Fortnightly Sale of Young Feeding Bulls, Store Bullocks & Heifers, Breeding Cattle Forward: 507 head of cattle Comprising: 364 Feeding Cattle (95 Young Bulls, 41 Beef Feeding Cows & Bulls, 228 Bullocks & Heifers) & 143 Breeding Cattle.


Feeding Bulls - Feeding Bull trade as strong as ever and fortunate to have in the entry a number of high quality consignments of late spring/summer 2020 calves. Top of the 10 months and under bulls was a late August born  British Blue cross at £1430 and a September born bull of the same breed at £1410 both from JE& DJ Hutchinson from Hebblethwaite. Earlier in the month of August but making the entry 10 months and over was a Limousin from Andy Rigby of Slaidburn which made £1580 whilst a July Limousin from the same vendor made £1540. Richard Elliotts reliable run of July/August 20 Simmentals peaked at £1460. October/ November calves were making £1300 if high quality as feeders struggle to keep pens full and at the lower end of the weights little slipped below £1000 if suckler bred. Top priced bulls were £1660 and £1600 for a pair of Limousins, just over a year old, from North Ribblesdale Farmers John & Rob Lambert of Selside. 


Feeding Cows - 41 Feeding Cows, OTMs & Stock Bulls were a very sharp trade seeing an overall selling average of £1103 per head. Heavy cows were keenly contested selling from £1200 up to £1370 for a Blue cross from Johny & Mary Carr of Askwith, Otley. Others at £1320 from DR Kayley of Halton West and £1310 from J Drinkall Ltd of Anglezarke.
First cross cows with frame easily £1000 to £1100 and ¾ bred cows £50 to £100 more.  
A shortage of lightweight lean lasses about today and hence only 7 cows sold under £1000.
More required for next sale with a competitive ringside of buyers covering demand for all classes from short keep to genuine grazing types. Speak to Jeremy or Ted for more details.


Stores - Store Cattle seeing no hold up in trade today with the less numbers about nationally only causing them to go dearer and several new customers attending ringside looking for stock.
A large run of Black and White feeding cattle were on fire with best pens large of good meat Friesian £1175-£1200 for pens of 6. A pen of 9 leaner goods and slightly smaller sold to £1070 from the same vendors Williamson Bros, Ulverston. Other feeding Black and Whites £900-£1040. Younger grazing Friesian cattle either side of £700. A total of 36 Black and White bullocks sold today to avg £945.
Large feeding continentals both Suckler bred and Dairy bred sold to a more active audience on the fortnight. Suckler bred 15-month-old Char x Blks from P&E Fox, Clitheroe sold at £1350-£1450. Other suckler bred R Grades £1240-£1280. Young grazing Char X Blks all £870+ with many either side of £1000.
Blue Blks sold to £1400 from A Fawcett, Harrogate. Regular vendor E&MA Burrow & Son, Lancaster sold large well fleshed Blue x Friesian cattle at £1330-£1360. Other large feeders £1260-£1320. Next grade down dearer on the fortnight as well with the smaller feeding models £1160-£1220. A couple of 7-month-old grazers at £760. Lim Blks £1300-£1420 for the best with 8 lots coming from 7 different vendors and all exceeding £1300. Other large Blks £1260+. Younger end mainly mid £900’s to £1050/£1100.

Large Blue heifers with full flesh £1250-£1330. 2 OTM Blue heifers sold to £1460. Next grade of good feeding blue heifers £1170-£1200 with the lowest price Blue heifer being £1100 at 15months old.
Limousin heifers were an animated trade today. Andrew Rigby of Slaidburn in the heart of the Hodder Valley sold 4 in the price ranges of £1500-£1570 for some premium fleshed heifers out of a run of 9 that averaged £1442. Plenty of good heifers £1310-£1400, whilst suckler bred yearling heifers were regularly £1080 to £1150, anything smarter suitable for retail use could reach mid £1200’s.


A feature of todays sale was a larger than normal entry of breeding cattle helped by two dispersal’s from J Drinkall and S Bennett. The second part sale from Messrs Drinkall saw Angus outfits reach £2200 and £2000. Other good working outfits from this home included many with a shorthorn cross in them and making £1500/£1800 the outfit for mid age cows with May born Calves.
The larger dispersal this sale came from Silsden farmer Simon Bennett who chose to disperse his commercial Limousin and Blue cross Suckler herd. Cows with winter born calves and having run with the bull could command prices around £2000, whilst the pick of the sale came from a run of second calved Limousin x Blue cows with premium calves and the best outfits at £3200 and £3100 and £2900, the best of the rest mainly mid £2000’s. Older working cows with a nice calf mid to late teens. Please note, Mr Bennett will have a second consignment in around a months time, keep an eye on the press for more details.
Two Stock bulls today, both Limousin makig £2900 and £2600.






450 HEAD comprising 100 Young Bulls, 50 Beef Bred feeding Cows, 250 Bullocks and Heifers

& 50 Breeding Cattle


Catalogue Entries close 4pm Wednesday 14th July



Prices and Averages

Young Bulls Continental x average £1260, Native average £1134


Charollais x (Av £1296)

£1430 RD Elliott; £1280 £1270 RM Wilson; £1230 CA Foster;

Simmental x (Av £1383)

£1460 £1430 £1420 £1380 £1320 RD Elliott; £1280 £1210 JD Loftus;  

Limousin x (Av £1207)

£1660 £1600 W&A Lambert; £1580 £1540 £1480 A Rigby; £1490 H Wood; £1490 JE Cowperthwaite; £1450 J Baines;  

Brit Blue x (Av £1348)

£1560 J Baines; £1430 £1410 £1380 £1310 JE&DJ Hutchinson; £1000 P&P Fawcett;  

Ab Angus (Av £1163)

£1220 J Lohan; £1080 T Boothman; £1020 M Preston;  

Shorthorn (Av £965)

£1020 £980 £960 £900 A Wilson;

Stabiliser (Av £1180)

£1180 J&A Smales;



Beef Bred Feeding Cows av £1103, Bulls av £1720


Simmental           to £1170 av £1013

Limousin              to £1230 av £1056

Blonde                  to £1040 av £1035

AA                          to £1320 av £1086

Shorthorn           to £1220 av £1137

Devon                   to £ av £

Saler                      to £1030 av £1030

Brit Blue               to £1370 av £1192

Charolais              to £1230 av £1155

Linc Red               to £ av £


AA Bull                  to £1720


Top prices - £1720 T Boothamn; £1370 J&ME Carr; £1320 DR Kayley; £1310 J Drinkall; £1290 E&M Townley; £1240T&A Hird; £1230 RP Holt;  



Store Bullocks – Continental x average £1188, Native average £983

Charollais (Av £1067)

£1450 £1350 P&E Fox; £1280 £1110 DA Pratt; £1270 A Fawcett; £1240 JR Taylor; £880 TB Moorhouse;

Simmental x (Av £1075)

£1270 A Fawcett; £880 TB Moorhouse;

Limousin x (Av £1172)

£1420 R Bradley; £1380 Fair Place; £1380 £1350 Ellis Bros; £1350 £1300 TH Heslop; £1340 WP&B Walker; £1310 P&E Fox;  

Ab Angus (Av £1091)

£1180 G&R Bulmer; £1120 £1030 JA&JC Throup; £1035 MP Jennings;  

Saler x (Av £980)

£980 Beeston Hall;

Brit Blue x (Av £1220)

£1400 A Fawcett; £1360 £1300 £1320 E&MA Burrow; £1360 EW&E Lucas; £1320 M Ryder & Son; £1300 R Naylor;  

Hereford (Av £925)

£1130 A Fawcett; £720 M Killgannon;

Shorthorn (Av £1280)

£1280 R Naylor;

B&W (Av £945)

£1200 £1175 £1070 £1040 £895 £700 Williamson Bros; £960 £985 MP Jennings;

Galloway (Av £910)

£940 £880 RW Hebdon;

Mont Bel (Av £1040)

£1180 R Naylor; £1040 SW&JR Ryder; £900 JA&JC Throup;

Flechvieh (Av £1067)

£1200 £1070 £1040 Williamson Bros;



Store Heifers – Continental x average £1137, Native average £978

Charollais x (Av £1195)

£1195 A Fawcett;

Limousin x (Av £1105)

£1570 £1530 £1520 £1500 £1480 £1390 A Rigby; £1400 WP&B Walker; £1360 A Fawcett; £1310 TH Heslop;   

Blonde (Av £1165)

£1170 M Mallinson; £1160 N&J Thwaite;   

Ab Angus (Av £1000)

£1160 R Naylor; £1080 A Hardy; £880 GJ Edwards;  

Brit Blue x (Av £1260)

£1460 High Field Farm; £1330 S Spensley; £1250 M Ryder; £1190 MP Jennings; £1190 £1170 R Naylor; £1170 GT Booth;  

Shorthorn (Av £1150)

£1150 R Naylor;

Hereford (Av £820)

£1040 G&R Bulmer; £600 M Kilgannon;



Fortnightly Breeding Cattle –


Lim Stock Bull 3 yrs                                       to £2600

Limx Hfrs with Limx bull calves                  to £1800

Limx Hfrs with Limx hfr calves                   to £2000

BBx Hfrs with Limx bull calves                   to £1700

BBx Cows with BBx hfr calves                    to £1850               av.£1775

BSH Hfrs with BSH hfr calves                        to £1300


Dispersal cows J Drinkall Ltd

AA Cows with AA steer calves                     to £2200               av.£1800

AA Cows with Beef Short x str calves        to £1550

AA Hfrs with AA hfr calves                            to £1600

BSH Cows with AAx Hfr calves                     to £1500

BSH Cow with Char x str calves                   to £1420

BSH Hfr with BSH hfr calves                         to £1400

BBx Cows with Charx str calves                   to £1500

BBx Cows with Char x hfr calves                 to £1750

BBx Cows with AAX hfr calves                     to £1500


Dispersal cows SD Bennett

BBx Cows with Limx bull calves                 to £2400               av.£1889

BBx Cows with Limx hfr calves                   to £2200               av. £2100

BBx Cows with AAx bull calves                   to £1800

BBx Cows with Limx bull calves                  to £1920               av. £1710

BBx Cows with Limx hfr calves                   to £3200               av. £2275

BBx Hfrs with Limx hfr calves                     to £2050

Limx Cows with Lim bull calves                  to £3100               av.£2038

Limx Cows with Limx hfr calves                 to £2100               av. £1967

Limx Cows with BBx hfr calves                   to £1800

Limx Hfrs with Lim bull calves                    to £3300               av.£2263

Limx Hfrs with Lim hfr calves                     to £2000               av.£1825

Limx Hfrs with BBx bull calves                   to £1700

AAx Cows with AA hfr calves                      to £1900


Limousin Stock Bull 4 yo                               to     £2900





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