Forward: 12 Prime cattle comprising 11 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos) & 1 Cast Cattle. 2,729 Prime Sheep comprising 2560 Prime Lambs & 169 Cast Ewes & Rams.

Monday 3rd January – Prime Cattle/Sheep & Rearing Calves

Great New Year Cattle Sale, commences from 9:30am
665 Young Bulls, Feeding Cows, Store Bullocks & Heifers, Breeding Cattle

New Year Sale of Store, Feeding & Breeding Sheep
Entries to Office by Wed 5th January please.

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Prime Cattle (under 30 mos)
Demand for heavy cattle for sale in the New Year was underlined when Ralph Pearson wholesale butchers in Bradford accounted for most of the entry which included all of the top prices gross and pence per kg. The farming partnership of CD& RF Kitching of Threshfield were main beneficiaries with leading steer, a 655kg Limousin at £1837 or 280.5p/kg and heifer, a Limousin at 635kg at £1737 or 273.5p/kg. Top price per kg was 286.5p/kg. a 640kg Limousin from CD&RF Kitching steer selling to Mesrs Pearson.

560kg+ to 286.5p/kg av.279.69p/kg
485kg+ to 273.5p/kg av. 265.06p/kg

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg
£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1837,1834, 1822,1747, (BBx) 1823, RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 1667,1538
p/kg: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 286.5,283.5, 282.5,279.5, (BBx) 280.5, RT&J Critchley&Sons (LImx) 275.5, 267.5
£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1737, (BBx) 1726, RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 1481
p/kg: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 273.5, (BBx) 263.5, RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 257.5

Cull Cow Prices
Overall Average 117.5p/kg £793.13
Hefdx to 117.5 p/kg

Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)
£ per head: SA Karman 793
p/kg: SA Karman 117.5

2,729 Prime Sheep comprising 2560 Prime Lambs & 169 Cast Ewes & Rams

Lambs -
OVER 52kg – Smart Heavy Lambs found a nice enquiry, M Preston of Silsden made £160, JS Eddleston Gt Harwood £159, A&K Kiernan St Michaels £158 and M Ryder & Son Haverah Park £157 twice. Commercial heavys though were a similar trade to last week.
46kg to 52kg – A&K Kiernan made £170 (46kg 369p) , JS Eddleston (46kg 369p), J Brotherton £168 (47kg 357p). The best bred sorts were 300p plus, commercials 270p to 300p.
36kg to 45kg – Top price per head on the day belonged to A&K Kiernan £172 (45kg 382p). JS Eddleston made £170 of 39kg Beltex, these being the top price per kilo at 435p. PW Simpson Forest Becks made £170 of 44kg Beltex, RH Ireland made £166 of 40kg Beltex or 415p. EP&JM Hutchonson of Faceby were at £165.50 (42kg 394p) the same vendor also achieving 400p with 39kg at £156. Most of the best kilo prices came from this weight category with 330p to 390p achieved over 50 times today.
Handyweights of all breeds 35kg to 42kg were in sharp demand and short of requirements.
32kg to 35kg – nice white faced sorts 300p to 330p, Messrs RH&MR Ireland making 332p or £113 of 34kg.

Mule Wethers were a good trade today with 44kg-46kg especially good to sell, the better end in this weight range around 270p, whilst the best heavies making mid £130’s. Horned wethers a shade dearer this week, especially those nice sorts 35kg/40kg.
Back to Normal next week with sale at 12:30pm, and the Monthly show at 12noon, Lowland Lambs in pens of 5 and hill lambs in pens of 10. We hope that everyone enjoys the New Years Festivities

Ewes -
Ewes saw no let up in trade even with a couple of buyers missing with there being no kill at some abattoirs between Xmas and New Year but with a smaller show of ewes a competitive audience made the ewes a flyer again!
84 White Faced Ewes avg £130 with High Harbour Farm selling 6 to £179.50 best ewes £160-£179.50 mediums £120-£140 and smalls £100+ lean ewes £95-£105 and plain ewes £58-£75. Best Swales sold to £84.50 with meat £68-£75 and mediums £57+. Lean ewes £39.50+. Mule ewes sold to £124.50 with meat £110+ lean ewes £75-£90 and plain £50-£60.
Ewes Needed in large quantities next week! Call Kyle for information.

Prime Lambs – Overall Average £127.69 per head or 284.4p/kg
32.1kg to 35.9kg to 332.4p/kg av 266.5p/kg or £91.31 per head
36.0kg to 45.5kg to 435.9p/kg av 297.9p/kg or £126.99 per head
45.6kg to 52.0kg to 369.6p/kg av 271.7p/kg or £130.05 per head
52.1kg and over to 294.4p/kg av 254.4p/kg or £138.14 per head

Beltex average £137.96 per head or 324.5p/kg
£ per head: £172 £170 A&K Kiernan; £170 JS Eddleston; £170 PW Simpson; £168 J Brotherotn; £166 RH&MR Ireland; £165.50 EP&JM Hutchinson;
p/kg: 435.9p JS Eddleston; 415.0p RH&MR Ireland; 400.0p 394.0p EP&JM Hutchinson; 391.9p T Shepherdson; 386.4p PW Simpson; 385.0p W&M Oldfield;
Texel average £126.93 per head or 280.5p/kg
£ per head: £160 M Preston; £157 M Ryder; £156 £150 £149 EP&JM Hutchinson; 150 JR Crabtree; £149 A&K Kiernan;
p/kg: 378.4p 339.5p 333.3p 332.4p 324.3p RH&MR Ireland; 339.1p EP&JM Hutchinson; 336.6p HL Kitching; 325.7p M Preston;
Blue Texel average £134.88 per head or 319.6p/kg
£ per head: £156 Fox Farm; £140 JM Smith; £138 RKR Wood; £134 T&H Kilby;
p/kg: 346.7p Fox Farm; 345.0p 328.6p RKR Wood; 341.5p JM Smith; 326.8p T&H Kilby;
Suffolk average £127.18 per head or 271.3p/kg
£ per head: £150 £148 £146.50 £140 EP&JM Hutchinson; £145 J Bosworth; £129 WH&JW Hartley; £128 HL Kitching; £127.50 JN Bancroft;
p/kg: 313.2p JL North; 291.9p J Bull; 287.5p AJ Coulson; 285.4p W&M Oldfield; 282.9p WH&JW Hartley; 281.8p JB Bancroft; 287.8p J Bosworth;
Cheviot average £123.89 per head or 276.5p/kg
£ per head: £139 £130 £125.50 A&K Kiernan; £125.50 £120 WH&JW Hartley; £125 J Bosworth; £115 J Caygill & Partners;
p/kg: 285.7p 272.8p WH&JW Hartley; 282.6p 278.0p 270.8p A&K Kiernan; 275.0p J Shuttleworth; 273.8p J Caygill & Partners;
Charolais average £125.82 per head or 270.4p/kg
£ per head: £145.50 A&K Kiernan; £137.50 £130 W&M Oldfield; £137 £134 £133.50 £131 £130 £129 GW Thackray;
p/kg: 312.5p 302.3pW&M Oldfield; 303.1p A&K Kiernan; 302.5p T Shepherdson; 300.0p JR&DL Ogden; 284.2p J Bull;
Mule average £123.37 per head or 256.3p/kg
£ per head: £134 T Potter; £134 EP&JM Hutchinson; £127.50 J Bosworth; £126 JK Wilson; £125 JH Throup; £125 SR Dorey; £125 A&TA Blades;
p/kg: 283.7p 274.4p AJ Taylor; 280.7p CD&RF Kitching; 272.7p JR Lancaster; 266.7p KA&HL Fawcett; 266.3p A&TA Blades; 265.0p AL Dean;
Swaledale average £87.54 per head or 227.5p/kg
£ per head: £107 £96 £89 £84 AJ&GH Bland; £92 £86 JH Throup; £85 AL Dean & Son;
p/kg: 242.1p 226.3p JH Throup; 240.0p 228.6p AJ&GH Bland; 238.2p JR Crabtree; 229.7p AL Dean & Son;
Dalesbred average £81.76 per head or 241.7p/kg
£ per head: £86 £79 £64 RH&EA Close;
p/kg: 245.7p 239.4p 200.0p RH&EA Close;
Masham average £131.70 per head or 253.6p/kg
£ per head: £136.50 EP&JM Hutchinson; £124.50 SR Dorey;
p/kg: 270.7p SR Dorey; 243.8p EP&JM Hutchinson;
White faced average £120 per head or 255.3p/kg
£ per head: £120 JG Senior;
p/kg: 255.3p JG Senior;

Cull Ewes average £105.60
Suffolk to £149.50, Texel to £179.50, Blue Tex to £93.50, Mule to £124.50, Swaledale to £84.50, Dalesbred to £80.50, Lonk to £66.50, Jacob to £88.50, Lleyn to £96.50
Top prices:
Lowland: £179.50 High Harbour Farm
Mule/Masham: £124.50 FC Wade & Son
Horned: £84.50 JH Throup
Hill: £96.50 H Metcalfe

Cast Rams average £84.17
Swaledale to £83.50, Beltex to £89.50

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