good attendance of retail and wholesale buyers and a strong trade. All clean cattle averaged 339.5p/kg with 14 of the entry making £2000 or more and the champion a 525kg British Blue heifer making £3252 or 619.5p/kg when sold by Mesrs RT&J Critchley&Sons to K&J Green of Heskin. Reserve was a homebred 580kg British Blue heifer from J S Stephenson of Bordley which sold to Anthony Kitson of Yarm for 389.5p/kg or £2259.


Cattle: Judge – Anthony Swales & Simon Barker


Class 1 Native Bred Steer/Heifer
1st J&C Mellin Lot 106 495 kg 330p/kg to Knavesmire Butchers
2nd Hargreaves Farms Lot 131 605kg 297.5p/kg Ralph Pearson Ltd
3rd G Lawn Lot 122 610kg 295.5p/kg Ralph Pearson
Class 2 Cont Steer Under 580kg
1st AA&E Critchley Lot 116 495kg 349.5p/kg Knavesmire Butchers
2nd J&C Mellin Lot 104 555kg 349.5p/kg Knavesmire Butchers
3rd S&NV Jowett Lot 102 540kg 349.5p/kg Knavesmire Butchers
Class 3 Cont Steer 581-680kg
1st JS Stephenson Lot 109 585kg 381.5p/kg Knavesmire Butchers
2nd F&B Smith Lot 119 629kg 347.5p/kg Kitsons Ltd
Class 4 Cont Heifer Under 580kg
1st AA&E Critchley Lot 115 525kg 619.5p/kg K&J Green
2nd JS Stephenson Lot 111 580kg 389.5p/kg Kitsons Ltd
3rd H Baines Lot 120 505kg 389.5p/kg Whiteheads
Class 5 Cont Heifer 581-680kg
1st JS Stephenson Lot 108 595kg 389.5p/kg Kitsons Ltd
2nd Turner Farms Lot 124 610kg 429.5p/kg I Townson
3rd S&P Scrivin Lot 132 595kg 354.5p/kg A&D Meats
Class 6 Cont Steer/Heifer
1st F&B Smith Lot 103 740kg 324.5p/kg A&D Meats

Male Champion: JS Stephenson Lot 109 585kg 381.5p/kg £2232 Ralph Pearson Ltd
Male Reserve: F&B Smith Lot 103 740kg 324.5p/kg £2401 A&D Meats
Female Champion: AA&E Critchley Lot 115 585kg 381.5p/kg £3252 K&J Green

Female Reserve: JS Stephenson Lot 111 580kg 389.5p/kg £2259 Kitsons Ltd

Overall: AA&E Critchley Lot 115 620p £3252 K&J Green
Reserve: JS Stephenson Lot 111 389.5p £2259 Kitsons

Alf Lister Trophy – Champion Beast: AA&E Critchley
Dick Binns Trophy – Cont x Butchers Heifer Under 550kg: AA&E Critchley

Class 7 – Cont Steer/Heifer Under 580kg
1st S&NV Jowett Lot 101 530kg 369.6p/kg £1958 Knavesmire Butchers
2nd Hargreaves Farms Lot 129 570kg 329.5p/kg £1878 Ralph Pearson Ltd
3rd Hargreaves Farm Lot 130 585kg 305.5p/kg £1787 Ralph Pearson Ltd
Class 8 – Cont Steer/Heifer 580-681kg
1st AA&E Critchley Lot 118 600kg 329.5p/kg £1977 Ralph Pearson Ltd
2nd CD&RF Kitching Lot 142 625kg 327.5p/kg £2047 Kitsons Ltd
3rd Dowie & Hyslop Lot 114 630kg 309.5p/kg £1950 Ralph Pearson Ltd
Class 9 – Cont Steer/Heifer 681kg+
1st S&P Scrivin Lot 125 695kg 309.5p/kg £2151 Ralph Pearson

Champion – S&NV Jowett Lot 101 369.5p £1958 Knavesmire Butchers
Reserve – AA&E Critchley Lot 118 329.5p £1977 R Pearson Ltd

Prime Cattle (under 30 mos)

465-555kg to 369.5p/kg av.349.77p/kg
560kg to 381.5p/kg av.309.22p/kg
400-480kg to 399.5p/kg av.384.9p/kg
485kg+ to 619.5p/kg av.355.14p/kg
Top Prices £ per head and p/kg
£ per head: F&B Smith (Limx) 2401,2154, JS Stephenson (BBx) 2232, S&P Scriven (BBx) 2151 RT&J Critchley&Sons 1977, Dowie&Hyslop (Limx) 1950, Hargreaves Farms (BBx) 1938
p/kg: JS Stephenson (BBx) 381.5, F&B Smith (Limx) 347.5, 334.5,324.5, S&NV Jowett (BBx) 369.5, (Limx) 349.5, C Cropper (BBx) 349.5, RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 349.5, (BBx) 329.5, Hargreaves Farms (BBx) 329.5,305.5, JA Mellin (Short) 329.5, S&P Scriven (BBx) 309.5, TK Drinkall (BBx) 309.5
£ per head: RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 3252, Turner Farms Ltd (BBx) 2620, JS Stephenson (Blondex) 2318, (BBx) 2181, CD&RF Kitching (BBx) 2303, 2259, (Blondex) 2047, H Baines (Limx) 2116, S&P Scriven (BBx) 2109,2008,
p/kg: RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 619.5,329.5,329.5, Turner Farms Ltd (BBx) 429.5, J Baines (Limx) 399.5, JS Stephenson (BBx) 389.5,389.5, (Blondex) 389.5, H Baines (BBx) 389.5, (Limx) 374.5, C Cropper (Limx) 369.5, CD&RF Kitching (BBx) 377.5, S&P Scriven (BBx) 354.5, 337.5 , TK Drinkall (Limx) 354.5,349.5,344.5

Lambs - Judges Mr Chris Wright (Lowland Lambs) & Kevin Marshall (Hill Lambs)
An excellent show of sheep for the Sunday afternoon show & sale with all entrants battling through the elements to come take part in the day. Some excellent stock on show, and again it is huge credit to the vendors at CCM who continue to turn out quality livestock fit to grace any stage.
The Lowland judge Mr Chris Wright of Boston Lincs had a tough task in the classes before him, with quality on show at all corners. He chose the trio of Beltex crosses from John Midgley of Luddendenfoot as his champions from the heavy trimmed class. In the sale ring they reached £500 per head and the successful bidders were G&C Cropper Family Butchers and Deli from Accrington Lancashire. Messrs Cropper were also the purchasers of the champion Young Handlers lambs at £400 form Charlie Leach of Hebden Bridge.
The Reserve Champion Lambs were the untrimmed champions from Mike and Betty Allen of Staithes in Whitby. These later sold at £240 per head to retail outlet Knavesmire Butchers situated between the city walls and the racecourse, close to York City centre.
The Hill Champions selected by Mr Kevin Marshall came from Skipton regulars Andrew & Jenny Hutchinson of Faceby, who showed a pen of Scotch Black Faced Wethers that sold at £140 to local specialist Native Meat wholesalers Swaledale Foods of Skipton.
A full list of prize awards, selling prices and buyers below.

Class 1 Mule
1st SM&S Collinson 51kg £140 N Dalby
2nd M&B Allen 50kg £136 A Wright & Son
3rd M&B Allen 47kg £126 A Wright & Son
Class 2 Masham
1st JM Wilson & Son 49kg £142 J&E Medcalf
2nd JM Wilson & Son 49kg £140 J&E Medcalf
3rd EP&JM Hutchinson 50kg £140 N Dalby
Class 3 Swaledale
1st ASE Crisp & Son 48kg £130 K Marshall
2nd ASE Crisp & Son 48kg £122 K Marshall
3rd Ellis Bros 43kg £120
Class 4 Dalesbred
1st JM Wilson & Son 43kg £125 Scotbeef
2nd RH&EA Close 38kg £100 A&D Meats
3rd RH&EA Close 41kg £118 P Watson
Class 5 – Other Horned/Hill/Native Breed
1st EP&JM Hutchinson 51kg (SB Faced) £148 Swaledale Foods
2nd S&P Scrivin 40kg (Gritstone) £118 Scotbeef
3rd S&P Scrivin 41kg (Lonk) £119 Scotbeef

Hill Bred Champion: EP&JM Hutchinson (SBF) 51kg £148 290p Swaledale Foods Ltd
Hill Bred Reserve: SM&S Collinson (Mule) 51kg £140 275p N Dalby

Class 6 Suffolk x any weight
1st F Reeday & Son 49kg £142 W Rathmell
Class 7 Continental x Untrimmed 39kg or less
1st Ellis Bros 39kg £156 Vivers Scotlamb
Class 8 Continental x Untrimmed 40kg or more
1st M&B Allen 43kg £240 Knavesmire Butchers
2nd Ellis Bros 45kg £205 B Robinson
3rd M&B Allen 49kg £188 A Wright & Son
Class 9 Continental x Trimmed 39kg or less
1st AL Thompson & Son 38kg £150 Knavesmire Butchers
2nd RH&MR Ireland 38kg £150 Vivers Scotlamb
3rd JGE Heseltine 39kg £160 VIvers Scotlamb
Class 10 Continental x Trimmed 40kg or more
1st J Midgley 41kg £500 G&C Cropper Family Butchers & Deli, Accrington
2nd A Leach 44kg £210 Knavesmire Butchers
3rd Ellis Bros 44kg £178 Knavesmire Butchers

Untrimmed Champion: M&B Allen 43kg £240 558p Knavesmire Butchers
Untrimmed reserve: Ellis Bros 45kg £205 455p Messrs Lancaster

Trimmed Champion: J Midgley 41kg £500 1219p G&C Cropper
Trimmed Reserve: AM Leach 44kg £210 477p Knavesmire Butchers

Lowland Champion: J Midgley 41kg £500 1219p G&C Cropper
Lowland Reserve: M&B Allen 43kg £240 558p Knavesmire Butchers

Class 11- Young Handlers
9 years & under
1st Charlie Leach
2nd Izzy Thompson
3rd Olivia Coates
10 years & under
1st Thomas Marshall
2nd Bobby Crabtree
3rd Chrissie Lund

Champion – Charlie Leach 46kg £400 869p G&C Cropper
Reserve – Thomas Marshall 44kg £198 450p A Wright & Son

Well done to all Young Handlers – John North, Isobel North, Raf Middleton, Maisie Moore, Chrissie Lund, Niamh Ireland, Lilly Ireland, Henry Mellin, Henry Tyson, Lucy Tyson, Jimmy Crabtree, Oliver Marshall & Tommy Thompson.

The Daggett family (Tyson) donated a young handler lamb for Manorlands it went on to sell 8 times. Making a grand total of £1295 selling to Paul Watson, Ben Gray (Andrew Atkinson) Paul Bartholmen (Vivers) William Watson, Andrew Phillips, Charlotte Watson, Chris Wright & Joe Bosworth. Thankyou to all involved.

Overall Supreme Champion: J Midgley 41kg £500 1219p G&C Cropper
Supreme Reserve: M&B Allen 43kg £240 558p Knavesmire Butchers

Principle Prices -
Prime Lambs – Overall Average £154.35 per head or 348p/kg
Beltex average £184.07 per head or 432p/kg
£ per head: £500 J Midgley; £400 £210 AM Leach; £240 IM Thompson; £240 M&B Allen, £205 Ellis Bros; £200 TJ Thompson; £200 WAVJ&JA Towler £200; JC Marshall £198, RC Crabtree £192; RH&MR Ireland £190(x2)
p/kg: 1219p J Midgley; 869p 477p AM Leach, 558p M&B Allen, 487p TJ Thompson, 480p IM Thompson, 465p WAVJ&JA Towler; 455p Ellis Bros; 450p JC Marshall; 431p RH&MR Ireland.
Suffolk average £142 per head or 290p/kg
£ per head: £142 F Reeday & Son
p/kg: 290p F Reeday & Son
Texel average £145.83 per head or 333p/kg
£ per head: £155 £140x2 RH&MR Ireland, £152 £148 JL North, £145 JM Daggett, £140 S Foster
p/kg: 369p 368.4p 341.5p RH&MR Ireland; 345.2p JM Daggett; 328p JL North.
Mule average £130.73 per head or 270p/kg
£ per head: £140 £136 SM&S Collinson; £16 M&B Allen; £132 S Foster; £130 S&T Fawcett.
p/kg: 274.5p SM&S Collinson; 274p RH Close, 272p MB Allen
Masham average £129.60 per head or 287p/kg
£ per head: £142 £140 JM Wilson & Son; £140 EP&JM Hutchinson
p/kg:; 292.3p 287.2 KA Liddle & Ptnrs; 289.8p 285.7p JM Wilson & Son, 280p EP&JM Hutchinson.

Swaledale average £121.60 per head or 270p/kg
£ per head: £130 £122 ASE Crisp & Son; £120 Ellis Bros; £120 JR Smith
p/kg: 279p Ellis Bros; 276p 272p JR Smith, 270p ASE Crisp & Son
Dalesbred average £110 per head or 277p/kg
£ per head: £125 JM Wilson & Sons, £118 £110 RH&EA Close
p/kg: 290p JM Wilson & Son, 287p 263p RH&EA Close
Lonk average £119 per head or 290p/kg
£ per head: £119 S&P Scrivin
p/kg: 290p S&P Scrivin
Gritstone average £118 per head or 295p/kg
£ per head: £118 S&P Scrivin
p/kg: 295p S&P Scrivin
SBF average £148 per head or 290p/kg
£ per head: £148 EP&JM Hutchinson
p/kg: 290p EP&JM Hutchinson
Jacob average £125 per head or 266p/kg
£ per head: £125 AL Thompson
p/kg: 266p AL Thompson

Carcass: Judge – Mick Winchester
The champion carcass was exhibited by Martin & Val Brown of Leyburn, and it received the highest price on the day of £520 when selling to G&C Cropper Family Butchers of Accrington Lancashire, long standing supporters of this event at the Xmas Show.

Class 1 Und 35kg Cont
1st RH&MR Ireland Lot 13
2nd IM Bell Lot 5
3rd JGE Heseltine Lot 10
Class 2 35-40kg Cont
1st AM&HV Brown Lot 17
2nd T&C Robinson Lot 2
3rd IM Bell Lot 6
Class 3 41-44kg Cont
1st AM&HV Brown Lot 18
2nd JGE Heseltine Lot 8
3rd J Midgley Lot 1
Class 4 41-50kg Horned
1st JM Wilson & Son Lot 24
Class 5 41-50kg Native – Down x Mule Masham Chev etc
1st JL North Lot 15
2nd JW Stockdale Lot 20
3rd JW Stockdale Lot 22

Overall Average £166

Champion – AM&HV Brown Lot 18 24.8kg £520 G&C Cropper
Reserve – AM&HV Brown Lot 17 22.9kg £310 G&C Cropper

Beltex Sired – AM&HV Brown Lot 18
Texel Sired – JL North Lot 15
Masham – JM Wilson Lot 23
Dalesbred – JM Wilson Lot 24

Pigs: Judge – Wilf Buckle
Our thanks are extended to Wilf Buckle of Stainmore near Kirkby Stephen for judging this years event where he had a good entry of porkers put forward. Wilfs choice of champions came from Adam Bamforth of Slaithwaite which sold for 210p/kg to Messrs Taylor of Bamber Bridge.

Class 1 Prime Pig Cutters 88kg – 97kg
1st A Bamforth Lot 993
2nd D Thackray Lot 991
3rd A Bamforth Lot 992
Class 2 Prime Pig Baconers 98kg – 115kg
1st D&A Livestock Lot 997
2nd D&A Livestock Lot 995
3rd D&A Livestock Lot 996

Champion: A Bamforth Lot 993 210p W Taylor & Son
Reserve: D Thackray Lot 991 135p W Taylor & Son

Indoor Section
The indoor section is back after a year missed due to Covid. Everything entered was then donated by the exhibitor’s to be sold in aid of Manorlands Hospice, Brooklands School and The Addington Fund.

Sausage Rolls Judge: Margie Stockdale
1st Barbara Bamforth 2nd Jess Bamfoth 3rd Janet Sheard
Pair of Scotch Eggs
1st Millie Eaton 2nd Janet Sheard 3rd Sue Heseltine
Christmas Fruit Cake Judge: Jill Perrings & Christine Ryder
1st Eileen Addyman 2nd Cathie Cromarty 3rd Cathie Cromarty
Victoria Sandwich Cake
1st Sue Heseltine 2nd Alison North 3rd John North Jnr
Stollen Cake
Jar of Chutney Judge: Margie Stockdale
1st Anne Telfer 2nd Sue Heseltine 3rd Cathie Cromarty
Sloe Gin
1st Margaret Watkinson 2nd Angus Dean 3rd Eileen Addyman
1st Isobel North 2nd Pauline Turner 3rd Cathie Cromarty
Mince Pies
1st Jill Perrings 2nd Denise Dobson 3rd Barbara Bamforth
Photograph Judge: Margaret Watkinson
1st Rosie Garth 2nd Isobel North 3rd Poppy Throup
Festive Christmas Decoration
1st John North 2nd Jill Perrings 3rd Denise Dobson
Children’s Edible Necklace
1st Edie King 2nd Isobel Newbould 3rd Thomas Thompson
Children’s Decorated Paper Cup
1st Edie King 2nd Freya Newbould 3rd Cole Holmes
Children’s 4 Cookies
1st Rosie Garth 2nd John North 3rd Rosie Garth
Children’s Decorated Bottle
1st Isoble Thompson 2nd Edie King 3rd Thomas Thompson

Produce Judge: Matt Reeday
Bale of Old Meadow Hay
1st D&J Coates Lot 54
2nd D Dobson Lot 56
3rd T Kiernan Lot 53
Bale of Haylage
1st T Kiernan Lot 51
2nd D&J Coates Lot 52

Champion Bale – T Kiernan Lot 51
Reserve – D&J Coates Lot 54

Thank you to Produce exhibitors and supporters of the Charity Auction with proceeds to Sue Ryder, Manorlands & Addington Fund – Barbara Bamforth, Cathy Cromarty, Pauline Turner, Christine Stoney, Michael Daggett, Jill Perrings, Margaret Lawn, Eileen Addyman, Denise Dobson, Philip Dolphin, Hazel Gamble, Sue Heseltine, Clifford Lawson, Jackie Dalby, Christine Ryder, Margaret Watkinson, Isobel North, John North, Susan Wallbank, Daphine Wilson, Rosie Garth ,Jess White, Georgie White, Katelyne Squires, Mackenzie Squires, Cadie Squires, Angus Dean, Albert Dean, Tilly Dean, Cole Holmes, Middlemiss Butchers, Anne Telfer, Janet Sheard, Millie Eaton, Poppy Throup, Dorothy Dean, Isobel Perrings, April Throup, Alfie Throup, Nigel Pepper, Edie King, Amy Latham, Rebecca Dobson, Freya Newbould, Isobel Newbould, Thomas King, Lilly Ireland, Nieve Ireland, Isobel Thompson, Thomas Thompson.

Thank you to all the companies who donated items for the Charity Auction (Wynnstay, Keith Coverall, Robertshaws Farm Shop, Carrs Billington, CCM, Barkers Yorkshire Butchers, High Laithe Catering, Middlemiss Butchers, Andrew Wright, Keelham Farm Shop, Lattimore Family) with proceeds going to Sue Ryder, Manorlands & Addington Fund.