Fortnightly Sale of Young Feeding Bulls, Store Bullocks & Heifers, Breeding Cattle. Forward: 612 head of cattle Comprising: 572 Feeding Cattle (131 Young Bulls, 44 Beef Feeding Cows & Bulls, 397 Bullocks & Heifers) & 35 Breeding Cattle & 5 Pedigree Cattle.


Feeding Bulls – bidding for bulls was less frenetic with an easing of factory prices with small shapey bulls still a sharp trade and the stronger bulls a shade easier. Best heavy bulls remained topside of £1400. Under 9mos ave £1012 and 10-12mos ave £1112.

Reminder bulls which are vaccinated with Risp 4 twice continue to be sought by buyers.  


Feeding Cows – Another seasonal selection of cows and stock bulls on offer today comprising 44 head. Stock Bulls peaked at £1900 for a British Blue from SD Gill of Dacre, others at £1750 and £1520. The entry of cows lacked the quality strong short keep types seen over recent months with a more genuine entry of cows to turn out and graze. Just of couple of plain types under £600, but straight cows for long term keep £600/£700. Strong framed leaner first cross cows late £700s to late £800’s, and medium types to £1000. Heavier Suckler bred types continue at 4 figure prices even though factory price is just on the wane and buyers were operating with that in mind, having said this the heaviest cows still hit £1400 from Mandy Rogers Halton East, £1360 for a Limousin from Littondale’s Stuart & Stephen Lund and £1300 for fellow Wharfedale farmer Robert Lambert Coniston with Kilnsey.

Stores - Strong numbers of cattle once again with a mixed show and trade followed. Large feeding cattle no less on the previous sale and in some cases dearer on the fortnight. Plenty of large dairy bred Blue bullocks £1220-£1340, next step down £1140-£1200 and Smaller feeders all £1040+. Overall avg for blue bullocks came to £1205. Native bullocks a cracking trade. Top price from KM&L Throup, Silsden Moor at £1310. Best heavy Angus bullocks £1260-£1310. Purchasers definately out for feeding cattle with age to fill frame grow outwards rather than upwards. 12-month-old well fed Angus bullocks sold at £980-£1060 for a run from B Spensley, Skipton. Blue heifers met a fiery trade with local farmers competing with feeding buyers for the strong thick dairy bred heifers to bull. Heavy dairy bred Heifers £1180-£1280 with JG Hall & Son, Gargrave achieving a top price of £1420 and selling his others at £1320. Other strong dairy bred heifers £1080+ for feeding. Lim heifers again selling to a wide range of buyers. £1350-£1480 for heavy Lims with frame and backend. Some 12–14-month goods again selling at £1380-£1420.

Younger end stores were harder to place with buyers much more cautious of buying softer long term goods due to shortage of grass, delay of summer and feed costs showing no sign of coming down anytime soon, but harder hairy young stores wouldn’t be as affected.

Yearling and below Angus heifers buyable £655-£780 with Angus bullocks able to be bought at £800-£1000. Lim and Char heifers £700-£820 for nice sweet grazing under 12-month goods. More retail sort goods £820-£950. Plenty of Lim and Char Bullocks sold around the £880-£1020 mark with of course best of all breeds under 12 months well exceeding these prices. S&NV Jowett, Queensbury sold a 12-month Steer at £1460. Although younger cattle were harder to place under 12 month old of all breeds came to avg £971 and heifers under 12 month £867.





675 HEAD comprising 125 Young Bulls, 50 Beef Bred feeding Cows, 425 Bullocks and Heifers

& 75 Breeding Cattle including Reduction Sale of 20 Suckler Cows with Lim/Char Calves at Foot.

Catalogue Entries close 4pm Wednesday 2nd June



Prices and Averages

Young Bulls Continental x average £1102, Native average £915


Charollais x (Av £1300)

£1300 FC N M Walker;

Simmental x (Av £1138)

£1370 £1310 £1300 EB Webster;

Limousin x (Av £1102)

£1480 J Pickles; £1450 W&A Lambert; 1140 W JE NL Baines; 1400 K&GJ Huck; £1380 Whitfield Dairy; £1350 JR Lancaster;

Brit Blue x (Av £1112)

£1320 W&A Lambert; £1290 £1130 EW&JR Parkinson; £1190 JR Taylor; £1160 JM Townsend; £1120 CG&D Townsend;   

Ab Angus (Av £919)

£1240 £1090 DW Barker; £1070 JM Townsend; £1010 CG&D Townsend; £960 T Blackwell;  

Blonde (Av £982)

£1060 £1040 £970 Rushtons; £870 R Wood;

B&W (Av £880)

£880 M Mosley;

Luing (Av £872)

£930 £900 £800 RS Harker;




Beef Bred Feeding Cows av £885 Bulls av £1723


Simmental           to £920

Limousin              to £1360 av £933

Blonde                  to £830 av £805

AA                          to £950 av £875

Shorthorn           to £1260 av £890

Devon                   to £1150 av £1040

Saler                      to £1070

Brit Blue               to £1120 av £903

Charolais              to £1400 av £1070

Hereford             to £600 av £540


AA Bull                  to £1520

Blue Bull               to £1900 av £1825


Top prices - £1900 SD Gill; £1750 JW Sayer; £1520 B Spensley; £1400 A Rogers; £1360 SL&SD Lund; £1300 Lambert Mile House; 1260 W&M Hebron;    



Store Bullocks – Continental x average £1118, Native average £954

Limousin x (Av £1092)

£1460 S&NV Jowett; £1440 CT&EM Hammond; £1400 H&SMD Lund; £1340 Ellis Bros; £1330 GT Booth; £1300 Dowie Hyslop;  

Blonde (Av £910)

£1100 E&M Townley; £1070 Dean Partnership; £1050 G&R Bulmer; £710 ML Evans;

Ab Angus (Av £1006)

£1310 £1280 KM&L Throup; £1300 £1160 TM Harrison; £1260 £1060 B Spensley;

Saler x (Av £1220)

£1220 JM Ewin Newhouse;

Brit Blue x (Av £1205)

£1340 E&M Townley; £1320 £1220 KM&L Throup; £1320 £1300 £1280 £1250 D&J Coates;  

Shorthorn (Av £1000)

£1000 JE&AC Clarke;

B&W (Av £895)

£990 C Winterburn; £990 B Balmer; £940 CJ&DD Drake; £860 MP Jennings;

Mont Bel (Av £1113)

£1130 £1080 SW&JE Ryder;



Store Heifers – Continental x average £986, Native average £847

Charollais x (Av £985)

£1290 J Ewin Newhouse; £1080 G&R Bulmer; £980 £930 JE&AC Clarke; £710 FC N M Walker;  

Simmental (Av £670)

£700 £640 J Butler;

Limousin x (Av £980)

£1480 D&S Hollings; £1440 CT&EM Hammond; £1420 £1410 J Pickles; £1400 H&SMD Lund; £1380 J Lord; £1380 WP&B Walker;   

Blonde (Av £846)

£1400 £1240 Saddle End Farms; £1120 £1010 £960 £940 T Moorhouse; £1070 £1020 R Wood;

Ab Angus (Av £858)

£1200 EW&E Lucas; £1115 TM Harrison; £1105 £1100 A Hardy; £1010 CJ&DD Drake; £970 £940 C Winterburn;  

Brit Blue x (Av £1080)

£1420 £1320 £1250 £1230 £1220JG Hall; £1380 JM Ewin Newhouse; £1300 £1280 S Spensley;  £1220 GT Booth;

B&W (Av £980)

£980 B Balmer;





BBx Hfrs with Lim Bull Calves                     to £2100

BBx Hfrs with Lim Hfr Calves                      to £1850

AAx Hfrs with Bld Hfr Calves                       to £1950 av £1900

BBx Cow with BB Hfr Calves                        to £1850

Lim x Cow with Hfr Calves                           to £1780






Top call at the final Multi Breed Pedigree Sale was Highlee Mile a 2018 Pedigree Beef Shorthorn bull consigned by Stuart & Gail Currie of Rathmell. Milo bred by Mark & Tracey Severn at Barkisland has served the Beautry herd well leaving a succession of high quality roan daughters in the herd and was sold for this reason. The 2018 Millerston Jester son bred from the Ferdinand Upsal Cow Highlee Enya sold locally to Michael Daggerts Hartlington herd for 2900gns.


Best Bull

1st TE Priestley Lot 4

2nd S Currie Lot 3

3rd TE Priestley Lot 5




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