Forward: 4,770 head of Gimmer Shearlings Shearling Gimmers were forward in good numbers today for the Annual Special Sale at Skipton where averages were significantly up on the year, very much in line with both vendors and purchasers expectations. This year we were able to return to having a Prize Show in the usual manner, and classes were held for Continental, Suffolk, Cheviot Mule, Masham and North of England Mule. A full list of results and prize awards is below.

Continental Shearlings found a three tier trade, the very best sheep were keenly contested and £200 plus was commonplace for the quality lots, whilst Thomas Boothman of Linton took top price honours when selling his Champion Pen, which had earlier received a new trophy, The James Boothman Memorial Trophy, for a wonderful £300 per head. The nice sorts, especially if medium to strong bodied sheep and including sheep that have had lambs found a ready ringside of buyers, £155 to £200 being the main price range. Smaller or leaner commercial types though were discounted by buyers today and were down the cut in the prices. Texel average was £185, +£31 on the year.
Cheviot Mules have come more into fashion and prices would reflect this today, Will Wildman sold a brace of pens at £195 per head, Robert Wade Cononley £190 and James Hall Darnbrook £180.
Suffolk crosses were along similar lines to Cheviot Mules, better sheep in the £170’s and £180’s apart from a pen from E Webster that made £350.
Masham Shearlings included the main Association Show & Sale, producing a sale average of £187 per head, and £208 top price for WD Dowthwaite of Kirkby Overblow.
Mule Shearlings were a very nice trade, better sheep taking a nice lift on the year, middle runs of sheep would be the furthest up on the year, and commercial sheep also taking a useful lift. The average for North of England Mules was £176, some £26 up on the year. J&E Greenhalgh of Clitheroe took top prices at £232 and £230, James Towler of Grindleton was right in the mix when selling at £220, and James Hall Darnbrook took £220 twice and £215 for his best three pens.


Wednesday 24th August
Show & Sale of 8,630 Store Lambs
Pens of 50 or more Mule Wether Lambs (Stephen Foster Memorial Trophy)
Sale 10.00am. Catalogue online.

Tuesday 7th September
Opening Show & Sale of Mule Gimmer Lambs
Catalogue entries close 4pm Wednesday 25th August

Tuesday 14th September
Second Sale of Shearling Gimmers & All classes of Breeding Sheep
Entries close Monday 6th September

Judges – Tom Heseltine & Martin Throup
Mule Shearlings (Pens of 10)
1st J&E Greenhalgh sold for £230
2nd J&E Greenhalgh sold for £232
3rd WA VJ JA Towler sold for £220
4th JW Hall sold for £220

Masham Shearlings from Members of The MSBA (Pens of 10)
Judge Ernie Sherwin
1st WD Douthwaite & Partners sold for £205
2nd KA Liddle sold for £200
3rd WD Douthwaite sold for £208

Masham Shearlings (Non Members)
Judge Ernie Sherwin
1st V Verity & Son sold for £185
2nd M Elliott sold for £200
3rd V Verity & Son sold for £180

Continental Shearlings (Pens of 10)
Judge Andrew Haggas
1st T Boothman sold for £300
2nd RH&MR Ireland sold for £215
3rd O Wells sold for £215

Cheviot Mule Shearlings (Pens of 10)
Judge Andrew Haggas
1st JW Hall sold for £180
2nd W Wildman sold for £195

Suffolk Shearlings (Pens of 10)
Judge Andrew Haggas
1st W&M Oldfield sold for £180


Mule Shearlings av £175.57 +£26.54
Masham Shearlings av £187.20 +£30.38
Texel Shearlings av £185.74 +£31.67
Suffolk Shearlings av £174.66 +£23.47
Cheviot Mule Shearlings av £173.37 - £5.65
Beltex Shearlings av £170.00 - £24.62
Charollais Shearlings av £190


J&E Greenhalgh £232 £230 £212
JW Hall £220x2 £212 £210
WA VJ JA Towler £220
Fox Farm £210x2

WD Douthwaite £208 £205 £200x2 WD Douthwaite
KA Liddle £200 £198
MA Elliott £200
P Lofthouse £190

T Boothman £300
D&SJ Pinder £235 £225 £220
LW&EJ Coverdale £230x2 £225 £220
PN Dalby £225
KW Gamble £220
D Pawson & Son £220

EB Webster £350
JC&PS Turner £185 £170
W&M Oldfield £180
TJ Burke £180 £172

Cheviot Mule-
W&M Bland £195x2
JA&JM Wade £190
JW Hall £180 £175 £155
W&M Oldfield £165

JGE Heseltine £230
JR&PH Hodgson £190
M Thwaite £170
GB Moorhouse £165

Sale Sponsors – British Wool Marketing Board