CCM Auctions conducted the Northern Area Texel Sheep Breeders Club Sale at Skipton Mart on Thursday and Friday this week. Forward 435 head.

Shearling Rams –
An excellent entry of Shearling Rams for sale today seeing the usual sound commercial trade at Skipton underpinning an increasing number of customers looking for breeders sheep, with shearling rams levelling at £893.77, a rise of £40 per head on 2020.
Leading the section at 2800gns was the 3rd prize from GL Riby with Stonehills Dynamite. By Knock Yankee, this much fancied sort was taken home by Messrs TJ Hall & Son of Hawick.
Procters Farm from Tatham were close behind with Tatham Hall Deacon Blue. Bred from a Thrunton Unique dam line, and sired by Caereinion Bonus it made 2600gns to NL Kendal of Hebden Bridge.
Procters Farm also sold another shearling bred exactly the same way at 2000gns, this time selling to N&CL Brown of Farleton.
The Anglezarke flock of SR Symes made 2500gns of their single entry in the shearling class, a Midlock Yorkie (Deveronvale Warrior) son selling to JM&B Brown & Son of Lofthouse, Nidderdale.
The champion sheep in the sale came from JL North, Loxley when his Alderview Corona sired shearling ram took the eye of show judge Robert Pierce. Later it sold for 2000gns to CD Cornthwaite, Bolton by Bowland.
The last shearling ram at 2000gns came from a superb pen consigned by D Pawson & Son of the Yellow Hill flock. By Peacehayy Block Buster out of a Greenalls Van Persie ewe it went up to Berwick upon Tweed with RJ Bradbury.
39 other shearling rams sold at four figure prices.

Shearling Rams;
2800gns GL RIby
2600gns 2000gns 1700gns Procters Farm
2500gns SR Symes
2000gns 1800gns 1700gns JL North
2000gns 1800gns D Pawson & Son
1800gns 1700gns S&A Taylor
1700gns PC&EJ Longdin
1600gns G Taylor
1600gns M Ireland

Leading Shearling Ram Averages
JL North, Loxley, 6 av £1732
Procters Farm, Procters, 8 av £1470
S&A Taylor, Dearne House, 7 av £1319
D Pawson & Son, Yellow Hill, 7 av £1319
Ben Marsden, Liley, 5 av £1239
W Farnell, Ridge Side, 2 av £1128
SJ&SL Beachell, Samsar, 2 av £1025
GL Riby, Stonehills, 5 av £1071
PC Longdin, Wellingley, 8 av £1036
AF Harker, Bendgate 4 av £1010
S Richardson, Stonebridge, 6 av £961

Ram Lambs –
The ram lamb section was marked by an excellent entry of high quality sheep across the board, a fact which had not escaped the notice of a considerable number of buyers who stayed on after the shearling rams. Top call was 3600gn paid by M Brown of Nidderdale for the first prize recorded lamb and champion recorded male, Alwent Emperor, ranked in the top 5% of the breed, a son of the 13,000gn Usk Vale Crackerjack bred from a Sportsmans Tremendous ewe sold by T Nesbitt and Sons’ Alwent flock.
The Stainton flock of Peter Woof produced the Duncryne Chieftain son Stainton Energy which similarly is bred from a Sportsmans Tremendous ewe which sold to PJ&H Hartley of Bashall Eaves for 1600gns whilst their second prize recorded lamb Stainton Envoy featuring in the top 1% of the breed index sold for 1000gns. Envoy is another Chieftain son bred out of a ewe by Eden Valley A1.
Richard Wilson’s Eden Valley flock was represented by Eden Valley Ever After, a Craig Douglas Dancer son bred from a dam which is by Aldan Blockbuster which made 1200gns to the Bendgate Flock.
Geoff Ribey’s Stonehills flock was second in the open lamb class with Stonehills Epic a Stonehills Double 07 son which made 600gns but their top achiever was Stonehills England at 1100gns, a Craig Douglas Dancer sired lamb bred from a Glanllyn Wallis ewe which joined GJ&W Taylor. The lamb section saw a near total clearance and an average of £525, which was in no small due to the quality of the entry.

Ram Lambs;
3600gns T Nesbitt
1600gns 1000gns PK Woof
1200gns R Wilson
1100gns GL Riby
1000gns PR Byas
950gns JV Perrings
950gns R Stevenson
900gns Dromonby Bridge Farm
900gns Messrs Teward

Leading Lamb averages:
T Nesbitt, Alwent, 1 av £3780
R Wilson, Eden Valley 2 av £945
Messrs Teward, Newview, 3 av £822
PK Woof, Stainton, 6 av £803
S&J Stevenson, Brickhills, 2 av £803
PR Byas, Middledale 2 av £735
GL Riby, Stonehills, 5 av £644
Ryan Bradley, Bradleys, 2 @ £630
RS&J Bradley, Farhey, 2 av £630
JL North, Loxley, 4 av £564

Females -
The Champion Female & Reserve Supreme Champion was Lot 98, a shearling gimmer from The Bradley Family, sired by Sportmans Cantona, she found a home with Mr Ryan-Davies from Wales. Reserve Champion Female was Lot 132 from David Houghton, second prize in class to the above champion who sold for 950gns bought by Mr Phillips of Castle Douglas. Top price of the evening was a shearling gimmer Lot 94 (Sub) from first time consignor Boden & Davis, a Plasucha Big Gun daughter selling to Miss Sarah Priestley of Bentham for 1600gns.

Shearling Ewes;
1600gns 1000gns Boden & Davies
1300gns RS&J Bradley
1000gns C Ashbridge
950gns JD Houghton
900gns FA Nairey

Ewe Lambs;
320gns 280 gns KM&C Parker
300gns DA&H Pickles
300gns T Pateman

Leading Female Averages:
Boden & Davies, Sportsmans, 3 av £1189
R&SJ Bradley, Newhey, 2 av £1102
C Ashbridge, Hambleton, 4 av £826
Messrs Teward, Newview, 4 av £642
PK Woof, Stainton 3 av £612
JD Houghton, Tophill, 8 av £596
GL Riby, Stonehills 4 av £563
Dromonby Bridge Farm, Dromonby, 6 av £541

AVERAGES – (2020)
Shearling Ewes – av £468.25 (£512.43)
Ewe Lambs – av £257.25
Shearling Rams – av £892.77 (£852.35)
Ram Lambs – av £525.00 (£384.30)

Sale Sponsors –
Minexcel Nutrition & JG Animal Health.

Show Results –
Judge – Robert Pierce, Chester

Class 1 – Shearling Ewe
1st RS&J Bradley & Son Lot 98 sold for 1300gns
2nd JD Houghton Lot 132 sold for 950gns
3rd A Nairey Lot 106 sold for 900gns
4th Boden & Davies Lot 92 sold for 1000gns
5th GL Riby Lot 25 sold for 850gns
6th JS Lodge Lot 44 unsold

Class 2 – Ewe Lamb
1st KM&C Parker Lot 175 sold for 320gns
2nd DA&H Pickles Lot 167 sold for 300gns
3rd P Sykes Lot 159 sold for 200gns
4th T Pateman Lot 170 sold for 300gns
5th M Ireland Lot 174 sold for 220gns
6th Davies & Wareing Lot 161 unsold

Class 3 – Shearling Ram
1st JL North Lot 260 sold for 2000gns
2nd Procters Farm Lot 197 sold for 2600gns
3rd GL Riby Lot 358 sold for 2800gns
4th D Pawson & Sons Lot 336 sold for 2000gns
5th M Ireland Lot 303 sold for 1600gns
6th SJ&SL Beachell Lot 252 sold for 1100gns

Class 4 – Signet Recorded Shearling Ram
1st Procters Farm Lot 194 sold for 1100gns
2nd S Richardson Lot 181 sold for 1300gns
3rd RM&EA Payne & Son Lot 207 sold for 700gns
4th J&RM Lucas & Son Lot 332 unsold

Class 5 – Ram Lamb
1st R Bradley Lot 388 sold for 800gns
2nd GL Riby Lot 495 sold for 600gns
3rd JL North Lot 409 sold for 600gns
4th Procters Farm Lot 442 sold for 450gns
5th R Wilson Lot 394 sold for 1200gns
6th S&J Stevenson Lot 521 sold for 950gns

Class 6 – Recorded Ram Lamb
1st T Nesbitt & Son Lot 488 sold for 3600gns
2nd PK Woof Lot 423 sold for 1000gns
3rd Procters Farm Lot 441 sold for 600gns
4th SJ&SL Beachell Lot 508 sold for 450gns
5th DA&H Pickles Lot 406 sodl for 550gns


MALE CHAMPION – JL North Lot 260
RESERVE MALE CHAMPION – Procters Farm Lot 197