Forward: 28 Prime cattle comprising 12 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos) & 16 Cast Cattle. 1,798 Prime Sheep comprising 1181 Spring Lambs & 166 Hoggs & 451 Cast Ewes & Rams. 20 Rearing Calves. 19 Breeding Sheep. 1 Load of Produce.


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Prime Cattle (under 30 mos)

Mesrs RT&J Critchley&Son of Hutton produced a trio of evenly matched steers including two Limousins at the days leading price per kg of 268.5p with both animals at 580kg (£1557) and 590kg (£1584) purchased by Robert Pearson on behalf of Ralph Pearson Wholesale Butchers in Bradford. Leading heifer at 263.5p/kg a Charolais cross weighing 595kg came from CD&RF Kitching of Threshfield which sold to Robertshaws Farm Shop in Thornton for a gross of £1568. The overall top gross was £1660 paid for a 655kg British Blue cross steer from CD&RF Kitching selling to Ralph Pearson for 253.5p/kg with another 620kg Limousin cross steer realising £1609 or 259.5p/kg when sold by T Craddock& Son of Bolton by Bowland to Barkers Yorkshire Butchers based at the auction mart in Skipton.

A more commercial entry today returned a lower average in the heifer section which included one Black and White heifer.



560kg+                                                   to 268.5p/kg                        av.263.86p/kg


485kg+                                                   to 263.5p/kg                        av.223.23p/kg

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg


£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (BBx) 1660, (Blondex) 1599, (Limx) 1561, T Craddock&Son (Limx) 1609, RT&J Critchley&Son (Limx) 1584

p/kg: RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 268.5,268.5, (AAx) 267.5, CD&RF Kitching (Blondex) 266.5, (Limx) 264.5, T Craddock&Son (Limx) 259.5


£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (Charx) 1568, (Limx) 1457,1347, T Craddock&Son (BBx) 1326

p/kg: CD&RF Kitching (Charx) 263.5, (Limx) 262.5, (Limx) 249.5, T Craddock&Son (BBx) 210.5, JD Taylor&Son (B&W) 139.5






Cull Cow Prices

Cast cows are in short supply with dairy farms busy amongst grass and as a consequence the price is very strong. A good entry of Coloured dairies from C. Watson saw Fleckviehs at £1159 or 151.5p/kg and MRIs at £1143 or 148.5p/kg. Best Holstein was a 2016 cow weighing 765kg at 146.5p or £1121 from RD Metcalfe&Son.


Overall Average                                   132.27p/kg                           £886.22

Black & White                      to 146.5p/kg                        av.125.60p/kg

MRI                                         to 148.5p/kg                        av.144.14p/kg

Fleckx                                     to 151.5p/kg                       

BBx                                         to 158.5p/kg


Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)


£ per head: RD Metcalfe & Son 1121, MP Jennings (Dairy) Ltd 1116,944, AL Dean & Sons 934, PA Whittaker 881

p/kg: RD Metcalfe & Son 146.5, MP Jennings (Dairy)Ltd 139.5, AL Dean & Sons 138.5, PA Whittaker 135.5


Other Dairy

£ per head: C Watson (Fleck) 1159, (MRI) 1143,1011

p/kg: C Watson (Fleck) 151.5, (MRI) 148.5,139.5

Brit Blue:

£ per head: C Nelson & Sons 1157

p/kg: C Nelson & Sons 158.5



1,798 Prime Sheep comprising 1181 Spring Lambs & 166 Hoggs & 451 Cast Ewes & Rams


A tighter show of lambs today, and a very varied selection on offer, ranging from 27kg to 64kg, with just over 300 head in the entry weighing 37kg or less. These nice lightweights could make 290p to 310p depending upon quality, but generally the better average prices were for the mid weight lambs and heavier end, with the 46kg to 52kg bracket levelling at 315.9p/kg.
Prices today peaked at £180 from M Crabtree, Kettlesing selling to James Robertshaws Farm Shop in Thornton, Bradford.
The next highest prices came from WH Marsden Crossgates at £177 and £175 with nice Texel crosses, both pens going to Hartshead Meat Company in Mossley, Manchester.
Smarter end of lambs today 340p to 370p, topping at 372.5p (45kg £167.50) from WH Marsden Crossgates selling to James Robertshaws Farm Shop. AM Binns from Clint, Harrogate made 369p going to Hartshead Meat Co, whilst KA&HL Fawcett & Sons Barden had lambs make 366p selling to Vivers Scotlamb. Nice ¾ bred sorts 310p to 335p, and commercial sorts (first cross from Mule) 280p to 305p.


A small show of 166 Hoggs was a very much late season affair but fleshed heavy types into the £120’s and £130’s. Lightweight horned hoggs finding a nice following, and some good prices for handy continentals.


451 head sold today, to an average of £98 for the ewes and £120 for the Tups. Trade was maybe a little less on the ewes but in reality it is still buoyant and exceeding prices of other local centre’s for top prices and averages. With a good mixed show of 123 mules, 202 White faced ewes and 126 others. Best Texel ewes sold to £174.50 from David Towell of Glusburn with the majority of pure ewes between £150-£167. Smaller pure ewes £130-£140. First cross heavies £130-£140 with thick meat ewes good to sell, but over fat ewes becoming harder to place. Good meat mediums £110-£120 with big lean ewes £95-£108, and some lean mediums £90-£98. Overall White faced avg £115.

Swales sold to £87.50 with good meat ewes £70+ some smaller ewes in the £60’s and lean ewes £45-£55 with some plain ewes £25-£35. BFL sold to £131.50.

Mules less money with over fat ewes harder to place but full meat and ¾ meat ewes selling to an active set of buyer’s ringside. Big Mules anywhere from £95-£108 with ¾ meat in the same price bracket and leaner ewes £80-£92 as well as the mediums. Some lean mediums less money in the £72-£82 bracket.



Spring Lambs – Overall Average £123.06 per head or 304.5p/kg           

32.1kg to 35.9kg to 325.7p/kg         av 293.5p/kg         or £101.93 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg to 372.2p/kg         av 304.4p/kg         or £123.07 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg to 361.2p/kg         av 315.9p/kg         or £152.41 per head

52.1kg and over   to 314.8p/kg         av 291.8p/kg         or £167.33 per head


Beltex average £110.46 per head or 328.6p/kg

£ per head: £152 A&SJ Sugden; £149 JM Hall; £141 £123 £121 L Bancroft; £125 £123.50 J&J Hemingway; £114 A Brown;

p/kg:361.9p A&SJ Sugden; 343.9p 323.7p 318.4p L Bancroft; 331.1p JM Hall; 325.0p J&J Hemingway; 321.9p JH&SM Mason;

Texel average £125.10 per head or 310.3p/kg

£ per head: £180 £174 M Crabtree; £177 £175 £167.50 WH Marsden; £168 £166 £164 J&F Nutter; £164.50GT Booth;

p/kg: 372.2p 365.1p 361.2p 359.1p 357.1p WH Marsden; 370.5p AM&SA Binns; 366.3p KA&HL Fawcett; 355.6p A&SJ Sugden;

Suffolk average £122.33 per head or 299.6p/kg

£ per head: £170 £165 £164 £160 £157 ML Evans; £166 GW Houseman; £162 CH&C Fearnley; £158 A Fletcher;

p/kg: 343.8p 334.7p 327.1p 322.9p 321.3p 320.4p ML Evans; 324.0p CH&C Fearnley; 315.6p R&E Pollard; 314.0p TH Mellin;

Charolais average £123.34 per head or 302.6p/kg

£ per head: £149 £128.50 £127 £126 Toothill Bros; £142.50 £139.50 A Fletcher; £132.50 A&AR Philipson; £108 N Throup;

p/kg: 339.7p A&AR Philipson; 317.0p 315.0p 306.0p 302.4p Toothill Bros; 310.0p A Fletcher; 300.0p N Throup;

Blue Texel average £131 per head or 314.5p/kg

£ per head: £140 GW Houseman; £136 S Spensley; £117 C Critchley;

p/kg: 318.2p GW Houseman; 316.3p S Spensley; 307.9p C Critchley;

Rouge average £119.25 per head or 310.3p/kg

£ per head: £135 £117 MJ&RH Wallbank;

p/kg: 316.2p 314.0p MJ&RH Wallbank;

Down x average £115.11 per head or 285.6p/kg

£ per head: £129 £116 J Taylor; £124 £112.50 M Crabtree; £111.50 A Fisher;

p/kg: 296.1p 281.0p M Crabtree; 293.2p 290.0p J Taylor; 272.0p A Fisher;

Mule average £106.33 per head or 298.6p/kg

£ per head: £168 J&F Nutter; £75.50 JH&SM Mason;

p/kg: 329.4p J&F Nutter; 269.6p JH&SM Mason;

Jacob average £107.50 per head or 233.7p/kg

£ per head: £107.50 GP Haworth

p/kg: 233.7p GP Haworth;

Zwartable average £96.82 per head or 237.2p/kg

£ per head: £125 £109 J&E Hinchcliffe; £118 GT Booth; £108 MJ Beckwith; £94 R Stevenson;

p/kg: 297.6p 294.6p J&E Hinchcliffe; 263.4p MJ Beckwith; 245.8p GT Booth; 235.0p R Stevenson;


Prime Hoggs – Overall Average £95.96 per head or 221.1p/kg              

32.1kg to 35.9kg to 230.3p/kg         av 226.4p/kg         or £77.00 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg to 246.5p/kg         av 220.8p/kg         or £87.83 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg to 260.9p/kg         av 235.6p/kg         or £113.53 per head

52.1kg and over   to 256.6p/kg         av 200.5p/kg         or £115.38 per head


£ per head:
Texel to £140 M Crabtree; Beltex to £107 JJ&D Cowking; Cheviot to £120 JCD Farming; Mule to £105 JCD Farming; Swaledale to £104 Lambert – Mile House; Herdwick to £106 G Banks; Blue du Maine to £128 R Stevenson; Kerry Hill to £97 L Burrows; Dalesbred to £85 RH&EA Close; BFL to £78 A&SJ Sugden; Suffolk to £120 JCD Farming;



Texel to 260.9p A Fletcher; Beltex to 227.7p JJ&D Cowking; Cheviot to 235.7p A Fletcher; Mule to 228.3p JCD Farming; Swaledale to 229.7p J Taylor; Herdwick to 246.5p G Banks; Blue du Maine to 166.2p R Stevenson; Kerry Hill to 225.6p L Burrows; Dalesbred to 210.0p M Whitley; BFL to 144.4p A&SJ Sugden; Suffolk to 227.3p G Bell;



Cull Ewes average £97.47

Suffolk to £130.50, Texel to £174.50, BFL to £131.50, Mule to £113.50, Hampshire to £67.50, Swaledale to £87.50, Zwartable to £118.50, Blue Texel to £119.50, Cheviot to £84.50, Beltex to £74.50, Jacob to £79.50, Down x to £115.50

Top prices:

Lowland:                                £174.50 DA Towell; £167.50 R Wilson;

Mule/Masham:                    £113.50 AS&RC Parnaby; £111.50 JA&JC Throup;  

Horned:                                 £87.50 £82.50 JCD Farming;

Hill:                                         £131.50 WB Woodsworth; £128.50 A&SJ Sugden; £84.50 B&LN Dibb;  


Cast Rams average £119.72

Texel to £147.50, Beltex to £94.50.




Rearing Calves to £485

Good trade on the calves with the best calves selling to premium prices. Limousin bulls from G Pickersgill & Son at £485 followed by another medium at £380 and £345. Black and Whites sold to £135 from RM Shakleton, all Black and Whites sold from £80-£135. Blue heifers sold to £360 from M&R Smith with Lim heifers to £360 from JC&DJ Marshall & Sons. Overall Limousin heifer avg £345. Calves required next week please call Kyle.


Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £403) to £485                           G Pickersgill                                                          

Brit Blue x (Av £215) to £225                           AJ&K Lee                                                              

Aberdeen Angus (Av £140) to £140 RM Shackleton   

Black & White (Av £109) to £135                    RM Shackleton                    


Heifer Calves       

Aberdeen Angus (Av £175) to £250 M&R Smith                                                                                                          

British Blue (Av £360) to £360                         M&R Smith                                          

Limousin (Av £345) to £360                              JC&DJ Marshall                                   



19 Breeding Sheep

Only a small show today for a late season sale. We continue to sell sheep with lambs at foot every week whilst they are available and a nice trade achieved today for the offering.


Mule Hoggs with Singles                    to £240

Mule Hoggs with Twins                      to £230




Small Bale Hay                     to £2.20 per bale




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