3rd ANNUAL AUTUMN SHOW & SALE OF PEDIGREE SUFFOLK FEMALES. A host of four figure prices, including two at 3000 plus, were the highlights of this years sale which included the dispersal of the Maverick Flock alongside regular consignments from noted flocks. In only its third year, this female sale is gaining in popularity and there was a huge crowd ringside and in the pens drawn by the offering.

The dispersal part of the sale was always going to be popular given the stamp of sheep on offer, and it was from Messrs Brown’s stock ewes where the days leading price came from. A young ewe born December 2019, sired by Lakeview Harbinger and inlamb to Forkins Dizzee Rascal, it made 3,200gns to Messrs Martindale of Blackrod.
Other chief prices on the day included 3,000gns paid to Stephen Bolland and his Wharfe Flock for a Stathbogie Supershot shearling ewe out a Limestone dam. She sold inlamb to Solwaybank Cracker to LJ Berry of Haslingden.
Glynis and Jane Soulsby of the Williamsgill Flock presented a Strathbogie Invictus Shearling ewe, inlamb to the 5,000gns Alloaks Jaguar purchased in Shrewsbury, and it was sold to Cob Clough Suffolks of Barkisland.
2 further sheep achieved 2000gns or more both from the Maverick Dispersal. Those being the leading price ewe Lamb at 2100gns, a granddaughter of Limestone Legacy from a Lakeview Harbinger sired dam, and then a lakeview Harbinger Ewe inlamb to Maverick Legacy selling at 2,000gns.
The sale averages were excellent as 20 ewes averaged £989, 18 Shearling Ewes £1210 and 32 Ewe Lambs £697
(Full report to follow)

Best Ewe
1st M Brown Lot 22 sold for 3200gns
2nd S Bolland Lot 2 sold for 1300gns
3rd GI Richmond Lot 4 sold for 750gns
Best Shearling Ewe
1st S Bolland Lot 26 sold for 3000gns
2nd SJ Buckley Lot 28 sold for 1500gns
3rd G&FJ Soulsby Lot 37 sold for 2200gns
Best Ewe Lamb
1st M Brown Lot 49 1200gns
2nd TA Blair Lot 63 750gns
3rd I Briggs Lot 56 800gns
Champion – M Brown Lot 22 Reserve – SJ Bolland Lot 26

Principle Prices –
Ewes av £989 (2020 £603)
M Brown 3200gns 2000gns 1500gns 1400gns 1100gns 900gns 800gns; S Bolland 1300gns; 800gns 750 G Richmond

Shearlings av £1210 (2020 £720)
S Bolland 3000gns; SJ Buckley 1500gns 1400gns 1250gns 1200gns 1000gns; G&FJ Soulsby 2200gns; 1000gns M Brown

Gimmer Lambs av £697 (2020 £477)
2100gns 1400gns 1200gns 1000gns(x2) 800(x2) M Brown; 1400gns 900gns PJ Lupton; 800gns ID&JC Briggs; 750 TA Blair.