Forward: 36 Prime cattle comprising Clean Cattle (under 30 mos), Clean Cattle (over 30 mos) & Cast Cattle 3,024 Prime Sheep comprising 2334 Spring Lambs, 690 Cast Ewes & Rams 40 Rearing Calves 6 Dairy 3 Loads of Produce

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Wednesday 11th August
3rd Fortnightly Sale of 9,700 Store Lambs at 10am, together with sale of 500 Breeding Ewes at 1pm prompt.

Tuesday 10th August
Online Timed Auction of Sheepdogs. Auction starts finishing from 5pm

Prime Cattle (under 30 mos)
A light show with a mixed entry including a couple of Black and White heifers. Continental steers averaged 279p/kg and Continental heifers 277p/kg with trade still very strong. CD&RF Kitching of Threshfield headed the leading prices gross value and p/kg. Their top priced heifer was a Limousin weighing 605kg which realised £1739 when sold to Robert Pearson for 287.5p/kg and their best steer a British Blue cross (615kg) made £1737 or 282.5p/kg selling to the same buyer om behalf of Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers in Bradford. In the retail weights Simon Bennett of Silsden Moor sold a 485kg Limousin cross heifer at 279.5p/kg (£1356) to DA Gregory&Sons of Bacup and S&NV Jowett of Queensbury sold 550kg British Blue steers at 276.5p/kg (£1521) to Robertshaws Farm Shop of Thornton and 275.5p/kg (£1515) to Robert Pearson.

465-555kg to 276.5p/kg
560kg+ to 282.5p/kg av.280.18p/kg
485kg+ to 287.5p/kg av.232.04p/kg
Top Prices £ per head and p/kg
£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (BBx) 1739, (Limx) 1701, 1677, S&NV Jowett (BBx) 521,1515
p/kg: S&NV Jowett (BBx) 282.5,278.5, (Limx) 279.5
£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1739,1701, SD Bennett (Limx) 1412,1356
p/kg: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 287.5,283.5, SD Bennett (Limx) 279.5,254.5,

Cull Cow Prices
Cast cows a similar trade with Dairies needing to be in spec to hit 140p with few meeting the description in the entry. However, a good proportion of the entry over £1000 and all bar one a dairy. Trade for plain cows at the bottom end continues to be very good with an odd cow fit to feed 120p+ in this section. Next grade up of steaking cows and better end of the cows fit to feed 130-138p/kg. Heavy dairies 143.5p/kg or £1155.
Overall Average 128.28p/kg £865.14
Black & White to 143.5p/kg av.127.61p/kg
Fleck to 138.5p/kg av.130.84p/kg
Gall to 136.5p/kg

Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)
£ per head: BH Wilson&Son 1155, 1029, JSS Verity 1111, J Gooch 1059, M Baul&Sons Ltd 1039, E&KM Marshall 1011
p/kg: BH Wilson&Son 143.5, JSS Verity 141.5, M Baul&Sons Ltd 139.5, CM&EM Gratton 138.5,138.5, E&KM Marshall 137.5
Other Dairy
£ per head: N&SA Fort (Fleck) 942,797
p/kg: N&SA Fort (Fleck) 138.5, 126.5
£ per head: M Sutcliffe (Gall) 867
p/kg: M Sutcliffe (Gall) 136.5

3,024 Prime Sheep comprising 2334 Spring Lambs, 690 Cast Ewes & Rams

A nice entry of lambs today with quality definitely up a gear on the week with generally more lambs forward with finish, and those that have been taking hard keep getting well rewarded with trade, seeing an overall selling average of 240p/kg, an excellent result on trade seen the last few days.
As part of todays sale there were 23 lambs forward from Young Farmers for the Annual Young Handlers Prime Lamb Competition. Trade for all the show lambs was excellent and a big thankyou is extended to all our buyers for supporting the youngsters so well at the ringside and giving them a fine trade. After 16 months of restrictions around attendance at the mart, it is so refreshing to welcome people back and see the ringsides buzzing with enthusiasm, especially the youngsters who will be the future of our industry, and have them ringside to be part of events such as today.
Angus Dean was our judge for the day and he awarded the Championship Rosette jointly to Charlie Leach and Daniel Lund of Hebden Bridge. The lamb made £200 when selling to Brayton Farmshop in Selby. Other prices for show lambs as below.
Outwith these show lambs, the smart lambs were an excellent trade this week, top prices seeing 300p/320p achieved, whilst many nice ¾ bred lambs in the 260p/285p region. 24 pens achieved 300p or more, and 46 pens 270p to 298p. 58 pens were £130 or more today.
Handy export weights had commercial types of lambs 230/245p, and the straight sorts 220/230p. Some plainer types just lacking feed or flesh made late teens.
Heavy Lambs were very good to sell, one of the best runs on the day saw 105 Texel crosses from one farm averaged 52kg and £134, topping at £147.50 per head. Nice heavy’s over 50kg generally £125 to £145, whilst those 46kg to 50kg £110 to £130 depending on quality.
Good Mule Wethers in demand, best end topping £100 weighing mid 40’s, and £85 to £92 weighing early 40’s.

Cull ewes saw no let up in trade with a much lesser quality show in, but again a shortage of best and heavy ewes of all breeds. White Faced Ewes selling to a top price of £156.50 twice over. Best ewes £145-£156 with a shortage of weight forward. Well-bred mediums with £130-£142. Medium full meat crossed ewes £125-£135. Lean white-faced ewes £88-£102 and plain ewes all sorts of prices but well sold with feeding accounts operating well on these. Mules well sold, with a ring full of 56 lean Mules from CA Foster, Bolton Abbey making £85.50. Lean Mules traded between £65-£85 depending on size and frame but plenty of buyers wanting the numbers for this stamp of ewe. Heavy Mules £105-£116 with some big Mule & Masham ewes £116-£123.50. Horned ewes topped at £94.50 for Lonk ewes from Jimmy and James Howard, Huddersfield. Swales topped at £93.50 from W&M Bland, Kirkby Malham and crossed £115.50 from A&SL Throup, Silsden Moor. Meat Swales with size £70+ medium full meat £60+. Medium leans either side of £45. Plain £20-£30.

Judge Angus Dean. 23 Young Farmers took part today and deserve to give themselves a big pat on the back.

Under 10s
1st Charlie Leach & Daniel Lund 34kg £200 Brayton Farm Shop
2nd Raffe Middleton 49kg £148 A Atkinson for Hartshead Meat Co
3rd Henry Sugden 41kg £109 A Atkinson for West Scottish Lamb
4th Oliver Marshall 48kg £138 The Robertshaw Farm Shop

11-16 yrs
1st Georgie Webster 47kg £146 A Atkinson for Hartshead Meat Co
2nd Chrissie Lund 47kg £154 Brayton Farm Shop
3rd Jimmy Crabtree 45kg £145 Vivers Scot Lamb
4th Thomas Marshall 48kg £155 Brayton Farm Shop
4th Lilly Ireland 54kg £162 Brayton Farm Shop

17-26 yrs
1st Chloe Lund 45kg £160 Brayton Farm Shop
2nd Kerry Foster 39kg £118 A Atkinson for Hartshead Meat Co
3rd Sam Phillipson 41kg £118 Vivers Scot Lamb

Champion – Charlie Leach & Daniel Lund
Reserve – Georgia Webster

Other competitors – Alfie Lambert, William Lambert, Henry Morphet, Martha Middleton, Georgira Sugden, Anne Gray, Neive Ireland, Amelia Pratt, George Forster, Bobby Crabtree, Thomas Thornber and John Mellin.

Spring Lambs – Overall Average £103.22 per head or 240.4p/kg
32.1kg to 35.9kg to 588.2p/kg av 266.1p/kg or £92.91 per head
36.0kg to 45.5kg to 355.6p/kg av 238.7p/kg or £99.95 per head
45.6kg to 52.0kg to 327.7p/kg av 243.5p/kg or £116.34 per head
52.1kg and over to 300.0p/kg av 251.2p/kg or £133.97 per head

Beltex average £114.37 per head or 273.5p/kg
£ per head: £200 Charlie Leach; £160 Chloe Lund; £160 G Foster; £154 Chrissie Lund; £145 G Huck; £145 Jimmy Crabtree; £144 Hill 7 Wright; £140 M Ryder; £138.50 P Crabtree;
p/kg: 588.2p Charlie Leach; 355.6p Chloe Lund; 327.7p Chrissie Lund; 322.2p Jimmy Crabtree; 320.0p G Foster; 316.3p A Atkinson; 314.6p G Foster; 314.6p Ellis Bros;
Texel average £103.74 per head or 240.3p/kg
£ per head: £162 Lilly Ireland; £155 Thomas Marshall; £148 Raffe Middleton; £148 £147.50 £147 £146 £145 M Ryder; £146 Georgia Webster;
p/kg: 322.9p Thomas Marshall; 310.6p Georgia Wesbter; 302.3p Hill 7 Wright; 302.0p Raffe Middleton; 300.0p A Atkinson; 300.0p Lilly Ireland; 297.6p Healaugh Farm;
Blue Texel average £141 per head or 300.0p/kg
£ per head: £141 G Foster;
p/kg: 300.0p G Foster;
Suffolk average £94.24 per head or 224.3p/kg
£ per head: £135 TH Mellin; £133.50 J Howard; £115.50 A&ED Booth; £108.50 RA&m Earnshaw; £108 AL Dean; £107.50 KM&L Throup;
p/kg: 245.5p TH Mellin; 242.7p J Howard; 237.8p AJ&GH Bland; 235.9p RA&M Earnshaw; 235.7p A&ED Booth; 233.7p KM&L Throup;
Charolais average £90.50 per head or 232.2p/kg
£ per head: £90.50 LJ Clay;
p/kg: 232.1p LJ Clay;
Mule average £88.89 per head or 213.4p/kg
£ per head: £110 KA&HL Fawcett; £96.50 £87.50 KM&L Throup; £95 CD&RF Kitching; £93.50 £88 JC&N Throup; £91.50 £84 JA&JC Throup;
p/kg:217.9p 210.0p JA&JC Throup; 215.7p KA&HLK Fawcett; 214.4p 213.4p KM&L Throup; 212.5p 209.5p JC&N Throup; 209.0p P Addyman;
Rouge average £87.15 per head or 217.5p/kg
£ per head: £95 AM Leach; £86.50 MJ&RH Wallbank;
p/kg: 220.9p Am Leach; 216.3p MJ&RH Wallbank;

Cull Ewes average £86.33
Suffolk to £137.50, Texel to £156.50, Bleu to £121.50, BFL to £, Mule to £123.50, Lleyn to £117.50, Swaledale to £115.50, Masham to £123.50, Dalesbred to £76.50, Gritstone to £95.50, Scotch BF to £58.50, Cheviot to £104.50, Beltex to £130.50, Lonk to £94.50, Easycare to £101.50, Kerry Hill to £109.50
Top prices:
Lowland: £156.50 High Harbour Farm
Mule/Masham: £123.50 JB Bancroft (Mule), K&J Marshall (Masham)
Horned: £115.50 A&SL Throup&Son
Hill: £117.50 RG&SJ Paul

Cast Rams average £116.97
Suffolk to £107.50, Texel to £159.50, Lleyn to £137.50.

40 Rearing Calves to £440
Calves a good trade with a larger show than expected and trade strong with plenty of farmer buyer’s ringside. Black and Whites avg £92. Angus bulls sold well, those with size £340, Mediums £305 and Smalls £265+. Blue bulls topped at £440 from AL Dean & Sons Threshfield. Mediums and shape £320-£350, Mediums £280-£300 and smalls £250-£275. Angus heifers at £285. Blue heifers well sold with quality mediums £330-£375 and smalls at realisation.

Bull Calves
Brit Blue x (Av £330) to £440 AL Dean & Son
Aberdeen Angus (Av £303) to £340 Rainhall Farm
Simmental (Av £356) to £385 CN&SA Harrison
Hereford (Av £283) to £315 JR Wellock
Black & White (Av £92) to £110 JH Bradley

Heifer Calves
Aberdeen Angus (Av £285) to £285 Rainhall Farm
British Blue (Av £311) to £375 RL Wright
Limousin (Av £306) to £355 JC&DJ Marshall

6 Dairy
A tidy entry of dairies were all newly calved heifers and sold to an overall average of £2,011 right though. Leading the sale at £2350 was a lovely fresh heifer from GB Moorhouse, Hesper closely followed at £2320 by a heifer from Messrs HS Petch & Son Great Ayton. Next Sale in 2 weeks on Monday 23rd August, with consignments of incalf heifers already on the book to complement usual entry of fresh cattle. Speak to Sarah on 07710 795585 with all enquiries.

Commercial Newly Calved Heifer to £2250 av £1750 MD Parkinson
Pedigree Newly Calved Hefier to £2350 av £2142 GB Moorhouse

Barley Straw Round Bale to £22 per bale
Mini Heston to £19 per bale

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