Fortnightly Catalogue Sale of Store Lambs & Breeding Sheep inc BFL Females: Forward: 804 Head: 614 Store Lambs & 190 Breeding Sheep. Store Lambs Overall av £87.03


Today’s sale started with a couple of runs of excellent inlamb ewes and prices peaked at £200 twice first for a pen of Texel Mule Shearlings inlamb for April and then a pen of 2&3 crop Mules due April. Other young sheep £180 plus, whilst correct ewes were mainly £160/£180 for pens carrying mainly twins. A few pens carrying predominately triplets or singles could be picked up for a shade less, whilst broken mouthed Mules 2/3 carrying singles peaked at £115 as did broken mouthed Continentals.
Blue Faced Leicesters peaked at £500 from AJ Mason, Oddacres, when a gimmer hogg by the Macqueston M1 out of a homebred ewe by the Will Wildman. Next in line in the prices saw Kevin & James Wilson sell a Harland F1 Big Head sired hogg out of the Midlock got dam at £450.

Store Hoggs average £87.03. Good trade throughout with buyers keenly competing for the Hoggs on offer due to recent jumps in the fat Hogg trade. Texel cross Hoggs to average £96 with a top of £120 from N&M Hugill for a pen of 15. £105-£120 for size mediums sold at £90-£96. A pen of 125 Char x Swales from L Throup, Settle sold at £87.50. Scotch Hoggs sold to £80 for a pen of 16. Herdwicks from SE & HB Robinson, Dunsop Bridge sold at £90 for some larger goods. Swales sold to a smart average of £67 with small-mediums £56-£65 Large Hoggs £70-£76. Larger mules £100-£108 Mediums £80-£95 and some small tail enders £30-£50.

The Next Sale is the last call for store lamb entries on Wednesdays this season.



Next Sale
Wednesday 24th February

‘Last Wednesday Sale of the Season’
Store & Feeding Sheep of all classes plus Inlamb Halfbred and Horned Ewes

Entry of 1000 expected.

Entries close Monday 16th February




Suffolk – Av £81.73

£108 £73 CA Foster; £101 £95 MJ&C Thornber;  

Texel – Av £96.75

£120 N&M Hugill; £105 £98 CW&R Sutcliffe; £101 JM Daggett; £100 D&J Carlisle; £99 £98 RJ Umpleby; £98 JI M P Greenwood; £98 RJ&LM Wilkinson;

Mule – Av £90.63

£108 PA&PJ Ormerod; £100 MD Parkinson; £96 MJ&C Thornber; £91 JR&JC Greenwood; £90 M Bowen;  

Charolais – Av £85.55

£87.50 £55 L Throup;

Beltex – Av £99

£99 J&J Garnett;

Swaledale – Av £67.62

£74 £66 £60 Fair Place; £74 £56 SE&HB Robinson; £70 JR&CJ Greenwood;

Dalesbred – Av £46.80

£52 £26 K Lister & Son;

Cheviot – Av £76.29

£89 MJ&C Thornber; £73 £67 SE&HB Robinson; £72 K Lister & Son;

SBF – Av £80

£80 CW&R Sutcliffe;


Breeding Sheep


Inlamb Texel Shlgs                           to £200 av £173                                 J Roberts

Inlamb Texel Crct                             to £185 av £173                 J Roberts

Inlamb Mule Ewes 2-3crop           to £200 av £188                                 J Roberts

Inlamb Mule Ewes Crct                  to £182 av £174                                 J Roberts

Inlamb Mule Shlgs                           to £190                                 J Roberts

Inlamb Cheviot Mule Ewes           to £180                                 WA Tomlinson

Inlamb Cont Ewes BM                    to £115                                 WA Tomlinson

Inlamb Mule Ewes BM                   to £115                                 WA Tomlinson



Gimmer Hoggs                                  to £500 av £416

Principle Prices:
AJ Mason            £500

JK Wilson            £450 £300





Barren Ewe Check - are you missing an opportunity?

Many young ewes or ewe lambs are presented for sale after being scanned empty at this time of year. If your geld ewe percentage is greater than 3% it is worthwhile trying to find out why. One of the most common reasons for this is TOXOPLASMA infection. This organism causes ewes that were in lamb to break and so are presented as not in lamb. This infection can be detected by sampling these ewes now. Diagnosis allows the disease to be prevented by vaccination of ewe lambs or shearlings the following year.


Craven Farm Vets are offering free sampling of young, geld ewes prior to or on entry to the market every Monday for the next few weeks. Please contact Emily or Pat on 01756 700940 or alert Ted Ogden at the auction mart to arrange sampling. Ewes should not have been previously vaccinated with Toxovax.





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