Forward: 30 Prime cattle comprising 10 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos) & 20 Cast Cattle 2,872 Prime Sheep comprising 2287 Prime Lambs & 585 Cast Ewes & Rams 37 Rearing Calves 2 Loads of Produce

Prime Cattle (under 30 mos)
Peter Pearson from Bradford Wholesalers, Ralph Pearson made a clean sweep of the highlights at the weekly sale accounting for the highest gross a 625kg Limousin cross heifer at £1753 or 280.5p/kg, which was also the highest priced per kg, from Charles and Richard Kitching of Threshfield. Mesrs Kitching also sold a 580kg Limousin cross heifer at 280.5kg or £1627 to the same buyer along with the leading steer a Charolais cross at £1643 or 271.5p. Joint highest price per kg, steer was a 570kg British Blue cross from F&B Smith of Masongill which made 275.5p/kg or £1570 to Ralph Pearson a price equalled by CD&RF Kitching with a 595kg Charolais (£1639) selling to the same purchaser. Robertshaws Farm Shop accounted for a second steer from F&B Smith, a Limousin at 570kg which made 273.5p/kg or £1559. Today’s entry was geared towards the commercial with prime cattle trade lower towards the end of last week but with a sale average of 594kg and both steers and heifer averaging 274.5p/kg trade was only slightly back on last week. Next week is the September Prime Show and already we have additional retail interest.

560kg+ to 275.5p/kg av.273.69p/kg
480kg+ to 280.5p/kg av. 274.61p/kg
Top Prices £ per head and p/kg
£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (Charx) 1643,1639, F&B Smith (BBx) 1570, (Limx) 1559, RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 1526
p/kg: CD&RF Kitching (Charx) 275.5, 271.5, F&B Smith (BBx) 275.5, (Limx) 273.5, RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 272.5
£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1753, 1661,1627, RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 1686,1621
p/kg: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 280.5,280.5,274.5, RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 272.5,265.5

Cull Cow Prices
The show of dairies was very short of meat but at the top end the few heavier cows remain 135-140p which is a little easier than a month ago. Some very worn cows in the 80s. Limousin cows at 65 months sold to 200.5p/kg or £1674.
Overall Average 122.38p/kg £801.60
Black & White to 138.5p/kg av. 118.38p/kg
Limx to 200.5p/kg av.193.09 p/kg

Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)
£ per head: BH Wilson&Sons 1099,908,886,778,728, Wood Bros 914,906, CN&SA Harrison 908, GB Moorhouse 779
p/kg: BH Wilson&Sons 138.5,136.5,135.5,123.5, Wood Bros 137.5, 128.5, GB Moorhouse 135.5, CN&SA Harrison 134.5
£ per head: KJ Marston 1674, JR&DL Ogden 1184
p/kg: KJ Marston 200.5, JR&DL Ogden 183.5

2,872 Prime Sheep comprising 2287 Prime Lambs & 585 Cast Ewes & Rams

Bank Holiday saw a good entry of sheep with 2,872 head penned for sale and as predicted, trade was “stand on” from last week as buyers again appeared keen for well fleshed lambs, whilst lean lambs are discounted in comparison, and an overall average of 238p was achieved for the third week running.
Best lambs were a cracking trade again, with 51 pens at 270p plus, 8 pens at 300p plus to a top of 337p (43kg £145) from George Sunderland of Hebden Bridge to Vivers Scotlamb.
In the lump, top price was £162.50 for heavy Suffolk crosses from Mark Evans of Steeton heading to Hartshead Meat Co Mossley. N&AD Boynton of Ripon were next in line at £154 which were also the 2nd highest price per kilo when their pen of 4 Beltex crosses weighing 46kg made 334p/kg to Hartshead Meat Co. Mark Evans had a second pen make £150.50 to L Brown, and KG&JL Huck of Bordley topped at £150 to J&E Medcalf Ltd Meat Wholesaler Halifax. A further 56 pens of lambs achieved £130 or more.
Anything with meat on its back, regardless of breed, sold well and fed lambs are receiving a good premium. Handyweight commercial lambs 235p to 250p, heavy lambs £115 to £130, Mule Wethers were making 215p to 225p for straight goods, 226p to a top of 236p for best sorts of Mules.

Ewes holding up and plenty of demand ringside for all classes with feeding accounts operating for ewes with store lambs showing little signs of slipping back, purchasers are out looking for feeding ewes. Best bred Texels £130-154.50 for Mediums to Heavies, and smalls either side of £105. First cross ewes £130+ for Heavies and Medium full meat £120 mediums leans £100 and plain feeding ewes all prices with some buyable in the £55-£70 range.
Mules ewes saw heavies mid 90’s to £112 with some big monster ewes reaching prices of £120.50. Horned ewes a nice trade plains £20-£30, lean £42-£50, and good meat ewes with size £62-£83.50.

Spring Lambs – Overall Average £104.12 per head or 238.9p/kg
32.1kg to 35.9kg to 232.9p/kg av 212.9p/kg or £71.85 per head
36.0kg to 45.5kg to 337.2p/kg av 238.2p/kg or £100.31 per head
45.6kg to 52.0kg to 334.8p/kg av 241.2p/kg or £115.15 per head
52.1kg and over to 259.8p/kg av 237.8p/kg or £126.84 per head

Beltex average £115.98 per head or 265.2p/kg
£ per head: £154 £146.50 £143 £140 N&AD Boynton; £150 K Huck; £145 £143 G Sunderland; £145 £140 Ellis Bros;
p/kg: 337.2 304.3p G Sunderland; 334.8p 311.7p 297.9p N&AD Boynton; 318.2p 307.1p 302.1p Ellis Bros; 303.4p K Huck;
Texel average £102.72 per head or 236.2p/kg
£ per head: £145 J Howard; £143 GT Booth; £143 R&N Carlisle; £141.50 JM townsend; £141.50 TH Mellin; £141 PN Garth; £139 D Asquith;
p/kg: 280.0p 279.6p 276.7p 271.4p RH&MR Ireland; 276.7p J Howard; 276.0p JA&JH Hewetson; 275.0p R&N Carlisle; 269.3p TA Robinson;
Suffolk average £106.92 per head or 232.5p/kg
£ per head: £162.50 £150.50 £149.50 £145.50 ML Evans; £138 JA Squires; £134 £130 MJ Spensley; £132 L Mellin; £119 TH Mellin;
p/kg: 260.0p 257.7p MJ Spensley; 259.8p 255.1p 246.2p ML Evans; 253.8p L Mellin; 253.2p250.0p TH Mellin; 250.9p JA Squires;
Charolais average £99.92 per head or 233.6p/kg
£ per head: £127.50 IM Bell; £124 MJ Spensley; £110.50 £95 £93.50 N Throup; £89 RJ Gardt;
p/kg: 253.1p MJ Spensley; 250.0p IM Bell; 235.1p 231.7p 217.4p N Throup; 234.2p RJ Gardt;
Rouge average £109.43 per head or 259.6p/kg
£ per head: £118 RH&MR Ireland; £94 AM Leach;
p/kg: 274.4p RH&MR Ireland; 229.3p AM Leach;
Blue du Maine average £106.23 per head or 239.6p/kg
£ per head: £114.50 JH Peel; £134.50 JR Peel; £127 SB&AJ Wallbank; £125 £119 RKR Wood; £121 TB Moorhouse;
p/kg: 290.7p 271.7p 253.2p 251.2p RKR Wood; 280.0p JR Peel; 268.9p TB Moorhouse; 249.1p JH Peel; 249.0p SB&AJ Wallbank;
Blue Texel average £98.08 per head or 239.2p/kg
£ per head: £131 RKR Wood; £91.50 T&G McGarrell;
p/kg: 284.8p RKR Wood; 228.8p T&G McGarrell;
Mule average £97.63 per head or 218.5p/kg
£ per head: £122.50 JR Taylor; £116 £105.50 JC&N Throup; £113.50 D&SJ Pinder; £109 £104.50 JH Throup; £108.50 JR Lancaster; £97.50 PL Metcalfe;
p/kg: 236.5p D&SJ Pinder; 232.0p 219.8p JC&N Throup; 231.1p JR Taylor; 227.2p 222.4p JH Throup; 220.7p JM Daggett; 217.0p JR Lancaster;

Cull Ewes average £86.44
Suffolk to £132.50, Texel to £154.50, Char t0 £122.50, Mule to £120.50, Lleyn to £, Swaledale to £83.50, Dalesbred to £79.50, WF Woodland to £62.50, Masham to £99.50, Jacob to £58.50, Beltex to £141.50, Herd to £63.50, Zwart to £101.50.
Top prices:
Lowland: £154.50 I Marsden
Mule/Masham: £120.50 JA Squires
Horned: £83.50 A Jenkinson

Cast Rams average £126.67
Texel to £161.50, Hamp to £132.50, Swaledale to £75.50, WF Woodland to £129.50,

Goats to £74.50

37 Rearing Calves to £400

Calf trade holding up well with best end just a touch less but mediums and smalls still the same trade! Black and Whites sold from £60-£200 for Holstein Friesians Best blue bulls £360-£400 mediums £320-£360 Blue heifers good to sell with mediums £300-£340 and smalls £260+ Angus heifers £200-£220 and Angus bulls all selling from £240 for a small youngster and upto £310 for medium sized 3/4 week old goods!

Bull Calves
Limousin x (Av £335) to £335 JC&DJ Marshall
Brit Blue x (Av £374) to £400 RE Ayrton & Son
Aberdeen Angus (Av £290) to £310 Woolrow Farm Ltd
Simmental (Av £345) to £345 CN&SA Harrison
Black & White (Av £133) to £200 JC&DJ Marshall

Heifer Calves
Aberdeen Angus (Av £210) to £220 Woolrow Farms Ltd
British Blue (Av £295) to £340 PJ&JE Bolland
Limousin (Av £300) to £300 JC&DJ Marshall

Wading into troubled waters and the Oz Trade Deal
In this episode:
New Farming Rules for Water banning slurry spreading during Autumn and Winter is causing a real stink. The NFU is on the case. We talk to one of their top brass.

The UK government has agreed in principle to the terms of a crucial Australian Trade Deal. Find out why this matters and what it means to British farming.

We preview CCM’s high profile up-and-coming annual Mule gimmer lamb fixtures, look at the pioneering work of on The Farmer Network and catch up on current trade and trends here at the mart.
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