Tuesday 7th September - Opening Show & Sale of North of England Mule Ewe Lambs on behalf of NEMSA Members. SOLD: 5,567 head at an overall average of £130.35 per head (+£25.54)

Please Note that entries for the Second Sale of 10,000 NEMSA Mule Gimmer Lambs to be held on Tuesday 21st September close TOMORROW (Wed 8th Sept) at 4pm. The ballot will be drawn immediately afterwards.

**TOMORROW – 14,228 Store Lambs at 10am, To inc Main Sale of 6,006 Top Draw Suffolk Mule, Texel Mule, Continental Cross and Cheviot Mule Gimmer Lambs. Catalogue online.

CCM Auctions conducted their opening Fortnightly Show and Sale of NEMSA members Mule Gimmer Lambs at Skipton Auction Mart, North Yorkshire on Tuesday 7th September. It made a change to have dry weather for the sale day and as a result the lambs appeared in good fettle and were an excellent selection for buyers to come and choose from.
It was widely anticipated that trade would be stronger on the year given trade for prime and cast sheep, and recent sales of Mule Gimmer Shearlings, and although the overall average of £130.35 was higher than most predicted, it was probably also in part a reflection of the quality of lambs on offer now in this district.
Best end of bonny headed lambs would see more just sneaking top side of £200 for some first pens, whilst £150 to £190 was a common range for a lot of bonny first pens.
A full list of prize winners is listed below, but in the 10’s The Walker Family of Dunsop Bridge managed a 1-2 taking both Red and Blue Tickets, the champions from Whitendale and the 2nd prize from Brennand Farm selling for £270 and £260 respectively. Messr WA&A Booth of Feizor headed the 20’s and these made £190.
Darker headed lambs were in high demand throughout the sale, with prices ranging mainly from £125 to £135 for strong runners, and the tuppers were more, but very few pens under £120. Bonny runners were typically £5 to £10 more.
Lighter headed lambs suitable to tup found favour with several customers ringside with £130’s and into the £140’s available for strong lots, but again if the skins were good a runner was in the teens and early 20’s.
Only 8 pens under £110 all day and these ranged from £100 to £108.

Full show results and prices achieved are listed below.


(PENS OF 10) Mr Simon Bennett & Mr Ian Manning
(PENS OF 20) Mr Edward Albutt & Mr Ian Lancaster

Pens of 10
1st GJ&ME Walker sold for £270
2nd JC Walker & Son sold for £260
3rd JK Wilson sold for £190.
4th CD&RF Kitching sold for £190
5th KA&HL Fawcett sold for £165
6th WP&B Walker sold for £205

Pens of 20
1st WA&A Booth sold for £190
2nd FA Caton sold for £175
3rd A&R Caton sold for £160
4th JK Wilson sold for £160
5th CD&RF Kitching sold for £150
6th FA Caton sold for £145

Principle Prices
£270 GJ&ME Walker
£260 JC Walker & Son
£218 CM Ryder
£210 £175x2 FA Caton
£205 WP&B Walker
£200 JC&N Throup
£200 £190 £180 CD&RF Kitching
£200 £180 £155 AJ Mason
£190 WA&A Booth
£190 £160 £158 JK Wilson
£185 S&T Fawcett
£180 JA&JC Throup
£165 KA&HL Fawcett
£160 Saddle End Farms
£160 AV Caton
£160 Ellis Bros
£160 KM&L Throup
£160 JR Lancaster
£155 CM&J Stott
£152 JM Daggett

Highest Flock Average (100 or more lambs presented)

FA Caton 220 av £145.41
WP&B Walker 205 av £140.32
AJ Mason 209 av £140.28
JA&R Caton 121 av £138.10
JC Walker & Son 144 av £136.10
JR Lancaster 143 av £135.15
CD&RF Kitching 434 av £134.84
JK Wilson 350 av £132.69
Ellis Bros 204 av £132.14
CM Ryder 228 av £130.86

Highest Flock Average (under 100 lambs presented)

S&T Fawcett 20 av £161.50
GJ&ME Walker 52 av £157.33
WA&A Booth 95 av £145.82
JC&N Throup 62 av £143.16
K&GJ Huck 30 av £142.00
J&G Huck 40 av £137.50
AS&L Throup 30 av £137.33
Saddle End Farms 50 av £136.00
SH TA & Sutcliffe 40 av £134.50
P Addyman & Son 66 av £133.32

BEST RUN OF LAMBS (Judged by Nick Bowker & Sam Bradley)
WP&B Walker

Winner of Guess the Average – Ben Stancliffe (£130.27)