NEW SHOW & SALE OF BLUE TEXEL SHEEP Skipton Mart was host to The Blue Texel Sheep Society when they held their Inaugural Autumn Show & Sale with a catalogue entry of 161 head. A tremendous show of sheep forward for sale, attracting a large crowd ringside.

The MIllside flock, property of David Alexander produced 4 sales at four figure prices including the sale leader at 2100gns for a shearling gimmer. Sired by Lyles Django out of a homebred dam, it sold to Pendle flock of Mark, Elaine and Izzy Hartley.
A trio of shearling gimmers from Millside sold at 1300gns each.
Becki Davis from the Rathbone flock took championship honours for her Hackney Captain sired shearling ram. Out of a Corra ewe by a Beili Blues imported sire, it sold for 1800gns to M Sivill.
Stephen and Mathew Benson from Pennington presented an excellent Pedigree Shearling Gimmer from their Mewstone flock, by Farm Mill Blues David, it found a new home at 1350gns with Barney Mellin of Long Preston.
Six other sheep sold at four figure prices, please look back early next week for an in depth press release report with full details.

Show results –
Judges: Mr M Sivill

Shearling Ram
1st B Dakin Lot 14 sold for 1800gns
2nd C&L Beck Lot 4 sold for 1000gns
3rd H Currie Lot 6 sold for 1150gns
4th MK Holmberg Lot 7 sold for 1000gns
Ram Lamb
1st AM&E Hartley Lot 58 sold for 750gns
2nd J Bailey Lot 56 sold for 400gns
3rd J Bailey Lot 55 unsold
4th C&L Beck Lot 59 unsold

Champion Male – B Dakin Lot 14
Reserve Male – AM&E Hartley Lot 58

Shearling Ewe
1st DCS Alexander Lot 99 sold for 2100gns
2nd DCS Alexander Lot 96 sold for 1300gns
3rd Baird & Coles Lot 73 sold for 750gns
4th B Dakin Lot 93 sold for 700gns
Ewe Lamb
1st A Padfield Lot 120 sold for 900gns
2nd A Padfield Lot 113 sold for 480gns
3rd SG Benson Lot132 sold for 680gns
4th E Williams Lot 123 sold for 500gns

Champion Female – DCS Alexander Lot 99
Reserve Female – DCS Alexander Lot 96

Overall Champion – B Dakin Lot 14
Overall Reserve – DCS Alexander Lot 99

Shearling Rams to 1800gns av £548 B Dakin
Ram Lamb to 1000gns av £486 P&L Melland
Aged Ewe to 1100gns av £635 SR Taylor
Shearling Ewe to 2100gns av £778 DCS Alexander
Ewe Lamb to 900gns av £456 A Padfield

Prices –
DCS Alexander 2100gns 1300gnsx3
B Dakin 1800gns
SG Benson 1350gns
C&L Beck 1200gns
H Currie 1150gns



Shearling Ram av £273 to 320gns F&HL Jackson
Aged Ewes av £892 to 850gns F&HL Jackson
Shearling Ewes av £647 to 1200gns F&HL Jackson
Ewe Lambs av £217 to 280gns L Reade

F&HL Jackson 1200gns