Forward: 45 Prime cattle comprising 21 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos) & 24 Cast Cattle 3,352 Prime Sheep comprising 2891 Prime Lambs & 461 Cast Ewes & Rams 100 Rearing Calves

Fortnightly Sale of 400 Store & Feeding Cattle at 9:30am

4,000 Store Lambs & Breeding Sheep. Entries to the Mart Office.

Classes for Cattle, Lambs, Pigs, Carcass Competition and Charity Cakes, Pies etc.
Please advise the office of entries.

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Prime Cattle (under 30 mos)
Ralph Pearson wholesale butchers from Bradford swept the board accounting for all the top gross prices and those by weight. Top price per kg was 305.5p (£1787) paid by Pearsons for a 585kg Limousin cross heifer from TK Drinkall of Newton le Willows who followed this immediately with a 560kg Limousin cross heifer which sold to the same purchaser for 301.5p/kg (£1688). A small entry of steers and an average weight of 643kg caused the top prices per kg to be less than the heifers but with a top of 287.5p/kg and an average of 287.16p/kg (£1847) the section was productive for CD&RF Kitching of Threshfield who sold a 645 kg Limousin at 287.5p/kg (£1854), a 630kg British Blue cross at 287.5p/kg (£1811) and a 655kg Blonde cross at 286.5p/kg or £1877 which was the top gross on the day. All of the steers sold to Robert Pearson on behalf of Ralph Pearson. The equivalent heifer was a 655kg Limousin at £1844 or 281.5p/kg consigned by Mesrs Kitching and purchased by Pearsons.

Next Sunday’s Lingfields Christmas Show includes classes for unhaltered cattle as well as haltered cattle. The show classes are limited to entries from regular customers but new vendors are welcome to attend the unhaltered sale but please advise the office of entries and type. 60 entries are to hand already. Everyone is welcome to attend with the sale culminating in the usual charity auction of produce.

560kg+ to 287.5p/kg av.287.16p/kg
400-480kg to 284.5p/kg
485kg+ to 305.5p/kg av. 279.40p/kg
Top Prices £ per head and p/kg
£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (Blondex) 1877, (Limx) 1854, (BBx) 1811
p/kg: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 287.5,284.5, (BBx) 287.5, (Blondex) 286.5,
£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1843,1656, (Baz) 1739, J&JE Bradley (BBx) 1799,1727, TK Drinkall (Charx) 1791, (Limx) 1787,1720,1688.
p/kg: TK Drinkall (Limx) 305.5, 301.5, 291.5, (BBx) 287.5, (Charx) 286.5, CD&RF Kitching (Baz) 287.5, (Limx) 285.5, 281.5, S&P Scriven 281.5

Cull Cow Prices
Cast cows continued their upward trend with a handful of worn cows diluting the reported average. Dairies carrying meat were 130 to 140p/kg, Steaking cows 115p-120p and with an odd exception plain dairies 85p. Beef cows similar with the entry comprising first cross cows or heavy Angus and buyers looking for cattle to turnover when trade returns for manufacturing meat.
Overall Average 114.71p/kg £779.28
Black & White to 132.5p/kg av.105.88p/kg
Dan Red to 141.5p/kg
AAx to 132.5p/kg av.121.60p/kg
Limx to 127.5p/kg av. 127.02p/kg
BBx to 128.5p/kg av.122.99p/kg
Salerx to 123.5p/kg

Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)
£ per head: J Gooch 1018, 967, AL Dean&Son 1018, Dakin Partnership 952, JSS Verity 820, RM Spence 747
p/kg: J Gooch 132.5,126.5, Dakin Partnership 124.5, RM Spence 121.5, AL Dean&Son 120.5, JSS Verity 115.5
Other Dairy
£ per head: J Gooch (Dan Red) 1012
p/kg: J Gooch (Dan Red) 141.5
£ per head: R&CR Mitchell (Limx) 924,860, (BBx) 882, 861, (Saler) 834
p/kg: R&CR Mitchell (BBx) 128.5,122.5, (Limx) 127.5, 126.5, (Saler) 123.5
£ per head: DA B & SD Ogden 1166, P Shackleton 1112
p/kg: DA B & SD Ogden 132.5. P Shackleton 123.5

Prime Sheep

As expected, today was very much a “stand on” trade on the week, with all classes selling to a fast trade and an overall average of 278.8p/kg recorded.
Heavier lambs were a shade dearer on the week, with £130 to £150 recorded on 171 separate occasions, and £151 plus on 28 pens, to a top of £163 twice for two pens of Suffolks and Texels from EP&JM Hutchinson of Faceby. MP Jennings of Cowling was next in line at £162, and SW&JE Ryder of Norwood, Otley made £159 followed by GT Booth of Lothersdale at £158. Lambs over 52kg (all breeds) averaged £142, and 46kg to 52kg averaged £133.
Alistair Jenkinson of Langbar, Ilkley presented an excellent run of Beltex cross Lambs which included the top prices per kilo of 352p twice, 344p and 335p. D&L Wain of Ilam, near Ashbourne, Derbyshire sold to a top of 348p, whilst Richard & Sadie Crabtree of Clifton Otley were up at 335p. John Brotherton of Addingham Ilkley topped at 334p, followed by GM&A Jackson of Little Eccleston making 332p. Nearly 100 pens achieved 300p plus today.
Commercial lambs with plenty of flesh on their backs continue to sell well, with lightweights to 36kg around 300p, handyweights 280p to 300p, mediums and heavies 260p to 280p.
Mules and Mashams were an excellent trade today, with 43kg to 47kg wethers finding prices at 265p to 275p regular away, coming to £118 to £125. Best Heavy Mules and Mashams saw EP&JM Hutchinson of Faceby sell three pens all at £140 per head or to 276.7p from PL Metcalfe.
Other Hill lambs saw A&G Bland of Mottram sell Gritstones at 273p and Swales at 240p.
Christmas Show is this coming Sunday, judging at 11am with sales form 12:30pm. Entries please to the office for Live Hill & Lowland Lamb classes, whilst still a small amount of room for the carcass competition, weighing this Wednesday pm. Thankyou

561 ewes on sale today with trade similar to previous weeks. Meat and fed ewes in high demand with buyers after weight and style. Texels sold to £159.50 from High Harbour, Middle Rasen. Best Texel ewes £138-£159.50. Medium best-selling ewes £120-3135 and smalls £95-£105. First cross heavies with full flesh £125-£140, mediums £100-£115 and smalls £85-£95. Medium’s half and ¾ meat £88-£105 and leans £75-£85 with leans £60-£70. Heavy mules sold at £105-£124.50, mediums £95-£105 and smalls £70+ with lean mules £70-£82 and plain ewes £65-£75. Swales sold to £96.50. Best swales £80+ with mediums full meat £60-£72 and smalls £50+ with lean ewes £42-£55 and plain anywhere from £18-£32. Suffolks sold to £139.50 from MJ, Spensley, Elslack.

Prime Lambs – Overall Average £124.41 per head or 278.8p/kg
32.1kg to 35.9kg to 314.3p/kg av 274.5p/kg or £92.84 per head
36.0kg to 45.5kg to 352.5p/kg av 282.5p/kg or £120.02 per head
45.6kg to 52.0kg to 334.0p/kg av 277.0p/kg or £133.23 per head
52.1kg and over to 292.5p/kg av 256.6p/kg or £142.08 per head

Beltex average £128.97 per head or 303.4p/kg
£ per head: £157 £154 J Brotherton; £153 GM&A Jackson; £152 £151 D&L Wain; £151 S&P Scrivin; £150 BL&R Lund; £150 A Jenkinson; £150 EP&JM Hutchinson;
p/kg: 352.5p 352.4p 344.2p 335.7p 332.6p A Jenkinson; 348.8p 328.3p D&L Wain; 335.1p P Crabtree; 334.0p J Brotherton; 332.6p GM&A Jackson;
Texel average £124.63 per head or 277.5p/kg
£ per head: £163 £155 £154 EP&JM Hutchinson; £162 MP Jennings; £158 GT Booth; £155 FA Caton; £154 TR Thwaite; £153 FA Caton;
p/kg: 330.6p 322.5p 318.4p 317.1p 314.6p 314.0p RH&MR Ireland; 329.5p KP Drinkall; 315.9p KJ Marston; 306.4p TH&A Pickard; 305.9p J Sugden;
Suffolk average £120.74 per head or 268.9p/kg
£ per head: £163 £149 EP&JM Hutchinson; £159 £152 SW&JE Ryder; £153 N Parker; £140 W Holden; £139 P Shackleton; £128 N Speake; £128 KH&KE Bell;
p/kg: 284.5p 279.8p J Shuttlweworth; 287.2p JP&KE Hartley; 283.7p KJ Marston; 282.6p TH Atkins; 276.1p High Harbour; 275.0p J Drinkall; 274.5p W Holden;
Charolais average £126.73 per head or 273.6p/kg
£ per head: £157 EP&JM Hutchinson; £140 AM Leach; £135 £128 JR&DL Ogden; £131.50 AJ&GH Bland; £119.50 A&AR Phillipson; £119 High Harbour;
p/kg: 285.5p EP&JM Hutchinson; 284.5p A&AR Phillipson; 280.5p 274.5p AM Leach; 276.7p High Harbour; 272.3p 270.0p JR&DL Ogden;
Mule average £121.40 per head or 264.8p/kg
£ per head: £144.50 N Parker; £143 Taylor Bros; £140 EP&JM Hutchinson; £131 S&P Scrivin; £131 M Ryder & Son; £129 P Addyman; £129 R&KA Burley; £128 JH Throup;
p/kg: 276.7p PL Metcalfe; 273.9p 273.3p CD&RF Kitching; 272.2p JR Taylor; 272.2p G&MA Lawn; 272.2p G&MA Lawn; 272.2p JR Smith; 272.1p FG Throup; 270.0p BS Simpson;
Swaledale average £84.47 per head or 230.4p/kg
£ per head: £90 BS Simpson; £88 Lambert Milehouse; £85 JH Throup; £85 G Banks; £84 AJ&GH Bland; £80 JC&N Throup;
p/kg: 240.0p AJ&GH Bland; 237.8p Lambert Milehouse; 236.1p JH Throup; 214.3p BS Simpson; 213.5p G Banks; 205.1p JC&N Throup;
BFL average £114.71 per head or 241.6p/kg
£ per head: £133 PL Metcalfe; £119 ID MEllin; £90 AJ Mason;
p/kg: 253.2p ID Mellin; 246.3p PL Metcalfe; 214.3p AJ Mason;
Masham average £131.25 per head or 261.6p/kg
£ per head: £140 EP&JM Hutchinson; £119 A&SL Throup;
p/kg: 264.4p A&SL Throup; 259.3p EP&JM Hutchinson;
Hampshire average £115.92 per head or 268.4p/kg
£ per head: £116 £115 New York Farms;
p/kg: 269.8p 250.0p New York Farms;
Blue Texel average £100.40 per head or 285.3p/kg
£ per head: £113.50 J Sugden; £99 £96.50 J&R Paisley;
p/kg: 292.4p 275.0p J&R Paisley; 276.8p J Sugden;

Cull Ewes average £89.71
Suffolk to £139.50, Texel to £159.50, Mule to £124.50, Lleyn to £97.50, Swaledale to £96.50, Masham to £103.50, Gritstone to £89.50, Cheviot to £116.50, Lonk to £93.50, Charollais to £119.50, Wensleydale to £88.50, WFW to £90.50, Hampshire £161.50, Zwartable to £139.50, Kerry Hill to £89.50
Top prices:
Lowland: £161.50 £159.50 High Harbour;
Mule/Masham: £124.50 EP&JM Hutchinson;
Horned: £96.50 JW Sayer & Son;
Hill: £116.50 KJ Marston;

Cast Rams average £124.83
Texel to £154.50, BFL to £153.50, Swaledale to £56.50, Beltex to £117.50, Hampshire Down to £177.50, Zwartable to £119.50.

100 Rearing Calves to £470

Today was the Christmas show and sale of calves which resulted in a good turn out of buyers with 100 calves on offer. There were 21 blues sold to avg £331, the 1st prize and Champion blue bull from RE Ayrton & Son, Eastby selling for £470, the calf was just under 6 weeks old. Judging was in the capable hands of Chloe and Chrissie Lund, Hebden Bridge and full results can be found below. Best blue bulls sold from £380-£450 with mediums £320-£360 and smalls £240-£280 with a few bobbies less. Blue heifers a strong trade especially for shape and size. Trade topped at £385 from JP&KE Hartley, Beamsley for the under 6 week old blue heifer. Best heifers £330-£360 with mediums £280-£320 and smalls/ youngsters £220-£260. Angus bulls a nice trade with size and age £275-£300 with RD Guy, Earby selling 2 lovely square calves at £345, £358. Mediums £255-£270 and smalls £220-£240 with a few plainer bobbies less. Sim X bull Calves a nice trade with AL Dean selling a run of 5 to avg £287. Black and Whites bulls sold to avg £103 with nice rearers at 21 days plus £75-£120 and strong British Friesians selling up to £200. Native heifers up to £250 with mediums £175-£200 and smalls £100-£140. Lim bulls were a good trade as always with Reserve Champion selling at £450 from G Pickersgill & Sons, Hawksworth.

Class 1 - Blue Bull
1st RE&J Ayrton & Son 2nd RE&J Ayrton & Son 3rd JC Marshall
Class 2 – Blue Heifer
1st P&RM Sutcliffe 2nd P&RM Sutcliffe 3rd JP&KE Hartley
Class 3 – Limousin Bull
1st G Pickersgill 2nd G Pickersgill
Class 4 – Limouisn Heifer
1st G Pickersgill 2nd Wood Bros
Class 5 – Other Cont Bull
1st AL Dean & Son 2nd AL Dean & Son
Class 7 – Native x Bull
1st RD Guy 2nd AP Townend 3rd AP Townend
Class 8 – Native x Heifer
1st RM Shackleton
Class 9 – B&W Bull
1st G Pickersgill 2nd RD Guy 3rd P&RM Shackleton
Class 10 – B&W Male Stirk
1st Hayton & Stocks 2nd Hayton & Stocks
Class 11 – Cont Heifer Stirk
1st Hayton & Stocks

Champion – RE&J Ayrton Reserve – G Pickersgill

Bull Calves
Limousin x (Av £402) to £450 G Pickersgill
Brit Blue x (Av £331) to £470 RE Ayrton & Son
Aberdeen Angus (Av £256) to £358 RD Guy
Shorthorn (Av £170) to £230 P&RM Sutcliffe
Black & White (Av £103) to £200 G Pickersgill
Simmental (Av £287) to £330 AL Dean & Son

Heifer Calves
Aberdeen Angus (Av £143) to £250 IRG Collins
Saler (Av £260) to £260 JC Marshall
British Blue (Av £272) to £385 JP&KE Hartley
Limousin (Av £280) to £360 Hayton & Stocks

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