CCM Auctions held their their Annual Multi Breed Rams & Females Sale at Skipton Mart, which for just this year has been split over 2 days again. Forward: 815 head of Rams & Females. Thursday – 140 head. Friday – 675 head.



A super trade for Suffolk Rams today with a smaller entry forward to previous years, however quality was in abundance and the trade was there to match them. A healthy show of both ram lambs and shearlings were put out to show and expertly dissected by John Mellin of Black Lane Ends. The Championship which was tightly contested found the Shearling Ram from The Lawn Family of None Go Bye Farm, Skipton – the regular Skipton exhibitors saw their Champion reach 1000gns selling to the judge. Reserve Champion Ram lamb again from a local exhibitor - Stephen Bolland found a ready audience of bidders with his entry selling for 1000gns in fact, the first three ram lambs shown by Stephen Bolland all went on to make 1000gns selling to regular purchasers. Top price of the day however belonged to a stylish, tight skinned shearling presented by John and Alison North of Giggleswick selling to 1200gns.

100% clearance for the Suffolk Section today which needs crediting to the Vendors for providing such a quality run of tups. A joy to sell.

Shearling Ram Av £621 Top 1200gns
Lamb Ram Av £559 Top 1000gns

Prices (gns) – 1200gns JL North – 1000gns GM&A Lawn – 1000gns x3, 750gns 600gns SJ Bolland – 920gns , 800gns ID&JC Briggs; 750gns ML Evans; 650gns F Reeday; 650gns DJ&LJ Holt; 620gns L Needham


The MV sheep section -
Tups a solid trade today with Beltex Cross and Charollois tups selling to a good wide audience. S Calvert and S Asquith sold tups to 520gns. Plenty of commercial tups 300-500gns and smaller end 200-320gns. Strong Charollois tups 420-600gns with smaller end and tup lambs 300-420gns. Zwarbtles sold to 120gns. Females sold to a wide audience with Zwarbtles selling to 230gns.

Shearling Ram av £212 Top 320gns
Shearling Ewe av £199 Top 200gns
Ram Lamb av £315 Top 300gns

Prices (gns) –
320gns 300gns C Cochran

Shearling - 1st CW Marwood 2nd R Bamforth 3rd M Worthington
Lamb - 1st CW Marwood

Shearling Ram Av £446 Top 600gns
Lamb Ram Av £372 Top 400gns

Prices (gns) –
600gns 400gns CW Marwood
580gns R Bamforth

Hampshires sold to a mixed trade with females and some best end tups trading well but crossing type tups harder to place. Females sold to 400gns twice from JR Craig, Rathmell. Hampshire tups to 350gns from CM Brant & Son, Market Rasen.

Shearling Ram Av £301
Shearling Ewes Av £420

Prices (gns) –
400gns JR Craig
350gns CM Brant
320gns 300gns J Galbraith & Son

1st S Calvert 2nd S Asquith 3rd C Windle

Shearling Ram Av £332 Top 520gns

Prices (gns)
520gns 480gns S Calvert
520gns S Asquith

Male - 1st PI&TJ Harsley 2nd RA Hird 3rd RA Hird
Female - 1st RA Hird 2nd RA Hird

Zwartable Ewes av £220 Top 230gns
Zwartable Rams av £105 Top 120gns

Cheviot av £301 Top 300gns



Texel tups sold to a wide audience today with purchasers forward for all shapes and sizes. Best skinned tups sold tremendous with best end 850gns and more. 4 tups sold into 4 figures with 1st prize Tup from CD Cornthwaite, Bolton by Bowland selling to the judge Mr Richard Wilson, Beckwithshaw for 1400gns. Strong tups with size and skin 700-800gns whilst commercial tups sold in the ranges of 400-650gns with some smaller goods a touch less. Overall Texel Tup Shearling avg levelled out at 602gns. Texel Tup Lambs a nice trade with skins and length taking a strong lead with 400-500gns for best end whilst commercial goods went onto sell between the 150-300gns range.
Texel females sold well with best end and prize winners 250-380gns. Top price came from FA Nairey, Blackburn selling there Texel Shearling ewe for 450gns. More commercial goods either side of 200gns.

Class 1 – Ram Lamb
1st R Wilson Lot 419 2nd R Bradley Lot 421 3rd A Gault Lot 415
Class 2 - Shearling Ram
1st C Cornthwaite Lot 316 2nd Procters Farms Lot 385 3rd Procters Farm Lot 392
Class 3 – Female
1st FA Nairey Lot 253 2nd FA Nairey Lot 252 3rd J Perrings Lot 241

Champion – C Cornthwaite Lot 316 Reserve – Procters Farm Lot 385

Shearling Rams av £601 (2020 £604)
Ram Lamb av £329 (2020 £339)
Shearling Ewe av £258 (2020 £344)
Ewe Lamb av £165

Prices (gns) –
Shearling Ram
1400gns 1100gns CD Cornthwaite; 1080gns 1050gns 950gns 920gns Procters Farm; 950gns PR Weaver; 920gns 900gns x2 WH&MA Keighley; 900gns 820gns D Pawson & Son;

Lamb Ram
500gns(x2) A Gault; 450gns 420gns 400gns JS Lodge; 400gns (x2) R Wilson (Appleby); 400gns JV Perrings; 400gns CD Cornthwaite; 400gns Procters Farm;

Shearling Gimmer
450gns 380gns 280gns FA Nairey; 280gns RS&J Bradley; 280gns B&A Myers & Daughters;


There was a large selection of rams forward in the Non MVA section this year with 480 head entered.
The buying trend this year appeared to see purchasers leaning more towards rams with power and length rather than an extreme carcass ram that was smaller in stature. As a result the ¾ Texel types with an outcross of Charollais or Beltex were generally a better trade than the pure and ¾ bred Beltex.
Peak price of the day was 2,200gns paid for a strong correct Texel Shearling Ram consigned by Geoff & Anne Robinson of Pannal as part of their Annual Consignment of Texel and Charollais cross rams. Overall, Messrs Robinson sold 9 rams at four figure prices.
Anthony Thompson of Foulridge was awarded champion ram in the Non MVA section by the show judge Mr Tony Kiernan, which later went on to make 1500gns. Mr Thompson also sold another ram at 1900gns which was not out for judging.
In total, 30 rams in this section sold at four figure prices. But its no surprise, given my earlier comments, to find that the average for Texel Rams was up £73 and for Beltexs down by £29 on the year.

Show – Judged by Tony Kiernan, St Michaels
1st AL Thompson Lot 750 2nd JGE Heseltine Lot 622 3rd JM&SM Priestley Lot 860
Texel Shearling Ram av £586 Top 2200gns
Beltex Shearling Ram av £596 Top 1900gns
Beltex Lamb Ram av £339 Top 450gns
Charollais Shearling Ram av £412 Top 700gns
Charollais Ram Lamb av £273 Top 280gns
Suffolk x Shearling Ram av £469 Top 600gns

Prices (gns) –
Shearling Ram
2220gns 1500gns RC Robinson; 1900gns 1500gns 1400gns 1200gns AL Thompson; 1400gns 1250gns 1200gns SD Bennett; 1400gns T Craddock; 1300gns; 1200gns TC Whiteford;

Lamb Ram
450gns 400gns 380gns 350gns 300gns AL Thompson; 300gns B&M Slater;