Forward: 30 Prime cattle comprising 16 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos) & 14 Cast Cattle, 3,588 Prime Sheep comprising 2743 Prime Hoggs, 845 Cast Ewes & Rams, 73 Rearing Calves, 162 Breeding Sheep.

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Prime Cattle (under 30 mos) Sales every Monday at 11:30am
A tidy show of 15 clean, with Continental Bullocks averaging 274.3p or £1813. Hargreaves Farms took lead price of £1983.08 for a great Charolais cross heading to Bradford based wholesalers Ralph Pearson who took 10 beast on the day, including a Limousin at £1889 from CD&RF Kitching. Top kilo price of 304.5p/kg was paid to CD&RF Kitching for a Limousin cross adding up to £1827. Angus cross Bullocks made to £1534 whilst Black & White Bullocks made to £1109.

560kg + to 294.5p/kg av 274.3p
485kg + to 304.5p/kg av 259.5p
Top Prices £ per head and p/kg
£ per head: £1983 £1855 £1854 £1840 Hargreaves Farms, £1889 £1843 £1827 £1813 CD&RF Kitching,
p/kg: 294.5p 289.5p 285.5p 285.5p Hargreaves Farms, 304.5p 292.5p 288.5p 281.5p CD&RF Kitching, 284.5p TW Copwerthwaite, 167.5p S&P Scrivin, 264.5p B Spensley Ltd.

Cull Cow Prices Sales every Monday at 11:30am
Sale average of £862 per head or 142.9p/kg for a very mixed show with only a handful of heavy well fleshed types in the sale, but the demand was excellent and many more could have sold. Leading gross price at £1235 (161.5p) was for a Black & White.

Overall Average 142.9p/kg £862
Black & White to 161.5p/kg av 141.2p/kg
S’Horn to 140.5p/kg av 131.5p/kg
Limx to 165.5p/kg
AAx to 155.5p/kg

Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)
B&W: av 141.2p/kg
£ per head: £1235 JG Hall & Son, £1001 CN&SA Harrison, £955 A&CL Gray, £937 JD Taylor, £846 RM Spence
p/kg: 161.5p JG Hall & Son, 157.5p JD Taylor & Son, 149.5p CN&SA Harrison, 148.5p RM Spence, 141.5p A&CL Gray.
Other Dairy
£ per head: £716 £624 G&PS Fleetwood
p/kg: 140.5p 122.5p G&PS Fleetwood
AA: av 155.5p/kg
£ per head: £1018 D Jeffrey
p/kg: 155.5p D Jeffrey
Lim: av 165.5p/kg
£ per head: £935 SJ Berry
p/kg: 165.5p SJ Berry

Overall Average 159.5p/kg £1467.40
£ per head: £1467.40 JJ Beckwith & Sons
p/kg: 159.5p JJ Beckwith & Sons

Prime Sheep Sales Every Monday at 12:30pm
3,588 Prime Sheep comprising 2743 Prime Hoggs, 845 Cast Ewes & Rams

A harder day at the coal face with more sheep about and a slightly more subdued trade than we had anticipated, with buyers looking to have them a shade easier with more sheep on the market, however, there was a really good trade for lightweight lambs that were well fleshed, and smarter sorts of the heavies were also a nice trade.
Some nice top end prices for Butchers and quality retail types of lambs. Messrs Hutchinson sold 8 pens between £148 and the top price of £162, purchased by L Brown, Halifax. Ben Simpson from Bradwell made £158 and Kevin Marshall £150. Best lambs per kilo were generally 320p to 360p, tops at 371p from HB Atkinson.
Well fleshed lowland Lambs weighing in the mid 30s could make from 280p to 320p depending on quality, Cheviot crosses saw a few runs in the 270’s and 280s.
Mule Wethers just a touch easier than last week, as were horned lambs.

845 EWES
A cracking show of cull ewes with quality of all classes forward. Texel ewes sold to £239.50 for five from Henry Atkinson, with PB Fox & Son, Dunnington, York selling his to £223.50, AM&HV Brown, Leyburn sold his Beltex ewes to £221.50, M&J Smith, York selling theirs to £214.50 and JC Marshall, Harrogate selling his to £209.50. White headed ewes a very nice trade with plenty in buyers after the mediums and heavy ewes. Lights a very good trade but not adding up like the big framed ewes. Pure texel ewes £160-£185 with pure heavy full meat ewes either side of £200. Good fleshed pure-bred mediums £140-£155 with small full meat ewes £115-£130. First crossed heavies £155-£170 and mediums £120-£130 with light weights £100-£115. Half meat ewes £88-£105.
Mules sold to £140.50 from CM Ryder, Otley and KM&L Throup, Silsden Moor. Heavy mules £120-£140 mediums £105-£115 and smalls £85-£95.
Swale tups sold to £97.50 from T&A Hird, Buckden. Swale ewes sold to £106.50 from KM&L Throup, Silsden Moor. Big fleshed ewes £72-£95 depending on weight with medium ¾ meat sorts £60-£72 and medium lean half meat sorts £45-£55. And plain £28-£42.

Prime Hoggs – Overall Average £112.17 per head or 257.1p/kg (SQQ 265.1p)
32.1kg to 35.9kg to 352.9p/kg av 264.3p/kg or £89.33 per head
36.0kg to 45.5kg to 371.8p/kg av 265.8p/kg or £109.74 per head
45.6kg to 52.0kg to 343.5p/kg av 250.2p/kg or £120.60 per head
52.1kg and over to 259.6p/kg av 235.6p/kg or £132.43 per head

Beltex average £121.52 per head or 310.1p/kg
£ per head: £158 BA Simpson, £157.50 £151 £150 £149 £148 £147 EP&JM Hutchinson, £146.50 JC Marshall, £145 HB Atkinson, £144 AM&HV Brown.
p/kg: 371.8p 359.0p 350.0p 348.6p 347.5p HB Atkinson, 352.9p S Asquith, 344.2p 340.0p EP&JM Hutchinson, 343.5p BA Simpson, 342.9p AM&HV Brown,
Texel average £115.06 per head or 259.6p/kg
£ per head: £162 £148 £145 £142 EP&JM Hutchinson, £150 £148 £144 K Marshall, £147 JC Marshall, £146 D&J Coates,
p/kg: 312.2p HB Atkinson, 308.5p EP&JM Hutchinson, 307.5p P&S Ireland, 307.3p J Greenwood, 306.3p JC Marshall, 300.0p K Marshall,
Suffolk average £118.35 per head or 250.5p/kg
£ per head: £149 £138 £134 EP&JM Hutchinson, £138 JA Brown & Sons, £134 HB Atkinson, £133 BA Simpson, £132.50(x2) N Morphet,
p/kg: 276.3p RG Church Ltd, 273.8p J Bosworth, 272.9p J Greenwood, 272.7p N Morphet, 270.0p Haddon Farms,
Down x average £120.25 per head or 248.3p/kg
£ per head: £133 JC Marshall,
p/kg: 261.4p JC Marshall
Charolais average £120.22 per head or 251.6p/kg
£ per head: £129x2 £120x2 GW Thackray, £123 £122.50 PR Weaver,
p/kg: 268.2p 266.3p 257.6p PR Weaver
Blue Texel average £120.15 per head or 285p/kg
£ per head: 124 K Marshall, £118 GD Stephenson & Son
p/kg: 289.0p GD Stephenson & Son, 275.6p K Marshall
Berrichon average £124.25 per head or 239.0p/kg
£ per head: £128 £123x2 SN Coy
p/kg: 246.0 236.5p SN Coy
Mule average £105.02 per head or 240.8p/kg
£ per head: £134 EP&JM Hutchinson, £119 £114 SR Dorey, £118 RG Church Ltd, £110 AM&HV Brown,
p/kg: 256.1 J Bosworth, 254.7px2 242.6p SR Dorey, 244.4p AM&HV Brown, 243.2p RG Church
Masham average £115 per head or 255.6p/kg
£ per head: £115 SR Dorey
p/kg: 255.6p SR Dorey
Dalesbred average £81.07 per head or 224p/kg
£ per head: £101 T&A Hird, £99 JK Wilson,
p/kg: 228.8p RH&EA Close, 220p JK Wilson, 219p T&A Hird.
Swaledale average £85.61 per head or 222p/kg
£ per head: £109 C&M Crawshaw, £104.50 W Mason & Son, £102.50 FCNM Walker, £97 T&A Hird.
p/kg: 235p JW Sayer & Son, 234p BS Simpson, 230.9p 225.6p T&A Hird, 224.3p SR Dorey
Cheviot average £102.72 per head or 259.1p/kg
£ per head: £125 £117 BA Simpson
p/kg: 273.5p 272.7p 270.6p Blacklidge Bros, 268.8p Haddon Farms,
Lonk average £103 per head or 239.5p/kg
£ per head: £103 P&S Ireland
p/kg: 239.5p P&S Ireland

Cull Ewes average £111.66
Suffolk to £207.50, Texel to £239.50, BFL to £124.50, Mule to £140.50, Blue Texel to £166.50, Swaledale to £106.50, Cheviot to £153.50, Beltex to £221.50, Lonk to £75.50, Down to £165.50, Charollais to £143.50, Dalesbred to £89.50, SBF to £97.50, Herdwick to £88.50,
Top prices:
Lowland: £239.50 A Atkinson; £223.50 PB Fox;
Mule/Masham: £140.50 CM Ryder; £140.50 KM&L Throup;
Horned: £106.50 KM&L Throup; £97.50 Beeston Hall;
Hill: £153.50 J Greenwood; £139.50 High Harbour;

Goat to £121.50

Cast Rams average £127.22
Texel to £214.50, BFL to £134.50, Swaledale to £97.50, Charollais to £141.50, Beltex to £169.50,

73 Rearing Calves to £410 Sales Every Monday at 10:30am

Calves a flyer, with a full ringside of buyers even with the stirk sale being this Saturday and a lot of farmer buyers shut up to sell on the Saturday. A big show of Black & White bull calves on sale with Mediums £70-£90 and smalls £30-£60 with some cross bred bobbies less. Angus bulls a mixed trade with nice rearing 4–5-week-old goods at the £270 mark with some bobbies either side of £200. Blue bulls sold to £410 from AL Dean & Sons, Threshfield. Good medium bulls £340-£375 with nice honest rearing sorts either side of £300 and small blue bulls in the £220-£280 range. Blue heifers sold at £320-£355 with mediums £270-£300 and smalls £220-£260 with a few bobbies less. Angus heifers sold to £300 from JC&DJ Marshall & Sons, Harrogate.

Bull Calves
Limousin x (Av £286) to £360 JC&DJ Marshall
Brit Blue x (Av £273) to £410 AL Dean & Son
Aberdeen Angus (Av £198) to £270 Town Head Farm Products
Nor Red (Av £50) to £78 CN&SA Harrison
Black & White (Av £30) to £90 RD Guy
Simmental (Av £340) to £340 AJ&K Lee

Heifer Calves
Aberdeen Angus (Av £210) to £300 JC&DJ Marshall
Hereford (Av £200) to £200 GW&M Coates
British Blue (Av £268) to £355 PJ&JE Bolland
Limousin (Av £330) to £330 JC&DJ Marshall
Simmental (Av £335) to £335 AL Dean & Son

Breeding Sheep Sales Every Monday at 11:30am

Breeding sheep met a busy ringside with buyers wanting strong lambs on ewes that will be able to go outside. Ewes with young lambs met a more limited buyers’ audience. Correct Texel ewes with twins sold to £328 from B&M Craven & Son, Kexby and again at £300 from the same vendor. Broken Mouthed Mule ewes with twins sold at £225 from SJ Phillips, Burton and W&M Bland, Kirkby Malham selling his to £200. Mules with Singles sold to £160 from W&M Bland again with Texels with singles from T&G Mcgarrell selling to £190. Younger outfits around the £60 a life mark with buyers requesting stronger lambs.

Texel x Ewe with Single Lamb to £190 av £152 T&G McGarrell
Texel x Ewe with Twins to £328 av £251 B&M Craven
Suffolk Ewe with Single Lamb to £200 av £189 SJ Phillips
Suffolk Ewe with Twins to £290 RJ Umpleby
Mule Ewe with Single Lamb to £160 av £155 W&M Bland
Mule Ewe with Twins to £255 av £190 SJ Phillips

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