ANNUAL SHOW & SALE OF JACOB SHEEP At the 46th Annual Show of Pedigree Jacob Sheep saw top price at 1400gns, the Overall Supreme Champion a Thornley Vulcan sired Shearling Gimmer bred from a Mealthop Dun Boy bred ewe exhibited by Howard Walsh. Top ewe lamb was a January twin sold by M Munros Kinloch Flock which made 740gns.

Best ewe price was 700gns a Hope Flash Lad bred 3 shear from the Pentrenant Flock of Mrs DJ Price. Ram trade was selective with a good clearence rate. Top was Greenbank Armani, a Rill Chill bred shearling shown by C Bentham which made 600gns.

Judge – Mr C Ricahrdson

Class 1 – Aged Ewe
1st DJ Price Lot 468 sold for 700gns
2nd KA Metcalf Lot 458 sold for 65gns
3rd KA Metcalf Lot 459 sold for 80gns
4th J Atkinson Lot 454 sold for 110gns
Class 2 – Shearling Ewe
1st H Walsh Lot 489 sold for 1400gns
2nd SG Benson Lot 555 sold for 650gns
3rd G Haworth Lot 534 sold for 450gns
4th G Haworth Lot 533 sold for 160gns
5th GA Ridout Lot 522 sold for 270gns
6th C Bentham lot 572 sold for 240gns
Class 3 – Ewe Lamb
1st RF Price Lot 634 sold for 450gns
2nd M Mumro Lot 595 sold for 740gns
3rd DL price Lot 608 sold for 320gns
4th G Fell Lot 562 unsold
5th M Munro Lot 599 sold for 540gns
6th T Lewis Lot 572 sold for 400gns
Class 4 – Aged Ram
1st SG Benson Lot 649 sold for 170gns
2nd L Burgess Lot 647 sold for 140gns
3rd KA Metcalfe Lot 645 unsold
Class 5 – Shearling Ram
1st RF Price Lot 649 sold for 200gns
2nd C Bentham Lot 659 sold for 600gns
3rd K Furzeland-Ridgway Lot 654 sold for 170gns
4th D Sizer Lot 658 sold for 220gns
5th SG Benson Lot 652 sold for 210gns
Class 6 – Ram Lamb
1st A Jones Lot 682 sold for 510gns
2nd RF Price Lot 666 sold for 220gns
3rd M Hurford Lot 667 sold for 190gns
4th A Christie Lot 661 sold for 320gns
5th GP Haworth Lot 673 sold for 140gns
6th M Munro Lot 677 unsold

Champion – H Walsh Lot 489
Reserve – RF Price Lot 657

Averages –
Ewe to 700gns av £278
Shearling Ewe to 1400gns av £237
Ewe Lamb to 740gns av £189
Shearling Ram to 600gns av £294
Ram Lamb to 510gns av £243

Prices –
H Walsh 1400gns
M Munro 740gns
RF&DJ Price 700gns 560gns
SG Benson 650gns
A Jones 510gns