Forward: 24 Prime cattle comprising 18 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos) & 6 Cast Cattle. 3,831 Prime Sheep comprising 2805 Prime Hoggs & 1026 Cast Ewes & Rams. 52 Rearing Calves.

Great New Year Cattle Sale, commences from 9:30am
665 Young Bulls, Feeding Cows, Store Bullocks & Heifers, Breeding Cattle

65 Pedigree Texel Females (MV Acc)
4 Pedigree Badger Faced Texel Females (MV Acc)
95 Pedigree Blue Texel Females (MV & Non MV Acc)

January Sale of Stirks, Weaned Calves, Young Stores, Goats & Sheep.
Entries close Tuesday 4th Jan

New Year Sale of Store, Feeding & Breeding Sheep
Entries to Office by 12noon Wed 5th January please.

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Prime Cattle (under 30 mos)
Opening sale of the year saw a good trade for cattle at slightly reduced levels. Wholesale butchers keen to re stock were led by Ralph Pearson, Bradford who accounted for 12 of the day’s entry including the top gross priced animal a 720kg Limousin steer from Alistair Hargreaves of Walton le Dale which made £1926 or 267.5p/kg. Top gross priced heifer was a 615kg Blonde heifer at £1750 sold by CD&RF Kitching of Threshfield which sold to J&E Medcalf of Halifax for 284.5p/kg. Leading price per kg by weight was 289.5p/kg or £1737 for another entry from CD&RF Kitching this time a 600kg Limousin heifer which joined Ralph Pearson of Bradford. Best steer was 286.5p/kg a British Blue cross weighing 590kg consigned by F&B Smith of Masongill which grossed £1690 when sold to Barkers Yorkshire butchers based at CCM. The first sale of the year attracted a good proportion of heavy animals weighing 600kg and above. Next week is the January Prime Show when we expect a number of retailers to be back at the ringside.

560kg+ to 286.5p/kg av. 273.98p/kg
485kg+ to 289.5p/kg av. 264.06p/kg
Top Prices £ per head and p/kg
£ per head: Hargreaves Farms (Limx) 1926, (BBx) 1887, (Charx) 1873, (Simx) 1831, F&B Smith (Limx) 1808, (BBx) 1690, CD&RF Kitching (BBx) 1753,1729,1713
p/kg: F&B Smith (BBx) 286.5, (Limx) 282.5, CD&RF Kitching (BBx) 280.5,278.5, (BBx) 274.5, Hargreaves Farms (BBx) 277.5, (Charx) 269.5, (Limx) 267.5
£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (Blondex) 1750, (Limx) 1737, 1715, TH Mellin (Limx) 1597,1438, B Spensley Ltd (Limx) 1425
p/kg: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 289.5,283.5, (Blondex) 284.5, TH Mellin (Limx) 276.5, 257.5, B Spensley Ltd (Simx) 235

Cull Cow Prices
A very light show of cows but every indication that trade for manufacturing meat is returning. Better end of the dairies 130-140p/kg for Fleckvieh cross cows from N&SA Fort of Silsden, Black and white 129.5p/kg from the same vendor.

Overall Average 121.41p/kg £780.10
Black & White to 129.5p/kg av. 114.78p/kg
Fleck to 137.5p/kg av. 133.52p/kg
Hefdx to 117.5p/kg

Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)
£ per head: N&SA Fort 1004, M&R Smith 752,
p/kg: N&SA Fort 129.5, M&R Smith 118.5, MP Jennings (Dairy) Ltd 89.5
Other Dairy
£ per head: N&SA Fort (Fleck) 880, 822
p/kg: N&SA Fort (Fleck) 137.5,129.5
£ per head: R&E Pollard 734
p/kg: R&E Pollard 117.5

3,831 Prime Sheep comprising 2,805 Prime Hoggs & 1,026 Cast Ewes & Rams

Generally a more mixed show of lambs this week, with less of the handyweight very smart end for sale, and trade a shade easier for these types as well, having said that some excellent prices still achieved, just not in the volume usually seen. Smart Heavies were a decent trade, commercial sorts less money, but commercial lightweights and handyweights held their value well from last week.
OVER 52kg – Smart heavy butchers lambs a good trade, commercial heavies harder to sell. EP&JM Hutchinson, Faceby sold at £167 and £165, J Brigg made £166. Best of the heavies in the 270’s and 280’s, to 289p from EP&JM Hutchinson.
46kg to 52kg – Ellis Bros topped this section at £165 when their 3rd prize pen in the show weighing 46kg made 358p/kg. EP&JM Hutchinson were in the money again at £163, with Seth Blakey of Bolton by Bowland making £158.
36kg to 45kg – Todays Champion pen from Richard & Mark Ireland of Whalley was top price in this category when making £160 (43kg 372p), A&K Kiernan’s 2nd prize pen made £158 (45kg 351p) followed by Mike Davis Eldroth at £155 (43kg 360p). James Towler of Grindleton made £150 or 357p. Other notable kilo prices included RC Crabtree of Otley at 370p, RH&MR Ireland 372p 365p, EP&JM Hutchinson 356p.
Handyweights of all breeds 35kg to 42kg were again the best weights to sell this week and short of requirements.
32kg to 35kg – Top Kilo price of the day was in the lightweight category when Sean Forshaw of Longridge made 393p/kg (33kg £130) and others form the same home at 371p. .
Mule Wethers would be harder work on the week, 255p to 265p for the nice handy selling types, but grass fed sorts would be harder to sell.
Horned wethers were better to sell on the week, mainly due to a good enquiry for light and handy weight lambs, so 34kg to 38kg wethers were a good trade.

January Prize Show judged by Mr Nick Dalby, Hartwith.
Cont x
1st RH&MR Ireland 43kg £160 Knavesmire Butchers
2nd A&K Kiernan 47kg £150 Vivers Scot Lamb
3rd Ellis Bros 46kg £165 Vivers Scot Lamb
1st M Ryder & Son 55kg £125.50 A Atkinson
2nd JK Wilson 48kg £118 N Dalby
3rd S Dorey 55kg £125.50 A Atkinson
1st ASE Crisp 47kg £111 A Atkinson
2nd JE Greenwood 37kg £95.50 A Atkinson

Champion - RH&MR Ireland 43kg £160 Knavesmire Butchers
Reserve - A&K Kiernan 47kg £150 Vivers Scot Lamb

Cull Ewes having no drop in trade really with again over 1000 in and buyers all keen for numbers actively bidding ringside.
Best Texels sold to £191.50 from M Crabtree, Harrogate for ewes and rams to £227.50 from A Sharp, Mellor. Best ended ewes with size and flesh £155-£170 mediums £135-£155 and smalls £110-£125 for small Beltex ewes. Heavy first cross ewes £150+ with plenty of meat ewes in the £120-£130 range. Mediums ¾ meat ewes either side of £100 up to £118. And half meat ewes £80-£95. Suffolk ewes sold to £169.50 from RJ Umpleby, Harrogate.
218 Mules ewes sold to avg £98 with Top price of £132.50 from TG&SM Carr, Barnsley. Meat Mules with big frame and size £112-£122, Mediums £100-£108 and lean ewes £82-£90 with some feeding ewes in the £55-£68 range.
Swale ewes sold to £99.50. best ewes £70+ with mediums £58-£64 and lean ewes £38-£45 with plain in the £20-£33 range.
Other Horned ewes saw Lonks to £109.50, Woodlands to £106.50, Cheviots to £122.50.
Some large runs of ewes in and plenty of farmers feeding their ewes to maximise returns. Keep the numbers coming.

Prime Hoggs – Overall Average £118.57 per head or 271.2p/kg
32.1kg to 35.9kg to 393.9p/kg av 270.0p/kg or £91.97 per head
36.0kg to 45.5kg to 372.2p/kg av 275.6p/kg or £114.42 per head
45.6kg to 52.0kg to 358.7p/kg av 265.3p/kg or £128.34 per head
52.1kg and over to 289.5p/kg av 250.7p/kg or £139.83 per head

Beltex average £130.60 per head or 313.8p/kg
£ per head: £166 £160 J Brigg; £165 Ellis Bros; £165 £155 £154 EP&JM Hutchinson; £160 RH&MR Ireland; £158 A&K Kiernan; £155 MR Davis;
p/kg: 393.9p 371.4p S Forshaw; 372.2p 372.1p 365.8p RH&MR Ireland; 370.0p RC Crabtree; 360.5p MR Davis; 358.7p Ellis Bros; 357.1p WA VJ JA Towler;
Texel average £121.70 per head or 273.6p/kg
£ per head: £167 £155 EP&JM Hutchinson; £160 £158 Fox Farm; £158 £156 J&M Blakey; £158 R Emmott; £157 A&G Midgley; £155 BL&R Lund;
p/kg: 326.8p BL&R Lund; £BL&R Lund; 316.0p J&M Blakey; 314.0p RA&SE Spink; 310.8p AJ Taylor; 310.3p CD&RF Kitching; 309.3p Fox Farm;
Blue Texel average £128.67 per head or 278.3p/kg
£ per head: £138 Fox Farm; £110 M&R Smith;
p/kg: 281.6p Fox Farm; 268.3p M&R Smith;
Suffolk average £119.81 per head or 262.3p/kg
£ per head: £163 £145 EP&JM Hutchinson; £155 £142 S Gibbon; £151 S Forshaw; £146 £136 D&J Herd; £135 J&A Spensley; £134.50 S&JS Thompson;
p/kg: 313.0p 268.5p EP&JM Hutchinson; 287.2p J&A Spensley; 281.7p A Brown; 273.0p AS&RC Parnaby; 267.9p S Gibbon; 265.9p BJ&L Sutcliffe;
Charolais average £118.47 per head or 271.6p/kg
£ per head: £140 RG Church; £134.50 S&JS Thompson; £131 JM Smith; £122.50 SR Dorey; £122 £118 T&H Kilby;
p/kg: 297.4p 295.8p RN Thompson; 287.5p 282.1p R Spencer & Son; 284.6p JE Greenwood; 275.7p AS&RC Parnaby;
Mule average £111.58 per head or 252.8p/kg
£ per head: £125.50 £120 £117.50 £116.50 M Ryder & Son; £120 SR Dorey; £118 CD&RF Kitching; £118 £115 JK Wilson; £115 Ellis Bros; £115 P Addyman;
p/kg: 269.0p AG Horn; 261.6p CD&RF Kitching; 259.5p 259.1p 258.1p SR Dorey; 258.1p AJ Taylor; 258.1p JK Wilson; 257.5p A&SL Throup;
Swaledale average £87.27 per head or 226.4 p/kg
£ per head: £111 ASE Crisp; £109 C Nelson; £100 £89 G Huck; £96.50 W Mason & Son; £94 S Horsfield; £86.50 JM&S Tennant;
p/kg: 247.4p 247.1p S Horsfield; 237.5p A&N Fothergill; 236.2p ASE Crisp; £234.7p BJ&L Sutcliffe; 233.8p JM&S Tennant;
Dalesbred average £83.64 per head or 227.2p/kg
£ per head: £93.50 A&SL Throup; £82 A&N Fothergill;
p/kg: 227.8p A&N Fothergill; 222.6p A&SL Throup;
Masham average £113.19 per head or 258.4p/kg
£ per head: £118 £114 SR Dorey; £107.50 A&SL Throup;
p/kg: 365.1p 251.1p 242.6p SR Dorey; 262.2p A&SL Throup;
Cheviot average £120.35 per head or 267.5p/kg
£ per head: £143 £142 £139 £130 A&K Kiernan; £134 J Bosworth;
p/kg: 288.9p 272.5p A&K Kiernan; 276.9p FM Shepherd & Son; 275.0p J Caygill & Partners; £274.4p DW&CJ Towler;
SBF average £95.21 per head or 260.3p/kg
£ per head: £118 £95.50 £93.50 JE Greenwood;
p/kg: 267.1p 258.1p 210.7p JE Greenwood;
Zwartable average £124.33 per head or 234.6p/kg
£ per head: £141 S Gibbon; £127 GT Booth; £98 P Fawcett;
p/kg: 243.1p S Gibbon; 227.9p P Fawcett; 215.3p GT Booth;

Cull Ewes average £100.26
Suffolk to £169.50, Texel to £191.50, BFL to £128.50, Mule to £132.50, Lleyn to £135.50, Swaledale to £99.50, Masham to £109.50, Gritstone to £75.50, Cheviot to £122.50, Beltex to £163.50, Lonk to £109.50, Down x to £179.50, Charollais to £147.50, Blue du Maine to £139.50, Dalesbred to £93.50, WFW to £106.50, SBF to £78.50, Jacob to £91.50, Herdwick to £81.50, Rough Fell to £99.50, Zwartable to £155.50, Kerry Hill to £96.50, Blue Texel to £118.50.
Top prices:
Lowland: £191.50 M Crabtree; £179.50 RJ Umpleby;
Mule/Masham: £132.50 TG&SM Carr; £131.50 JK Wilson;
Horned: £109.50 GW Thackray; £106.50 B Hawksworth;
Hill: £135.50 R&A Jennings; £122.50 ID Mellin;

Cast Rams average £113.50
Texel to £227.50, BFL to £167.50, Swaledale to £54.50, Beltex to £131.50, Down to £153.50, Mule to £99.50, Lleyn to £141.50, Zwartable to £133.50.

Goats to £104.50 av £88

Rearing Calves to £435
Calves seeing a strong demand for bulls and Black and Whites. Best heifers also met a strong trade ringside with plenty of competition about. Medium blue heifers £220-£275 nice ended heifers with strength £340-£380. Best blue bulls £380-£435. Top price from JR Wellock, Eshton. Black and Whites met a fierce trade. £100-£140 for 6–8-week-old goods. £40-£70 for smaller goods at a month old. Angus bulls sold well with trade generally £230-£300 for nice rearing goods.
Next week is Calf Show with plenty of buyer’s interest.

Bull Calves
Brit Blue x (Av £329) to £435 JR Wellock
Aberdeen Angus (Av £254) to £300 PJ&JE Bolland
Black & White (Av £109) to £150 J Caygill & Partners

Heifer Calves
Aberdeen Angus (Av £158) to £235 A&SL Throup
Hereford (Av £150) to £150 JH Bradley
British Blue (Av £283) to £380 JP&KE Hartley
Limousin (Av £157) to £220 J Gooch

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