Good trade today for the Rare Breeds with buyers out for quality. Herdwick ewes from C Mellin sold from 150-180gns. Plenty of customers ringside for Hill bred sheep including quality Herdwick tups. 10-year-old Poppy Throup, Silsden sold her Herdwick shlg Tup for 260gns.

A lot of Tup lambs forward of all breeds with prices for most breeds being around 60-80gns for commercial goods but some goods going away to improve breeding flocks selling upto 200gns. Plenty of North Ronaldsay Tup lambs selling at 45-90gns. Shetland 2 shear ewes selling from 60-70gns. Good sale with almost full clearance and gimmers of all breeds selling very well.
Goats sold to 405gns for Nannys. Quality Nannys well sized and fed sold to extreme rates. 200-300gns for big strong young goats. Plainer end of young Nannys 120-180gns. Young wethers sold from 40-70gns to feed on. Putifts sold regular 170 for the plainer end and 210 for older grown outfits.

Cattle –
Best Male – M Holmes Lot 203 sold for £860
Best Female – P Greenhalgh Lot 208 unsold

Galloway to £860
Longhorn to £500
Red Poll to £480

Sheep –
Primitive Male –
1st C Shevelan Lot 346
2nd C Shevelan Lot 347
3rd K Corr Lot 247
Primitive Female –
1st C Shevelan Lot 348
2nd K Corr Lot 248
3rd C Shevelan Lot 354
Longwool Male –
1st J Ryder Lot 288
2nd T&S Holgate Lot 276
Longwool Female –
1st L Fort Lot 303
2nd L Fort Lot 302
3rd L Fort Lot 304
Down Male –
1st Fisher Hoggarth Lot 339
2nd R Bate Lot 334
3rd R Bate Lot 330
Down Female –
1st Fisher Hoggarth Lot 345
2nd Fisher Hoggarth Lot 341
3rd R Bate Lot 330
Hill & Heath Male –
1st IK&AM Grisedale Lot 299
2nd J Ryder Lot 289
3rd M Eaton Lot 310
Hill & Heath Female –
1st IK&AM Grisedale Lot 300
2nd J Keefe Lot 246
3rd D Lewis Lot 326

Champion – IK&AM Grisedale Lot 299
Reserve Champion – IK&AM Grisedale Lot 300

Principle Prices:
Herdwicks – 280gns
Ryedale – 220gns
Grey Faced Dartmoor – 400gns
Zwartable – 110gns
Shetland –
Badgers – 140gns
White Faced – 160gns
Kerry Hill – 240gns
Jacob – 100gns

Judge – Henry Bailey
Class 1 – Best Pen Small Fowl
1st JP Heely sold for £80
2nd S Moore sold for £30
3rd S Hitchen sold for £40
Class 2 – Best Pen of Large Fowl
1st D&L Clapham sold for £45
2nd P Barwood sold for £60
3rd AGR Knaggs sold for £60
Class 3 – Best Water Fowl
1st G Seedall sold for £58
2nd G Seedal sold for £40l
3rd OT Poultry sold for £26

Champion – JP Heeley
Reserve – G Seedall

Top Prices
Trio Ducks £100
Trio Light Sussex £80
3 Copper Black Maran £65
Runner Ducks £62
Cayuga Ducks £62
Fawn & White Ducks £62

Easy Care Sheep

Shearlings 155gns P Boustead
150gns x3 145gns J Waddington
145gns x2 J Hobson

Ewes Lambs 100gns C Taylor
100gns J Taylor

Rams 600gns 400gns J Hobson
350gns JJ Garnett

Special Sale of Goats

4th Sale of Pedigree and Pure Bred Goats.

Principle prices
405gns 310gns 280gns Boer Nannies
280gns Boer Billy
210gns Nanny & Kid